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Chapter 202 - The Hidden Master of Martial Arts (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 202: The Hidden Master of Martial Arts (2)

    Su Ziqian shrieked and clasped her nose before she began to flail her arms in a deranged manner. With no reputation left to speak of, she began to aggressively fight back against Xu Weilai.

    Su Ziqian was utterly clueless, only knowing how to slap and yank Xu Weilai’s hair. On the other hand, Xu Weilai had learned some self-defense skills over the years. Furthermore, she was also sharper and stronger than Su Ziqian as she frequently ran the news throughout the year. She could almost always dodge Su Ziqian’s attacks and strike back at her.

    Of course, Su Ziqian attacked her without restraint. Xu Weilai couldn’t always predict and avoid her attacks. Compared to her, however, Su Ziqian had it worse. She already had a red nose and black eye on her face, almost resembling a panda. Xu Weilai also twisted and locked her arm behind her back, causing her to yelp out in pain.

    While they were still embroiled in their brawl, someone suddenly burst through the door of the washroom.

    Xu Weilai subconsciously turned her head to take a look. The first thing that she saw was Assistant Lin’s look of shock and disbelief. Right after that, a man entered the washroom… It was Gu Yu, whose face was void of all expression.

    Gu Yu’s black pupils swept a glance at her and Xu Weilai could feel the chills from his gaze, which pierced through her body like icicles.

    The moment Su Ziqian saw Gu Yu, she mustered all of her strength to break free from Xu Weilai’s grasp. Floundering and crawling, she quickly made her way over to Gu Yu like a weeping beauty and wheezed as she wailed, “Yu, Xu Weilai… She bashed me up. It hurts so much. Look at me! Boohoo…”

    Instead of Gu Yu, it was Assistant Lin who looked at Su Ziqian. When he saw how ghastly her face looked, he could not help but gasp in shock.

    The Young Mistress was secretly a master of the martial arts!

    Although Su Ziqian was the villain playing the victim, Xu Weilai did not say anything to defend herself. She merely pursed her lips and remained rooted to the spot as she waited for Gu Yu to decide on how to handle the situation.

    Since Gu Yu had never trusted her, she didn’t have to waste her effort to explain anything. Besides, she already prepared herself mentally to face the consequences after beating up Gu Yu’s beloved Su Ziqian.

    Xu Shuai and Xiao Chun were the last to arrive. They were also astonished to see this chaotic scene.

    Xiao Chun immediately squeezed her way through and walked over to Xu Weilai. After she looked all over her body, her expression turned cold. She immediately rolled up her sleeves and charged over to Su Ziqian. “Su Ziqian, how dare you lay your hands on Weilai! I’ll hack off your arm for this!”

    Tears flooded out from Su Ziqian’s eyes even more furiously as she said, “Yu…”

    Xu Shuai stepped forward and grabbed hold of Xiao Chun’s hand quickly before he said in a rather troubled tone of voice, “Don’t go and make the situation worse, ok?”

    “Let go of me, Xu Shuai!” Xiao Chun roared sternly.

    Instead of releasing his grip, Xu Shuai forcefully pulled her into his embrace. As he brought her out of the washroom, he said to Gu Yu, “Yu, I’ll bring her away first.”

    Gu Yu continued to ignore Su Ziqian’s sobs as his eyes remained fixed on Xu Weilai. After a minute or so, he then stepped forward with his long, slender legs and made his way towards her.

    Xu Weilai watched as the man approached her. She wasn’t afraid of him, so she did not bother to evade what he would do. She merely stood there and watched him. Even as he raised his hands, her eyelashes merely fluttered slightly.

    However, Gu Yu did not slap Xu Weilai across the face like what she had expected. Instead, he grabbed hold of her wrist and instantly dragged her out of the washroom.

    Su Ziqian had initially expected Gu Yu to stand up for her and teach Xu Weilai a lesson. Being caught off guard upon seeing them leave like that, she yelled after Gu Yu anxiously, “Yu! Don’t leave me behind! I’m scared!”