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Chapter 191 - Angered

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 191: Angered

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “How impressive!”

    “Yeah, she really is Gu Qianlin’s younger sister, her capabilities are equally strong.”

    “She is definitely among the most outstanding in our batch of auxiliary police cadets. She would certainly emerge in the first place from the training!”

    The group of auxiliary police cadets in training looked up to Gu Qianxue, not just with respect, but also fear. Not only did she exchange more than 10 blows with Instructor Feng, the combat machine, she also irrefutably defeated the combat Instructor. This really was a terrifying fact that made her feared among her fellow trainees.

    “I feel like she could kill me with a single blow… “Liu Tieguo put his hands to his blushing face and said sheepishly.

    Xiao Luo laughed but didn’t make any comments. In his mind, he also appreciated Gu Qianxue’s skills and thought her capabilities were indeed noteworthy.

    “Is there anyone else who wants the day off?” Their attention returned back to training when Yan Wang asked again loudly in his steely voice.

    No one dared to answer. The cadets did not possess the skills of Gu Qianxue, and going up to the combat training area was as good as getting beaten up. None of them could withstand 10 blows from Feng Zixiao.

    Yan Wang’s gaze landed on Xiao Luo, and he asked him with an encouraging smile, “Xiao Luo, why don’t you give it a try?”

    Some distance away, Gu Qianxue, who was about to leave, stopped in her tracks. She turned slightly, looking towards Xiao Luo, as her bright eyes seemed to be anticipating something.

    The rest of the cadets all looked at Xiao Luo, their faces looking puzzled.

    “Why did Instructor Yan ask him specifically?”

    “I also don’t understand. Had Instructor Yan not shouted his name, I wouldn’t even know that there’s this person was in our batch of auxiliary police.”

    “Shh… Don’t discuss our colleagues behind their backs.”

    Some were discussing softly and whispering to each other, while others were advising them not to talk.

    Xiao Luo himself didn’t expect Yan Wang to call him out. He took a step forward and answered, “Sir, I won’t be able to take 10 blows from Instructor Feng.”

    There was no need for him to showcase himself in the arena, it was meaningless to him.

    “Oh? Do you not have confidence in yourself?”

    Yan Wang looked at Xiao Luo, and said in his steely tone rather teasingly, “My intuition tells me that you can do it. Go up and give it a try.”

    Xiao Luo didn’t answer him, but simply shook his head.

    “What a coward and a wimp. The rest have all gone up and tried, but you fear for your life, are you sure you are here to become an auxiliary police officer?” Yan Wang’s expression turned serious.

    “Sir, one must have a good understanding of oneself, there is no need to try pointless stuff.” Xiao Luo answered, showing little interest in proving himself.

    Yan Wang laughed coldly. “If you don’t even dare to try, what is the difference between you and a piece of salted fish.”

    “Xiao Luo, stop being evasive, if you are a man, come up and fight me!” From the arena, Feng Zixiao also spoke, attempting to agitate him.

    Xiao Luo said, “Sir, I don’t want to fight, is that alright?”


    Yan Wang said somewhat regretfully, “Never mind then since you are not willing to fight.”

    He put his sunglasses back on and turned.

    However, at this moment, Yan Wang suddenly acted. He turned abruptly, his tense body rushing forward, like an arrow let loose and an eagle escaping its cage. Taking five quick steps, Yan Wang launched himself into the air, leaping a distance of four or five meters, and landing next to Xiao Luo. He swung his clenched fist, aiming it directly at Xiao Luo’s face. It happened so quickly, and everyone could only watch with gaping mouths.

    It was a combination of speed and force. The punch was strong and forceful, accompanied by a whistling gust of wind. If someone were to be struck by it, one could only imagine how severe the injury would be.


    Liu Tieguo was alarmed by the speed and force of the attack and shouted a warning.

    At the same time, Xiao Luo had not expected Yan Wang to suddenly attack. He had no room to maneuver, and his only option was to cross his arms before his face in a hurry to protect his head. Yan Wang’s punch landed squarely on where his arms crossed each other.


    The blow landed with a terrifying force. Xiao Luo’s expression changed slightly, and he was knocked forcefully backward like a cannonball, almost slamming against the wall of the gym. There, Xiao Luo knelt on the floor on one knee.

