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Chapter 262 - A Decisive Battle with The Bloodthirsty Patriarch (3)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 262: A Decisive Battle with The Bloodthirsty Patriarch (3)

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch was delighted that his plan had worked. He shook his Blood Bell more fervently to spur the Spectral Zombie on to killing Ye Jiuge.

    Since this was such a crucial moment, Jun Yichen fought as if his life depended on it.

    He used the nail of his index finger to lacerate his wrist and dripped a large amount of his blood onto the Life’s Origin Parasite and Human-headed Flying Venomous Parasite.

    The Life’s Origin Parasite went berserk. It hissed and melded with the remaining Human-headed Flying Venomous Insects, taking the shape of a sharp pike before lunging violently at the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. It was out for blood.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s eyes widened. He willed the Spectral Zombie to stand in front of him so that he could defend against the sharp pike.

    The Spectral Zombie howled angrily.

    The two mountain goat horns detached themselves from the Spectral Zombie’s head. They turned into two blinding rays of light and came into contact with the sharp pike.

    Although the collision did not make a sound, its aftereffects were terrifying.

    The cave walls shook. Debris fell from the ceiling.

    The Spectral Zombie remained in place, motionless.

    On the other hand, the Life’s Origin Parasite swiftly flew back to Jun Yichen’s shoulder.

    Jun Yichen was ashen-faced. Blood seeped out from his eyes, nose, and mouth. He seemed to have sustained severe injuries.

    “Hahaha!” cackled the Bloodthirsty Patriarch maniacally. He eyed Ye Jiuge and the others as if they were as dead as doornails. “If all of you surrender to me without a fight, I will consider leaving your corpses whole.”

    After he finished speaking, he severed two fingers and flung them to the Spectral Zombie, attempting to take Ye Jiuge and the others down in one fell swoop.

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    The Spectral Zombie attacked them more ferociously this time. Jun Yichen and the Life’s Origin Parasite had difficulty fending off the Spectral Zombie.

    Ye Yu swallowed another secret pill. He hid in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

    Ye Jiuge stayed rooted to the spot, and her beautiful eyes gleamed with Spiritual Light. She scanned the Bloodthirsty Patriarch and the Spectral Zombie for their weaknesses with her Spiritual Eye.

    In her field of view, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch and Spectral Zombie were two blood-red shadows.

    Since the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was poisoned by her Jade Spiritual Pill, the blood-red color of his shadow was lighter.

    After the Spectral Zombie devoured the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s fingers, its shadow was much darker.

    However, there was a dark red area on its skull. Countless invisible threads connected its skull to the Blood Bell in the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s hand.


    Ye Jiuge’s eyes brightened. She infused all of her Spiritual Energy into the Lightning Snake Magical Whip.

    The black and white serpents fused together to become the Purple Lightning Snake before flying at the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    This was Ye Jiuge’s last resort. The lightning that encircled the Purple Lightning Snake was thin as a finger. It made the Purple Lightning Snake seem even more vicious.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch did not dare confront the Purple Lightning Snake head-on, so he ducked out of its way.

    He’d never expected that he wasn’t Ye Jiuge’s intended target. She was aiming for the Spectral Zombie’s skull.


    The dark red area on the Spectral Zombie’s skull was suddenly smashed to pieces.

    The Blood Bell flew out of the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s hand.

    He panicked and made a hand gesture to summon the Blood Bell back to his hand.

    The spinning Blood Bell immediately flew back into his hand.

    When the Bloodthirsty Patriarch regained possession of his bell, he made a move to control his Spectral Zombie again.

    The very next moment, the Spectral Zombie’s bony palm pierced the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s chest without any warning.

    The Spectral Zombie made a wrenching movement and extracted a still-pumping red heart.

    Ye Jiuge looked at the Spectral Zombie’s shadow. As it turned out, Ye Yu had hidden in it and used Puppet Strike to control the Spectral Zombie. He’d made the Spectral Zombie turn against the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    It had never occurred to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch that he would die at the hands of his own Yin Corpse.

    His eyes bulged as he attempted to take his heart back with trembling fingers.

    But Ye Jiuge whipped his heart and turned it into a meat patty.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch stared at the minced meat on the ground in despair, before collapsing with a thud.

    Shortly after, he turned into a puddle of bloody jet-black water with a foul stench.

    The mountain goat horns on the Spectral Zombie’s head and its fangs disappeared.

