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Chapter 855 - Reaping Massive Benefits

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 855: Reaping Massive Benefits

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    Although the Xiao Family managed to resolve the matter about the scandal, they were still plagued by its controversial effects.

    The Xiao Family and the Wen Family were waiting to see each other’s downfall!

    The stockholders hurriedly let go of their Xiao Corporation’s stocks and continuously bought several units of the Wen Corporation’s stocks, causing the Xiao Corporation’s stock prices to drop even further. Meanwhile, the Wen Corporation’s stock prices plummeted. Of course… it was also because the Wen Corporation was capable enough to stabilize the stock market.

    Needless to say, the Ai Shang product launch commenced smoothly, and they were earning themselves a stable group of clients. They currently dominated 50% of the local market, and foreign clients were also paying attention to their sales.

    The Wen Corporation had indeed reaped a massive amount of benefits.

    Old Mr. Wen’s office had tacitly become Wen Xinya’s work station in the Wen Corporation. Although Wen Haowen had voiced his displeasure, he had no choice but to concede because of the pressure given by Old Mr. Wen.

    Standing by the window of the office on the highest floor of the building, Wen Xinya looked down at the resplendence beneath her. There were massive crowds below her and fleets of cars, all of which resembled tiny ants.

    It was a symbolization of power, and it was little wonder that everyone coveted the feeling of being on top of the world. Reason being, one would feel immeasurably powerful to be stepping on all of the insignificant beings beneath them.

    Wen Xinya held the glazed, peony-print porcelain teacup in her hand, which was white and covered in pink peonies with a gold lining along the edges. The touch of gold made the cup look extravagant and exquisite, accentuating the delicateness of her fair and jade-like fingers.

    The dull sounds of the door being knocked snapped her out of her trance.

    Wen Xinya blinked and hid all of her emotions. There was nothing left except her calmness and composure. “Come in!”

    Wen Xinya turned around and took a seat on the couch.

    The door was pushed open and Secretary Cao entered with the document file. “Missy!”

    Wen Xinya nodded and exclaimed, “Uncle Cao, have a seat!”

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    Secretary Cao sat opposite Wen Xinya and placed the document in front of her. “Missy, there was a board meeting this morning with the shareholders of the Wen Corporation and we’ve reached a consensus on dealing with the Xiao Family.”

    Had he not taken part and witnessed everything in person, he wouldn’t have been able to believe that Wen Xinya, who had just turned legal, was the one who managed to ruin the Xiao Family’s stocks and cause them to suffer heavy losses. This time, the Xiao Family suffered the greatest loss ever in twenty years.

    Everything was the result of this girl’s brilliant and meticulous plan!

    It seemed blunt yet elaborate and shockingly intelligent.

    The Wen Family has a competent heir!

    “Uncle Cao, it has been hard on you. All of this happened thanks to you.” Wen Xinya picked up the document in front of her and began browsing through it. She could sense that Secretary Cao had changed his opinion and attitude towards her. He used to treat her like an equal. However, he now treated her with great respect, as if she were his superior. She knew… that she had managed to earn Secretary Cao’s respect and affirmation because of her own abilities.

    She was rather glad about the change. Old Mr. Wen’s able assistant was indeed extraordinary, and he never failed to set himself in the right mood at the right time. It was not something that everyone could do.

    Secretary Cao said smilingly, “The shareholders have all decided to do everything in their power to attack the Xiao Corporation.”

    He first convinced Wen Haowen using Old Mr. Wen’s name. Although Wen Haowen was initially hesitant about it, he dared not voice his objection because he thought that it was Old Mr. Wen’s intentions. Hence, he immediately called for a board meeting, which Secretary Cao attended on behalf of Old Mr. Wen and suggested that they launch an attack. Needless to say… he did meet some obstacles, though he managed to convince them in the end after showing them a detailed report that he had made and mentioning Old Mr. Wen’s name.

    “How impressive of you, Uncle Cao. I thought you would be faced with lots of challenges. I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly.” Wen Xinya put the document aside and proceeded to make some tea with much finesse.

    Secretary Cao smiled and said, “Thank you for the compliment, Missy. Those shareholders are no fools, they definitely wouldn’t give up the chance to deal with the Xiao Family.”

    Secretary Cao gazed at the graceful and poised Wen Xinya and thought about the time when he accompanied Old Mr. Wen to bring her home. Back then, she was uncouth and boorish, and he actually doubted Old Mr. Wen’s decision for the very first time.

    Three years had passed since then and he had witnessed her evolution throughout the years. At last, she evolved into a phoenix and became the most prestigious heiress in the upper-class society. She had an arduous journey getting to where she was.

    Wen Xinya placed the brewed tea in front of Secretary Cao before picking it up smilingly. “Uncle Cao, I shall toast to you with tea instead of wine. Here’s to our first successful cooperation.”

    Secretary Cao picked up the teacup and clinked it against hers. “Cheers!”

    The two of them sipped on the tea amidst a relaxed atmosphere.

    Secretary Cao asked, “Missy, how did you find out that Xiao Zhiyuan has undergraduates as his mistresses?”

    He had always been curious about that. After all, Xiao Zhiyuan had always enjoyed a good reputation and lots of people had tried to find fault with him but to no avail. Yet, Wen Xinya actually succeeded. He really couldn’t belittle her.

    Wen Xinya sipped on the tea slowly and smiled, hiding her emotions. “On the day of the product launch, I overheard some rumors about Xiao Zhiyuan and Chu Jingnan. Hence, I purposely arranged for some reporters to attend the launch and planted them near him so that they could hear the rumors and make an issue out of it. Besides, they’re great at finding out about gossip. I’ve already planned this from the start, but… I was rather surprised that Xiao Zhiyuan had kept undergraduates as his mistresses.”

    She had actually tipped off some of the shrewd media agencies. To her joy, they did not disappoint her!

    Her rebirth had indeed brought about a great ton of benefits and advantages for her when dealing with the Xiao Family.

    She ought to thank Chu Jingnan.

    Secretary Cao gazed at her ambiguously and said, “Very smart of you to have conceived a plan beforehand, Missy.”

    He obviously wouldn’t believe her words, though he wouldn’t probe further either, for he knew that everyone had their own secrets. He had no choice but to admire Wen Xinya for being able to defeat the Xiao Family. Hence, he would not try to probe.

    Wen Xinya smiled and remained silent, though she was pleased with Secretary Cao’s high EQ.