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Chapter 854 - Teacher Xiasi

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 854: Teacher Xiasi

    The Xiao Family was rather quick to make a response to the scandal. They spent a huge sum of money to wiped out all of the major media agencies and boycotting them. They had also hired a massive number of hackers to handle the matter. Soon… the matter was taken into control and, although they could not put it to an end entirely, they managed to stop it from spiraling out of control.

    Xiao Zhiyuan had managed to secure his position as CEO with the help of Old Mr. Xiao.

    However, the series of actions did not manage to salvage the Xiao Family’s reputation and face. Neither did it stop the Xiao Corporation’s stock prices from declining.

    Although Wen Xinya found it a pity that the Xiao Corporation did not end up in a predicament as dire as that of the previous lifetime, she had already expected it.

    After all… Chu Jingnan had indeed put in a ton of effort into setting up a trap to deal with Xiao Zhiyuan and caused the scandal to spiral out of control. As a result, Xiao Zhiyuan was forced to resign from his position as CEO of the Xiao Corporation. Back then, Chu Jingnan managed to compel Old Mr. Xiao into removing Xiao Zhiyuan from his seat, using his strong connections and outstanding abilities. Besides… Chu Jingnan was the flesh and blood of the Xiao Family and no one would want outsiders to take over the Xiao Corporation.

    In this lifetime, Wen Xinya had no idea what plans Chu Jingnan had executed, which caused Xiao Zhiyuan to be in hot soup and spark an outrage amongst the shareholders. Hence, that was all she could do.

    However… she was already more than happy with it.

    Staring at the girl in front of him who was beautiful and full of confidence, Si Yiyan kissed her baby hairs and said, “You actually took control over such a major corporation and caused them to suffer heavy losses. You’ve become much more scheming in these two years.”

    Two years ago, she did not execute a perfect plan even though she had prepared to sabotage the Xiao Family’s plan to acquire the Ai Shang Group, since a long time ago. If he did not help her, she might not have been able to achieve such an outcome and wrap the Xiao Family around her finger. In fact… she might not have been able to cause the Ai Shang Group stock prices to rise tremendously. He made up for all of her shortcomings.

    However, she had singlehandedly hatched such an elaborate and seamless plot to deal with the Xiao Family and, at the same time, get rid of all the factors that would affect the execution.

    Her growth was truly astonishing.

    Wen Xinya giggled and said, “I’m going to get conceited if you keep praising me like this!”

    Si Yiyan’s compliment gave her a huge sense of compliment, and she looked rather smug.

    Si Yiyan grazed his fingers against her eyebrows and said, “You deserve to feel proud, so it’s alright to be arrogant.”

    Wen Xinya pouted and said, “Don’t they always say that one ought to be modest in order to improve oneself and that arrogance will cause one to deteriorate?” She grabbed his collar and glowered at him. “Tell me, what ill intentions are you harboring for teaching me to be arrogant?”

    Si Yiyan’s heart melted upon sight of her adorableness. “An appropriate amount of pride is a form of self-affirmation and a way to show your confidence.”

    Glaring at him in displeasure, Wen Xinya groused. “You’re always so full of excuses. I can never outargue you.”

    Although Si Yiyan disliked arguing, no one could ever outargue him, and his words would often render everyone else speechless.

    Unable to contain his amusement, Si Yiyan chuckled and grabbed her hand tightly. He suddenly realized how tiny her hand was and began to treat it with more affection.

    Feeling a little aroused, Si Yiyan kissed her and said in a hoarse voice, “Are you done with your practice questions yet?”

    Wen Xinya teased. “If I say no, are you going to punish me again? Teacher Xiasi!”

    She emphasized the words “Teacher Xiasi” because Si Yiyan had twisted her words and taken advantage of her previously. Hence, she decided not to let him have his way this time.

    Si Yiyan smiled and said, “Yes, teachers have the right to punish students.”

    He emphasized the word “punish” in a suggestive manner.

    Wen Xinya turned red and glowered at him. “Hey, don’t get too cocky and go overboard. You’re not actually my teacher. You don’t have the right to punish me.”

    At the mention of punishment, her voice began to turn shaky and she thought about the discussion they had previously. He clearly said that he was in no place to punish her because he was not her teacher and that he was the only one who could do those things to her because he was her man.

    He twisted everything!

    The girl before him was beautiful and sultry, her lips rosy and tender. “I’ve already been tutoring you for such a long time. I can be considered your tutor. Don’t you regard your tutors as your teachers too?”

    Wen Xinya was at a loss for words. He… could indeed come up with twisted logic.

    Si Yiyan raised her chin and chuckled suggestively. “Let me hear you call me ‘Teacher Xiasi’.”

    Si Yiyan was in high spirits and thought to himself that he was indeed not becoming too horrid.

    Pursing her lips, Wen Xinya said, “I can’t be bothered to entertain you.”

    Extremely displeased, Si Yiyan said, “Weren’t you just calling me ‘Teacher Xiasi’? Why can’t you do it now?”

    Wen Xinya was at a complete loss. Glowering at him and gritting her teeth, she conceded. “Teacher Xiasi.”

    Si Yiyan then pinned her beneath him and exclaimed with lust in his eyes that he could not hide, “Since you’ve acknowledged that I’m your teacher, I have the right to punish you now, don’t I?”

    Astounded to hear his answer, Wen Xinya felt like crying and laughing. He had never been fair and square. She grinned and said, “Teacher Xiasi, do you really think it’s appropriate for you to flirt with your student like this?”

    Her voice was coquettish and sweet like honey. Si Yiyan chuckled and said, “I’m just trying to punish disobedient students.”

    Wen Xinya snorted with laughter and answered, “Lecher, do you really think you’re my teacher? You’re so lustful and lecherous. If you really become a teacher, you’re going to corrupt the minds of the younger generation.”

    Si Yiyan said, “Don’t worry, I only have to corrupt your mind.”

    Wen Xinya was at a loss for words. She had nothing to say about his shameless attitude.