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Chapter 206 - This Man is Insane

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 206: This Man is Insane

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath. This woman was getting more and more irritating.

    “Answer me properly!”

    Tang Jinyu said coldly.

    “Yes, Instructor!” Jian Qi looked serious and stood still. She gazed at Tang Jinyu seriously. “I believe that Instructor made me stay back because you have dirty thoughts about me!

    As for what kind of dirty thoughts you have, I’m not sure. But, if Instructor does have something in mind, I would definitely cooperate!

    All because I love Xiao Tang Tang very much!”

    Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly. He was impressed by her ability to spew such nonsense!

    “I do want to know, where did you learn to be so good at talking?” Tang Jinyu scoffed as he looked at her mockingly.

    “Ever since I met you, there were many things that I learned on my own!” Jian Qi replied calmly, blatantly flirting with him.

    Tang Jinyu really wanted to scold her badly!

    “I see that you are really energetic and probably don’t need any sleep. So, why don’t you continue training for the rest of the night?”

    “As long as Instructor is going to accompany me, I’ll be glad to!” Jian Qi was calm.

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath, and his lips twitched into a smile.

    Except, his smile seemed rather wicked in the dark night.

    “Fill your backpack with rocks, I’ll bring you for a walk!” Tang Jinyu smiled gently.

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    Jian Qi. “…”

    Jian Qi then started her ultimate marathon for the rest of the night. It was not just any ultimate marathon but a weight-bearing ultimate marathon!

    Her waist was being tied to a rope and the rope was tied to a car. Tang Jinyu was driving the car followed by Jian Qi running behind the car.

    Jian Qi was really irritated!

    ‘This a*shole is indeed insane!’

    She was too naive!

    She thought that he was an easy target!

    But she was not giving up that easily!

    ‘Hehe, how is that possible?’

    Jian Qi chased up to the car in front and outsped the car.

    “Instructor, your four-wheel drive isn’t that useful huh!” Jian Qi provoked him.

    Tang Jinyu looked at her. “Really?”

    With that, Tang Jinyu stepped on the accelerator.

    Jian Qi. “…”


    ‘I was just joking, I just wanted to flaunt!’

    She was again being pulled by the car. Jian Qi felt like vomiting blood!

    As her stamina started to decrease, the sun was almost up.

    The sun was slowly rising, and the red glow that was peeking from behind the mountains was glorious.

    “Instructor Tang, I’m going to die of exhaustion. Stop!” Jian Qi complained.

    Tang Jinyu stopped the car and got off. He looked down at the girl who was lying on the ground. “Do you admit defeat?”

    “Yes, yes. I lost…” Jian Qi untied the rope and took off her backpack, and she lay back down on the ground.

    “Losing to Xiao Tang Tang is not something embarrassing, right!” Jian Qi smiled brightly.

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    He looked at that petite face of hers that was drenched in sweat. Even though she looked pale after all the running yet she was still attractive.

    Tang Jinyu sighed. He did not continue on.

    Jian Qi hit her head when she lay on the ground. She did not have any extra energy to get back up. Hence, she just lay there motionlessly.

    “Get into the car!” Tang Jinyu walked toward her and kicked her gently on the calf. “Faster!”

    “I can’t, let me rest for a while…” Jian Qi was panting. She was clearly exhausted but she still teased him, “Why not you carry me?”