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Chapter 205 - My Heart is Made of Glass

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 205: My Heart is Made of Glass

    Tang Jinyu looked at the girl that was smiling at him, he frowned.

    “When did you realize?” Tang Jinyu asked seriously.

    Jian Qi knew what he was talking about but she was acting dumb. “Instructor, weren’t you just trying to spend more alone time with me while making me stay back?”

    Jian Qi winked at him, her eyes gleaming devilishly.

    “One hundred push-ups!” Tang Jinyu said, “Now!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘What the f*ck!’

    “Two hundred!” Tang Jinyu added another hundred for her, seeing her hesitation.

    Jian Qi was annoyed. She immediately dropped to the ground and started doing the push-ups.

    “Now answer me. When did you realize it?” Tang Jinyu asked again.

    “What?” Jian Qi asked him even though she knew.

    Tang Jinyu scoffed lightly, then he said, “When did you realize it was a trap?”

    “That?” Jian Qi sighed, “Instructor, I have never thought that you would set up traps for me just to make me trust you. You are too much!”

    Tang Jinyu was even more certain that she knew everything before it even happened.

    He was afraid that she might notice something. Hence, he had been hinting to her that this was a serious battle since the very beginning.

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    Always be cautious whenever something seems slightly suspicious, never trust something that easily!

    However, he underestimated her observation skills.

    The more she analyzed, the more thorough her thoughts would be!

    And naturally, she could see things better than the rest!

    “Have you not thought that you might get caught and ended up like them when you decided to save them?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Jian Qi looked up at him and smiled proudly. “I only thought about saving my comrades and destroying the enemies!

    “Torture? I won’t let them stand a chance!”

    Jian Qi smiled and winked at Tang Jinyu, then she twisted the content instantly, “Only Instructor Tang can torture me.”

    Tang Jinyu frowned. Even when she was being punished, she still could not stop flirting. Tang Jinyu felt like punishing her even more!

    “Is this punishment not enough for you?” Tang Jinyu asked frostily.

    “Instructor Tang, my heart is made of glass. Are you sure you’re going to hurt me like this over and over again? Jian Qi looked at him with a sad and wronged face.

    “I think your face is made of iron!”

    “Aww, Xiao Tang Tang is making jokes,” Jian Qi smirked crudely. She finished her push-ups easily in a short amount of time.

    She stood up and looked at Tang Jinyu while she moved her face in front of him. “Do you want to touch it and see what it is made out of?”

    Tang Jinyu’s frown deepened, looking at that face that truly deserved a good beating, he lifted his hand and covered her face whole with his palm. “Stand properly!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘This personality of his is going to make him single forever!’

    “Do you know why I asked you to stay back?” Tang Jinyu looked at her and said.

    Jian Qi’s smile widened in an uncanny manner. “Is it because Instructor Tang has something in mind and would like to do something to me?”