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Chapter 147 - Is That ‘S’ Crazy About Money?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 147: Is That ‘S’ Crazy About Money?

    While waiting for the competition to begin, Su Cha spent her time practicing martial arts and embroidering in Bo Muyi’s home.

    As Su Cha found it inconvenient to practice after Bo Muyi came home at night, she would finish her training in the day.

    Once in a while, she would also go for a jog.

    Even if no guards are supervising her, Bo Muyi’s maids in the villa knew her whereabouts and would occasionally report them to him.

    Besides, Su Cha was occupied with monitoring her online videos.

    After Little Tiao promoted her, Su Cha’s Meiyin channel grew rapidly. It could be said that she was a small influencer on the platform.

    Her internet popularity was tied to her channel ID, and Su Cha was considered a famous video producer on Meiyin.

    Currently, Su Cha had only uploaded three videos.

    Su Cha’s videos were not only well-loved by those who admired her intricate embroidery pieces but also viewers who wished to learn her embroidery techniques.

    The viewers could tell that Su Cha’s technique was different from their usual embroidery technique. However, the complex movement of the fingers, coupled with the sped-up video, made it impossible for viewers to clearly see how Su Cha embroidered. Many viewers requested that Su Cha produce a teaching video.

    Su Cha had planned to release a teaching video. However, the Tang embroidery technique had already been extinct for years. Besides, the Tang embroidery technique was extremely complex and changeable, making it difficult to teach through a video. In addition, Su Cha did not have the time to produce a teaching video at the moment. Hence, the production of the teaching video had been put on hold.

    So far, three pieces of embroidered clothes had been sold. The design of Su Cha’s third piece of clothing was simple, and it was priced at 1000 yuan. But, it was snatched by Little Tiao’s classmate.

    Little Tiao complained to Su Cha about it on WeChat. As she was short on living expenses, Little Tiao hesitated about getting the new piece. While she hesitated, her classmate swooped in and bought the piece.

    It was a water ripple design. Although the pattern was simple, it was a beautiful, feminine style.

    However, during this time, Su Cha became the target of internet trolls!

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    Initially, Su Cha did not know about the presence of these internet trolls. These netizens had posted news regarding Su Cha’s Meiyin channel on a popular gossip forum. Little Tiao discovered these inflammatory forum discussion threads and forwarded the link to Su Cha.

    There was a popular online gossip forum APP named Globe.

    [Entertainment Gossip] [What the hell. Recently, a rising Meiyin influencer is selling her embroidered clothes at a really, really high price. Is she crazy about money?]

    Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti (Forum Owner): Often, I mindlessly scroll through Meiyin posts in my free time. Although there are a lot of impressive videos on the APP, some of these videos are questionable, and they cannot be expressed in a few words. Recently, there is a new Meiyin user called ‘S’. That’s right, her ID has only one letter, ‘S’.

    This Meiyin channel is about embroidery, all the videos on the channel are timelapse videos of her working on her embroidered pieces. I’ll admit that her embroidered pieces are not bad, but it is barely enough to be considered an outstanding skill or talent. That’s normal, but the owner of this Meiyin channel also sells her embroidered clothing at Pet Cat Shopping Site. White cotton isn’t even considered a high-end fabric. A regular cotton shirt usually only retails between 400 yuan to 500 yuan. Embroidering these designs would only take a few days, how can she sell an embroidered white cotton t-shirt for as much as 1000 yuan?! Her second embroidered piece was sold at 2000 yuan!

    She casually hand-stitched a simple design with a needle and thread and sold it for more than a thousand yuan. Oh my god, I cannot believe that there are actual idiots who paid so much for a simple embroidered shirt!

    Isn’t this a great example of how someone went crazy over money? Is it true that people are selling their broken items a high price these days?