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Chapter 215 - The One and Only and For This One Lifetime

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 215: The One and Only and For This One Lifetime

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    Huo Beichen was slightly stunned. He returned to the group chat and noticed a new text.

    Qi Shan: [She’s calling herself poor when she’s that rich? She has no common sense at all!]

    After he sent this, he saw the notification in the group.

    Qi Shan became nervous and retrieved his previous texts. Unfortunately, Huo Beichen had already seen them.


    Su Ye pitied them and attempted to stealthily ask: [Boss, shall we pull Fei Bai back into the group?]

    Huo Beichen: [No need.]

    Su Ye saw that there were only two people left in the group and could only stay silent. After a while, Su Ye sent another text: [When missus mentioned that she is poor, was she hinting for you to give her some allowance?]

    When Huo Beichen saw this text, he turned his head sideways and saw her fixated on the screen. Ning Meng’s spirit had obviously left her, and he went into a panic. So, this was what it was about.

    The movie that they were watching was a romantic film. Ning Meng initially had a heavy heart, but as she watched the movie, she was slowly drawn in, especially during the first physically intimate moment between the male and female leads. The scene was focused on their kiss, and the whole hall was so silent that one could only hear the sound of people breathing.

    Ning Meng felt embarrassed as she held her breath during that scene. She subconsciously looked toward Huo Beichen, but his line of sight was dully focused onto the screen as if he was not affected by the scene at all. His level of self-control was quite shocking.

    Ning Meng drank some bubble milk tea and noticed that a couple was sitting beside them, intimately holding on to each other. Although Huo Beichen and her were just sitting next to each other, they looked as clearly separated as when clear water and muddy water were next to each other. Another person could have fit in between the gap of space between them.

    As she thought about this in her heart, a large warm hand suddenly reached out and held onto her hand.


    She was startled and abruptly turned her head. Huo Beichen continued to calmly keep his eyes on the screen. It was as if the hand holding onto hers was not his hand, and Ning Meng lowered her head. Her seat was pitch black, and she could not see anything. She lifted her head again and the movie was showing a passionate kiss between the couple. The scene lasted only for a few seconds, but she felt as though a century had passed.

    Her hand was suddenly held tighter, and she felt that her heart was also held tightly at the same time…

    Ning Meng let out a cough, pretending to want to brush her hair and let go of his hand. After she had adjusted her bangs, she used both her hands to hold onto her bubble milk tea, not loosening her grip on the drink until the movie had ended.

    As Ning Meng and Huo Beichen were leaving the cinema, her expression did not look quite natural. She looked at the sky and then said, “It’s late, let’s go home.”

    Huo Beichen replied instead, “Wait.”

    He took out his black credit card and handed it to her. “This is my secondary card, there is no limit. Go ahead and use it.”


    She laughed out loud, “There’s no need for this! Lord Chen, I’m quite tired today. I’ll go back home first~”

    Huo Beichen saw that she was keeping her distance and wanted to maintain it that way. He mulled over it for a bit and finally withdrew his hand. “Fine.”

    They both went home respectively, and Ning Meng took a shower and lay on her bed. She turned over and closed her eyes, but all she could envision was the word ‘one’. The expression in her eyes intensified as she thought about this. She could not stop thinking about it and finally, she admitted to being overwhelmed by her thoughts.

    She held up her phone and updated her status on Moments in WeChat: [One does not mean the one and only and for this one lifetime.]