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Chapter 146 - I Will Start Fighting

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 146: I Will Start Fighting

    Perhaps Wu He had been affected by her smoke ring, she shed tears unconsciously.

    “My mother and my seven-year-old sister went to the train station to pick me up. And they were killed in a car accident….”

    Her tone changed completely. She wiped her eyes and found it hard to speak clearly, “After I heard the news…I was devastated. My father had a heart attack. My relatives somehow blamed me for it. And I felt it was my fault. The car crash has always been my nightmare. I can’t stay in my hometown and go out to find a job. My father lives in a nursing home. I will give him money every month. But I don’t have the courage to go home or to meet him.”

    “When I saw you—Su Cha, maybe you won’t believe me—I felt that you are my little sister. You are as innocent and good as her. Of course, my sister was as pretty as you. I’ve seen many young girls, but you are the only one who has made me feel the same. I’m always indebted to my little sister. She was too young. Can you believe it? She was just too young!”

    After she spoke, Wu He’s face was covered with tears.

    Su Cha did not say anything. She did not expect such a story behind it.

    Wu He was really heartbroken.

    Maybe her old self would cry with her, but the new Su Cha did not know what to do after she found it out.

    She just caught Wu He’s hands and her voice trembled, “I’m sorry Sister Wu He. I should not ask.”

    “That’s fine….”

    Wu He wiped her tears quickly and managed a smile, “It’s just me. I can never control myself mentioning the accident after all these years. Actually I’ve almost thought it through after I met you. I think, maybe God has let me see what my sister would look like if she were still alive from you. I came back to visit my father these years after I’ve met you. He is better than me since he has already moved on. He has dementia. I’ve taken him out of the nursing house and employed a nurse to look after him.”

    Su Cha paused and suddenly smiled at Wu He, “Sister Wu He, when we got time and you wanted to go back, would you take me to meet Uncle?”

    Wu He was dumfounded and wiped her face abruptly, “I’m just saying. I don’t want to bring you in. You’re fine.”

    “I know.”

    The girl grinned. Her clear eyes turned into crescents. “I don’t have any family but you. You know?”

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    Wu He was the first person who helped her and treated her sincerely. She would always keep it in mind.

    Wu He looked at her and could not help crying, “Ok….”

    One person was laughing, the other was crying.

    Such a scene was too strange in a cafe. Su Cha took a tissue and handed it to her. The waiter came to ask if anything was wrong. Su Cha shook her head. Wu He did not want to cause trouble and wiped her tears with the tissue. She said to Su Cha, “Su Cha, I don’t want to push you. I’ll support you in anything. If you want to compete, prepare yourself for it. Are you confident about the contest on the 15th?”

    Su Cha nodded and said seriously, “Don’t worry. I will not let it slip. I will start fighting.”

    Wu He burst in laughter and felt overly gratified.