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Chapter 260 - A Decisive Battle With The Bloodthirsty Patriarch (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 260: A Decisive Battle With The Bloodthirsty Patriarch (1)

    “Little Mute? Who is that?” Baili Moyun’s curiosity was piqued when he heard this unusual name, so he turned around.

    All of a sudden, the wall in front of Ye Jiuge fractured. A young boy who couldn’t have been older than nine with pale skin, black pupils, and exquisite facial features appeared. He made his entrance in an unorthodox way.

    He casually swept his eyes over a few Legendary Venomous Insects.

    Xiao Hong and Black Dictator lowered their heads.

    Xiao Tao, full of life and energy only a moment ago, now quieted down immediately.

    Green Mantis cowered, giving the impression that it was afraid of the young boy.

    Even the cocky Xiao Ying also showed deference.

    The Parasite King commanded their respect and submission.

    “Little Mute, please help them scout the area so that we can more quickly eliminate the disciples and track down the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.” Ye Jiuge knew that Little Mute would never help these Spiritual Practitioners, so she could only use the Bloodthirsty Patriarch as an excuse.

    As expected, when Little Mute heard that they wanted to hunt down the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, a menacing glint flashed in his large black eyes.

    He raised his small hands slowly and shot out dark energy streams from his palms. The dark streams transformed into countless black Legendary Venomous Insects that dispersed across the passageway.

    Little Mute retracted his hand and stared at Xiao Tao emotionlessly.

    “Chirp, chirp, chirp! Count on me!” The others did not know how Little Mute communicated with Xiao Tao, but they could see Xiao Tao’s feathery, birdlike face turning solemn.

    It flapped its small wings and circled in the air before finally flitting into one of the passageways.

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    “We just need to follow Xiao Tao’s lead. When we hear its call, we will start our attack immediately.” Ye Jiuge ran her eyes over the group of Spiritual Practitioners before saying to Baili Moyun, “Can you follow Xiao Tao’s tracks?”

    “I can, but can we depend on it?” It was not that Baili Moyun did not want to trust Xiao Tao. Xiao Tao was just too unreliable.

    “Don’t worry. The Legendary Venomous Insects that you saw earlier are Venomous Hunting Insects specially bred to target the Bloodthirsty Sect’s disciples. If they work alongside Xiao Tao, we can break through their defenses and take them down.” Although Ye Jiuge did not have any faith in Xiao Tao, she had full confidence in Little Mute’s Venomous Hunting Insects.

    “Alright, I will give it a shot!” In such a situation, Baili Moyun could only put on a brave face and move forward.

    In the dark passageway, Xiao Tao’s peach-colored feathers were incredibly striking.

    It darted here and there as if it were trying to catch a worm. Suddenly, it landed in a corner and began to tweet with excitement.

    Baili Moyun raised his Dragonslayer Blade and recited an incantation to activate his weapon then delivered a sharp blow in the direction indicated by Xiao Tao.

    Boom! Blood splattered everywhere.

    The corpse of a Bloodthirsty Sect Disciple materialized in the previously vacant corner before dropping to the ground.

    Both of his eyes were wide open, conveying fury and resentment about his death.

    “Well done, Xiao Tao. Let’s continue!” Baili Moyun reached for a Cherry Pill and tossed it to Xiao Tao.

    Xiao Tao flew toward the pill and gobbled it up. After that, it started its search for enemies with renewed vigor.

    Baili Moyun followed Xiao Tao’s cues and managed to wipe out quite many enemies lurking in the darkness.

    When there were occasional attempts at an ambush, Xiao Ying and Little Greenie intercepted them promptly.

    “You guys deal with these disciples while we look for the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.” When Ye Jiuge saw that Baili Moyun could kill those disciples with ease, she planned to get down to business.

    “Let me come with you,” Baili Moyun said. How could he be absent in a fight with the Bloodthirsty Patriarch?

    “No, they need you more here.” Although Baili Moyun was quite competent as a swordsman, Ye Jiuge had already discussed the tactics that would be used against the Bloodthirsty Patriarch with Jun Yichen and Ye Yu before this. If he joined the fight, it would disrupt their strategy.

    Baili Moyun was not privy to their secret plan, so he tried to convince Ye Jiuge hastily, “A’li and Honglei have their Legendary Venomous Insects as well, so we can let them take over my role.”

    He had never expected that Little Greenie and Xiao Ying would refuse to cooperate with him.

    Since the Parasite King had assigned this task to Xiao Tao, they would not dare intervene.

    Before Gong Honglei and Nangong Li could speak, Su Xun’er came forward and said, “I don’t mind if you follow them. You just need to leave Xiao Tao with us.”

