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Chapter 148 - 148 – Intrigued

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 148: 148 – Intrigued

    1L: Grab a front-row seat. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

    2L: Nope, it’s too long.

    3L: EMMMM, I think I’ve seen this ‘S’ recently

    4L: Not to mention anything else, the embroidery patterns in the pictures shared by the forum owner are very intricate and beautiful…


    8L: The designs are beautiful, but I personally think that it is too expensive. Maybe the designs are printed on, and not embroidered?

    9L: Even though the video is sped-up, it is clear that the designs are embroidered. How could you say that it is printed on?

    10L: With such a sophisticated embroidery technique, I feel like the high price is justified?


    15L: It’s really too much, I think the price is too high.

    16L: Aren’t most of the sellers like this? When they gain some popularity online, they will start selling their merchandise at a high price. No matter what you say, there will always be pea brains who would willingly pay for it.



    Su Cha glanced through the entire discussion thread.

    In the forum, most of the users agreed with the forum owner that Su Cha’s items of embroidered clothing were too expensive.

    Su Cha sneered. The differences between the layman and the expert were apparent. The laymen were there to enjoy the show while the experts were busy analyzing her embroidery skills.

    Even on an international level, Su Cha’s embroidery techniques were considered refined and advanced. However, the forum owner criticized Su Cha’s embroidery for being simple and poorly made.

    Besides, embroidery is not a widespread skill, and most of the forum users do not know anything about embroidery. Hence, it was normal for them to misunderstand the situation. However, the forum owner continuously replied to the comments of others, which added fuel to the fire. The forum owner repeatedly presented Su Cha’s embroidery as worthless and framed Su Cha as someone crazy about money.

    Little Tiao sent a message to Su Cha to complain.

    Little Tiao: I think your embroidery techniques are not bad, and I do not believe that the clothing is expensive.

    Little Tiao personally thought that the embroidery clothes she bought from Su Cha were beautiful. If the clothes were sold in a high-end store, people would be willing to pay several thousand yuan for them.

    Although many users are discussing the issue on the forum, popular media has not picked up the matter. Hence, Su Cha did not bother explaining herself online.

    To Su Cha, she felt that the prices of her items were right.

    Cha Yi: Hmm, I know. Thank you.

    Little Tiao: It will be okay. When you release a new product, please let me know in advance!

    Cha Yi: Alright.

    Su Cha calculated her earnings from the sale of the embroidered pieces. After deducting the cost of the materials and the handling fees, she made a profit of not more than 3000 yuan.

    After combining her profit with her savings, Su Cha had a small savings of approximately 10,000 yuan.

    Su Cha was not worried about her college tuition fees. She was confident that she would be able to receive a scholarship from a university in the Imperial Capital if she performed well during her college entrance examinations.

    However, the cost of living in the Imperial Capital is high, and Su Cha had to ensure that she had enough savings to afford the essentials.

    After saving the link to the forum discussion thread, Su Cha continued embroidering.

    Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, the competition that will be held on June 15 was about to begin.

    The competition was held at a large sports stadium in Yonggu Town. The program’s team had built a relatively simple stage, and the audio equipment provided on-site was pretty good. When Su Cha arrived, the staff confirmed her identity before assigning her number. The number was based on the promotion sequence during the audition round and Su Cha was number 17.

    Some of the 100 contestants have not arrived at the venue. However, most of them have begun chatting among themselves at the foot of the grandstands. Su Cha looked around her and realized that Le Anqi had not arrived.

    Su Cha stood out among the crowd. After all, she was the first contestant that received a solo promotional video from the organizers. The other contestants had already done a background check on her.

    Su Cha sat in the middle of the room. A fashionably dressed girl walked towards Su Cha while she greeted and chatted with the contestants beside her. As she passed by Su Cha, the girl seemed to be oblivious to where she was stepping. However, Su cha noticed the tip of the girl’s stiletto heels landed very close to her own feet.