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Chapter 201 - Instructor Tang?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 201: Instructor Tang?

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    “You’re too arrogant, missy. Haven’t gotten beat up before huh!” Li Yibo scoffed coldly. This woman was wild!

    Had Tang Jinyu’s people been so crazy all these while?

    Such a presumptuous attitude!

    “It’s true that I don’t get beaten up often!” Jian Qi replied calmly.

    Li Yibo. “…”

    Did this woman have problems processing information?

    How was she able to persist till now!

    These freshmen did not have much of a proper standard!

    “Shall we?” Jian Qi looked over at Lu Yao, who could not wait to get his hands on the enemy, her voice laced with murderous intents.

    Li Yibo knew that Lu Yao was furious at him. “Didn’t you want to kill me earlier on? Why not challenge me alone?”

    Li Yibo was not stupid. He knew that the training was almost at its end when these people managed to escape.

    In fact, the moment he was surrounded by three of the freshmen, Li Yibo knew that these freshmen had potential.

    And soon, his people would all be eliminated!

    Now, he was just trying to find a way where he could not only keep himself from harm’s way, but at the same time, eliminate these two people!

    Lu Yao was hurt so he should be weaker now, whereas the woman should not be underestimated, since she just kicked him several times.

    However, there were two other freshmen that were there assisting her just now. As such, all he could do now was separate both of them and take them down one by one!

    After what Li Yibo said, Lu Yao wanted to get Jian Qi to go and help the others. However, Jian Qi had already started moving forward to attack Li Yibo.

    Lu Yao was also no longer bothered with words. They both worked in unison and started attacking Li Yibo.

    Li Yibo’s plan had failed and he could only fight the both of them together.

    Li Yibo was not weak at all. In fact, he was pretty strong.

    Hence, he was able to manage fighting the both of them at the same time.

    He saw them as freshmen and did not think that they would be his worthy opponents.

    He could still easily dodge and counter them at first. However, after a while, their teamwork was rather impeccable, so much so that it seemed like they had been working side by side a lot.

    He was soon unable to counter them and could only dodge their attacks.

    When Jian Qi attacked him from the top, Lu Yao would attack him from below.

    They both were fast too. There were several times where Li Yibo dodged Jian Qi’s attack but was kicked by Lu Yao or the other way round.

    At this moment, those soldiers that were ‘killed’ by Lu Yao opened their eyes when the three of them were not looking. They were watching them from the side.

    They were worried for their boss!

    He was literally being beaten up into a pulp!

    While their fight was going on, the battle in front of the door had already ended!

    The freshmen had taken down all of the inspectors and soldiers in the mission. Most were captured alive while some were shot at and were dead.

    When a few of the freshmen decided to go in and help Lu Yao and Jian Qi, there were two people coming from afar. They immediately recognized one of them.

    “Instructor Tang?” Everyone was confused.

    Tang Jinyu was wearing his army uniform and a middle-aged man that was wearing the same thing stood next to him.

    When the person came closer to them, they saw the badge on the man’s shoulder.

    One Three-Star Olive Branch!

    What did that mean?

    It meant that someone of a very high rank had come to observe the mission!