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Chapter 216 - I Have Read Them

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 216: I Have Read Them

    “Scumbag” was the WeChat nickname she had given Huo Beichen when they were chatting in the past two days. Her reaction was quick whenever Huo Beichen would leave a comment. Ning Meng was about to log out of WeChat, but her fingers paused. She decided to check the newly received comment instead.

    Scumbag: [?]

    She became annoyed when she saw that it was just a question mark. She decided to ignore him, but as she was about to log out of WeChat, “Scumbag” commented again on her status in Moments.

    Scumbag: [So you were angry tonight because of this?]

    Ning Meng was taken aback. When she opened her Moments, he had posted yet another comment.

    Scumbag: [I can explain.]


    She was not sure why, but after stifling her depression the whole night, her sadness vanished after seeing these three comments. It was as if honey had been applied to her heart as she felt the sweetness of his sincerity.

    She continued to lay down and exited Moments, finding “Scumbag”‘s chat and sending him a text: [?]

    She stayed on this chat interface and waited for two minutes. However, the opposite side did not reply. Ning Meng could not stand it and scolded “Scumbag” in her heart. He could comment within seconds on her Moments but could not reply as quickly for a chat?

    She left her chat and noticed that her Moments had a red notification dot, reminding her that she had forty-five comments. Ning Meng hesitated to open her Moments. Indeed, she had many ex-boyfriends, but the status had only been posted twenty minutes ago on Moments. How were there already so many comments?

    She nervously opened it and saw a row of “Scumbag has liked your post on Moments”. She then realized that Huo Beichen had gone through all her posts on Moments and had given her a ‘like’ for every one of them. She could not understand why, but when others liked her posts, she would feel that they were praising her, but when Huo Beichen icily liked her posts, it gave her the feeling that he was just showing an arrogant and indifferent “I have read them” expression. Now she understood that the reason he did not reply to her text was because he was going wild in her Moments!

    She waited until the notifications had stopped in her Moments and then went back to her chat interface. Just as she had suspected, she saw “typing” at the top of the chat…


    Huo Beichen kept analyzing Ning Meng’s change of attitude, but he could not figure out the reason even after squeezing his brain dry. His driver soon sent him back to his villa, and after entering his passcode, Xiao Tiantian ran over and circled him. Huo Beichen then took some dog food and fed it.

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    Xiao Tiantian took a whiff of the dog food and showed its dissatisfaction by entangling itself around him. It even bit on his pants and would not let him go to take a shower. When pets of big stature exhibited this kind of behavior, they looked quite cute. Huo Beichen used his leg to brush the large dog off, but it did not show any fear at all. It even tried to appease him by wagging its tail.

    After a staring contest, Huo Beichen finally said. “You’re too fat, so no ham for you tonight.”

    Xiao Tiantian whined in a low tone and fawned over him.

    In the end, Huo Beichen yielded. “Only one stick.”

    He went to the kitchen and took a stick of ham that Xiao Tiantian would usually eat and threw it out to the dog. Only then did Xiao Tiantian lower his head to eat. Huo Beichen knelt halfway and scratched its head.

    “If she finds out that I have not been taking good care of you, she will get angry, so, this is your last stick before you go on a diet.”

    Xiao Tiantian was not young anymore. Su Ye had mentioned that a chubby figure would shorten his lifespan. Thus, Xiao Tiantian had been on a diet. Xiao Tiantian whined again in a low tone as it ate, and Huo Beichen knew that it was resisting.

    “I need to listen to her.”

    Xiao Tiantian whimpered yet again.

    “Why is she not afraid of you? How could a dog like you compare to a tiger like her?”