    Her words implied that, to her, Xiao Tao was much more critical than Baili Moyun.

    “Chirp, chirp, chirp!” Despite her words, Xiao Tao flew to Baili Moyun and perched on his head, expressing that it wanted to work as a team with its idiotic master.

    “Forget it. I will stay here. You guys can go ahead.” Baili Moyun had mixed feelings. He felt envious and pleased at the same time that his pet had been deemed more capable than him!

    “Luo Tian, we will hand over the Venomous Hunting Insects to you,” Ye Jiuge told Luo Tian.

    Luo Tian was the only person who could control Little Mute’s Venomous Hunting Insects. Green Mantis and Xiao Ying could not do the same.

    “Rest assured that I will kill every single one of these Bloodthirsty Sect Disciples.” Although Luo Tian spoke calmly, his voice oozed with animosity.

    He had a personal vendetta against these disciples because they had massacred his entire clan. Therefore, he wanted to exterminate them and avenge his clan.

    “Great!” Ye Jiuge nodded at Luo Tian. After that, she told Gong Honglei, “Don’t worry. We will rescue Great Master Gong.”

    “Alright.” Gong Honglei did not know that the Bloodthirsty Sect had captured his uncle. He still thought that he was trapped somewhere, so he just nodded in confusion.

    After Ye Jiuge briefed everyone on the dos and don’ts, she followed the Jade Spiritual Pill’s scent and led Jun Yichen and Ye Yu toward the main hall.

    The place was a complete mess. Every inch was smeared with poisonous black blood.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch and Si Youyue had already vanished without a trace.

    Wang Haoqiang was lying on the floor. His contorted face was full of hatred.

    Lin Yanxi was hiding in a corner, moaning in pain as she cupped her face, which was covered in blood blisters.

    As soon as she saw Ye Jiuge, she screamed, “I am begging you. Please save me!”

    Ye Jiuge regarded her from above and asked, “If you tell me where the Bloodthirsty Patriarch and Si Youyue went, I’ll help you.” Silently, she added to herself, “To experience the sweet release of death!”

    “The Bloodthirsty Patriarch went to the Blood Pond to heal himself. I do not know where Si Youyue went,” Lin Yanxi wheezed, panting between words.

    “Alright.” Ye Jiuge lifted her hand and shot a beam of Purple Spiritual Light from her palm. It impaled Lin Yanxi’s heart in the blink of an eye.

    Lin Yanxi stared at Ye Jiuge with wide eyes. She tried to speak with her trembling lips.

    “No need to thank me.” It was as if ‘you’re welcome’ was written all over Ye Jiuge’s face.

    Lin Yanxi’s expression was hideous. After gasping for air, she unwillingly keeled over and breathed her last. She was bitter about her death.

    “Ye Yu, where is the Blood Pond?” Ye Jiuge stepped over Lin Yanxi’s corpse and walked toward Ye Yu.

    Ye Yu pulled out a map that Shou Hou had given him, which depicted Bloodcloud Peak’s internal layout. He jabbed at the center of the map and said, “Here.”

    “Let’s go!” Ye Jiuge made her way there with haste.

    The trio traversed the maze-like passageways before reaching the Blood Pond, where the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was cultivating.

    At the moment, the stone door was shut tight. No one else was at the entrance.

    Ye Jiuge raised her hand and used brute force to smash it open.

    Stone fragments scattered everywhere. The foul, pungent stench of blood invaded their noses.

    They laid eyes on Yue Lingjun, who was submerged in the Blood Pond with a pained expression.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch sat in the central Blood Pond in a meditative position. The concentration of the tainted black blood in his body was already more diluted.

    Ye Jiuge raised her Lightning Snake Magical Whip and lashed at the Bloodthirsty Patriarch with a thunderous sound.

    Bloodied water splashed everywhere as the Blood Pond shattered.

    Although the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s eyes were shut tight, his body automatically flew off and nimbly evaded her strike.

    Ye Jiuge did not seize the chance to attack him further. Instead, she used the opportunity to fish out Yue Lingjun from the Blood Pond.

    Yue Lingjun was barely breathing. However, the flesh on both of her lower legs had dissolved completely, exposing her white bones.

    Ye Jiuge sealed all of her main acupoints before feeding her a Vitality Strengthening Pill and moving her to a corner.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch opened his eyes and glared at Ye Jiuge and the others with an extremely rancorous expression.

    He did not have enough time. He could only expel the poison from the Jade Spiritual Pill from his body, but his internal organs were still suffering from severe damage.