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Chapter 204 - Kiss or Hug?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 204: Kiss or Hug?

    Everyone was in the helicopter. They were all injured. Even though it was nothing serious but the injuries were all real.

    Everyone was very quiet. They all had mixed feelings.

    Even though it was just drill training, they realized how cruel and harsh it was when they were on the battlefield.

    And it might be even more cruel than that!

    Real terrorists would torture them even more harshly, with no mercy whatsoever.

    That would be the time when they would feel like dying!

    However, contrary to everybody else, Jian Qi felt relaxed right now.

    She would never let herself fall into the hands of the enemies. If she were to ever come to the time where she could not run nor save herself, she would rather bring the enemies down with her!

    She did not want to live a life of misery!

    It was too painful for her to experience it all over again!

    Because at that point, staying alive would be harder than being dead!

    Tang Jinyu looked around and his eyes stopped at the girl sitting in front of him.

    She seemed rather relaxed compared to everyone else. It was as if today was just another regular training for her and she was not affected by it all.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. Lightning had roughly reported today’s situation to him.

    Tang Jinyu believed that before Jian Qi came back, she already knew that this mission was another drill training.

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    After returning back to their headquarters, everyone was standing at one side quietly while waiting for Tang Jinyu to make an announcement.

    “As all of you know, you guys have won the final test!” Tang Jinyu looked at everyone emotionlessly. “And all of you have given me the answer that I wanted!”

    “Congratulations to all eleven of you. You have passed the test!” Tang Jinyu then said, “I officially welcome all of you to the Special Fire Team!”

    Everyone was stunned, and then they all smiled.

    They passed the final test!

    This was probably the happiest thing that had happened after being tortured for hours.

    Everyone was cheering, and Tang Jinyu finally smiled. “Get some rest for now, we’ll resume training tomorrow!”

    “Yes, Instructor Tang!” Everyone responded loud and clear. They were all really happy!

    Everyone left happily while Tang Jinyu continued on, “Jian Qi please stay back!”

    They were all confused.

    Did he not say that all of them passed?

    Why did Jian Qi have to stay back?

    Was it because she was the only one that did not go through the torture?

    They were not surprised. Since they were supposed to be tortured while keeping their secret, and looking for a chance to escape and kill the terrorist!

    However, Jian Qi escaped and ruined the plan. Hence, they could not test Jian Qi’s loyalty. Did they plan to eliminate her because of that?

    The others wanted to help her by saying a few words but they were immediately chased off by Lightning and the other two!

    Were they looking for trouble?!

    Giving them time to rest but they did not appreciate it, did they want extra training?

    Everyone left except the two of them.

    Jian Qi smiled mischievously. “Instructor Tang, have you thought about it? Are you going to give me a kiss or a hug?”