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Chapter 202 - Mr. Tang, Are You Not Going to Do Anything?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 202: Mr. Tang, Are You Not Going to Do Anything?

    Tang Jinyu was wearing his army uniform and a middle-aged man that was wearing the same thing stood next to him.

    When the person came closer to them, they saw the badge on the man’s shoulder.

    One Three-Star Olive Branch!

    What did that mean?

    It meant that someone of a very high rank had come to observe the mission!

    Tang Jinyu came over and looked at the freshmen that were holding guns. “Put away your guns. Stand at attention!”

    The freshmen stood in line. Tang Jinyu looked at the people lying on the ground. “Training’s over. Get up!”

    All the inspectors and soldiers that were squatting down all stood up.

    The middle-aged man looked around and smiled. “Where did Li Yibo go?”

    One of the soldiers replied, “He’s inside. There are three of them that are still fighting.”

    The middle-aged man laughed. “Seems like training isn’t over for the three of them yet.”

    Tang Jinyu was calm. “We shall wait then!”

    “Are you not going to let your soldiers assist them?” the man asked.

    “There’s more than enough help inside,” Tang Jinyu replied emotionlessly but with confidence.

    The middle-aged man was curious. “Li Yibo is not simple though.”

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    “I know. But his fate is already determined!” Tang Jinyu replied.

    The inspectors at the side were not happy with Tang Jinyu’s confidence. They wanted to protest. How could he say that their Boss was not strong enough?

    It was just two freshmen, how hard was it for their boss?

    Just wait and watch them being thrown out by their boss!

    Everyone outside was waiting for the results inside.

    The fight inside the hut between the three of them was heated.

    Jian Qi noticed that there was no longer any commotion outside, and there were no more gunshots.

    She knew that it was over on the outside.

    Now, they were waiting for things to end on the inside!

    She made eye contact with Lu Yao. Jian Qi sent a flying kick at Li Yibo which he was able to successfully dodge, and Lu Yao immediately gave him a kick on the chest.

    Li Yibo could not dodge that kick and fell to the ground.

    He heavily smashed out of the hut through the door.

    Everyone looked toward where the sound came from.

    Li Yibo’s subordinates could not believe what they were seeing!

    The freshmen standing on the side were not surprised at all. They knew how good Jian Qi and Lu Yao were!

    How could Li Yibo be their worthy opponent?

    After kicking him out of the hut, Lu Yao was even faster this time. He dashed toward Li Yibo, and when he tried to stand up, Lu Yao attacked him again.

    Li Yibo dodged it and punched him back. However, Jian Qi gave him a kick from the back.

    Li Yibo staggered for a while and stabilized himself. At the same time, Lu Yao and Jian Qi attacked him again. Lu Yao strangled him and knocked him onto the ground while Jian Qi jumped on him.

    “F*ck!” Li Yibo cried out in pain.

    Everyone frowned when they saw the scene.

    Jian Qi was on top of Li Yibo while her elbow was pressed firmly against his chest.

    The position he was in was painful to watch.

    “Do you surrender?” Jian Qi smiled arrogantly.

    Li Yibo looked at Tang Jinyu. “Mr. Tang, are you not going to do anything?”

    Jian Qi and Lu Yao looked over. They thought that it was just their teammates that were waiting for them and did not realize that Tang Jinyu was there as well.

    They were rather taken aback.

    Why was Tang Jinyu here?