    Many people couldn’t make sense of what they had just seen, as some stood wide-eyed in shock, while others were rubbing their eyes in disbelief. As they realized that beyond doubt that Xiao Luo had really been thrown back for four or five meters by a single punch from Yan Wang, they were then genuinely stunned.

    “Old Yan…”

    In the arena, Feng Zixiao’s expression was one of confusion. He was not against trying to gauge the actual capabilities of Xiao Luo, but the punch that was thrown was too forceful. Yan Wang had even used his inner strength. So how could Xiao Luo withstand it?

    Meanwhile, seeing that Xiao Luo was on the ground on one knee, kneeling in silence, Yan Wang frowned and muttered to himself, “Could it be that I’ve misread you?”

    Just as he said that Xiao Luo suddenly wiped the dust off his arm and stood up.

    He… he was fine?

    The expressions of all the auxiliary police cadets in training changed.

    From where she stood, Gu Qianxue also looked surprised.

    “Do you really want to know my capabilities so badly?” A dark and cold voice rang out.

    Xiao Luo said coldly, looking at Yan Wang as he lifted his head. His hitherto cultured and calm countenance suddenly took on a different air; he now looked grim and cold. He never wanted to be too visible among his peers, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t dare to speak out when pushed to the limit. Yan Wang’s punch was unnecessarily forceful, so hefty was the blow that it could have broken the ribs of anyone else. So what if this man was an instructor? Xiao Luo’s temper was now flaring, and in such a condition, he would fight back even if his opponent was the king of heaven or someone of the highest authority.

    Yan Wang’s expression changed, shocked by the dark and cold aura that Xiao Luo now exuded.

    Then he smiled slightly. “Indeed I do, I hope that you can go all out to defeat me!”

    “You sure?” Xiao Luo laughed coldly.

    “Very sure. I have been staying at this training camp for too long, and I haven’t met a decent opponent for a long time. I hope that you can give me a pleasant surprise.”

    Yan Wang removed his sunglasses and threw them aside. He had a deep suspicion that Xiao Luo was a beast, and his punch was intentionally meant to anger him. As the hunter, he felt an inexplicable sense of excitement rather than fear.

    “I’ll satisfy you!”

    Xiao Luo snorted in reply, then straightening his body. He took four or five quick steps towards his opponent, his feet stomping on the floor violently, then leaped high into the air in his own unique style. He seemed to be moving at the speed of light. His sudden outburst and aggressive posture had surprised everyone present, and they all exchanged looks of shock.

    Boom! Xiao Luo delivered a powerful punch with overwhelming force that bore down on Yan Wang like a mountain.

    It was incredibly powerful and forceful!

    Seeing the incoming strike, Yan Wang’s expression changed drastically, and he immediately moved backward to avoid Xiao Luo’s heavy punch.

    His fist struck downwards slicing through layers of air, barely missing Yan Wang’s chin, then slammed into the floor with great force. To the onlookers, it appeared like a shooting-star striking Earth!


    His fist struck the in a loud crash. The impact threw debris into a cloud of dust and sand, spewing over everyone. The force of the blow pushed Yan Wang back four or five steps before he could steady himself. He took a good look at Xiao Luo, totally stunned. Xiao Luo’s fist had smashed through the tiled floor, punching a hole the size of a bowl on the floor.


    Yan Wang swallowed hard, a look of terror etched on his face. He thought to himself, “What the f*ck, is he really human?”

    Liu Tieguo and everyone else stared, with their eyes and mouths wide open in utter amazement.

    Gu Qianxue looked equally shock. She didn’t expect Xiao Luo to be this powerful.

    His punch having missed the target, Xiao Luo lifted his head, his eyes trained on Yan Wang like a predatory beast.

    Yan Wang broke out in cold sweat. He had stayed in Shaolin Temple for some time and learned a set of boxing moves involving inner power. Even with his skills, he was sure that he was no match for Xiao Luo, so he quickly extended a hand to stop the fight. Laughing, he said, “Alright, alright, that’s enough, I already have a preliminary understanding of your capabilities.”

    “Don’t you want to understand it further?” Xiao Luo looked at him coldly.

    Hearing those words, Yan Wang’s face flushed red in anger, but he couldn’t afford to lose face with other trainees around. So he forced himself to stay calm, coughed dryly once, and said resolutely, “No need, I have gained complete insight of your capabilities.”