    After the Spectral Zombie’s appearance reverted to that of the Yin Corpse Twin, it also keeled over beside the Bloodthirsty Patriarch.

    Ye Jiuge took out some kerosene and splashed it on the Yin Corpse Twin, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, and the three Blood Ponds before setting them on fire.

    “Is the Bloodthirsty Patriarch really dead?” Jun Yichen stared at the raging fire with dazed eyes. It was only now dawning on him.

    Jun Yichen used to think that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch was invincible. He’d never thought that the Bloodthirsty Patriarch would die by his hand. He had finally avenged his clan.

    “Although the Bloodthirsty Patriarch is dead, Si Youyue is still alive. We need to find her as soon as possible.” Ye Jiuge had not forgotten that Si Youyue and the Demonic Corpse were the final bosses whom they had to kill to entirely take down the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    “Let me come with you.” Ye Yu’s hoarse voice came from a corner. He had depleted all of his Spiritual Energy by controlling the Spectral Zombie.

    “You should stay here to meet up with Baili Moyun and take care of Yue Lingjun,” Ye Jiuge said to Ye Yu, whose face was deathly pale.

    “No. I want to look for Si Youyue.” Ye Yu propped himself up on a wall and managed to stand halfway before he lost the energy in his legs and fell to the ground again.

    Since he’d eaten two secret pills in succession just now, he’d pushed his body past its limits. His condition was now so severe that he could not even walk.

    “Why are you still trying to act like you are fine?” Ye Jiuge tossed a bottle of Spiritual Revitalization Pills to Ye Yu and said, “Stay here, obediently.”

    When Ye Yu caught the bottle, his hands were quivering.

    He knew that he would only burden Ye Jiuge if he insisted on going with them, so he could only nod helplessly. “Eldest Miss, please be careful.”

    “What about you? How do you feel right now?” Ye Jiuge looked at Jun Yichen and the Life’s Origin Parasite.

    “I could effortlessly kill another two Bloodthirsty Patriarchs!” the Life’s Origin Parasite bragged while flying in a circle above Ye Jiuge’s head. Then, it retreated into Jun Yichen’s stomach like a coward.

    Although it kept blowing its trumpet, it was actually completely drained.

    Jun Yichen was also worn out. He shook his head before slumping to the ground.

    “Then, you should remain here with Ye Yu and meet up with Luo Tian!” Ye Jiuge said.

    Jun Yichen and the Life’s Origin Parasite had been the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s primary targets, so she had not overexerted herself.

    “Do you know where to find Si Youyue?” Jun Yichen asked weakly.

    “She should be near the formation’s core.” Ye Jiuge sensed through the imprint that Zi Shang was fighting the Demonic Corpse at the core. Si Youyue would not be too far away.

    “Take care.” Since Jun Yichen had fulfilled his desire to exact revenge on the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, he only wanted to rest here and wait for Luo Tian.

    “Alright. You should stay on guard.” After Ye Jiuge advised them, she carried the Lightning Snake Magical Whip in her hand and headed toward the Bloodthirsty Sect’s Forbidden Grounds.

    It was quiet all the way. Most of the Bloodthirsty Sect’s disciples were fighting with the Spiritual Practitioners at the front, so no one was left on this side of Bloodcloud Peak.

    Ye Jiuge took a few turns. When she walked past a room, she heard a faint call for help. It sounded like Qiao Shaohua.

    “Qiao Shaohua, is that you?” Ye Jiuge asked loudly.

    “Ye Clan’s Eldest Miss, you are finally here. Please hurry up and rescue my Junior. The Bloodthirsty Patriarch took her away.” Qiao Shaohua’s anxious voice came from within, loud and clear.

    “Your Junior is still alive. I already sent someone to look after her. Hide in an inconspicuous place. When it’s over, Baili Moyun and the others will save you.” Ye Jiuge did not have the time now to save someone who would burden her.

    She was about to leave when she heard Qiao Shaohua screaming, “Eldest Miss, please don’t leave. Great Master Gong is also here with me. He’s in bad shape!”

    “Then, please, move away from the door. I’m going to break it down.” If it really were Gong Xifan, she had to save him.

    Ye Jiuge struck the stone door with her whip, shattering it. She saw Qiao Shaohua standing in a corner with a pale face. He seemed debilitated.

    Something that looked like a yellow coffin was beside him.

    Ye Jiuge walked into the room and took a closer look at the coffin. Gong Xifan was lying inside.