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Chapter 217 - It’s You; It Will Always Be You

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 217: It’s You; It Will Always Be You

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    When he said this, he remembered something and laughed to himself. In the past, had she not been a tigress? After Xiao Tiantian had finished its food, Huo Beichen headed upstairs for his shower and then sat at his study desk.

    Su Ye had pulled Qi Shan and Fei Bai back into the group chat. Qi Shan posted a question: [Boss, how did the date go?]

    Huo Beichen took some time to reply: [Why would a woman’s mood suddenly drop?]

    Qi Shan: [Women are mysterious creatures. They exhibit thirty-one days of peculiarity in a month.]

    Fei Bai: [I don’t understand.]

    Love expert Ye answered: [There are three phases for a woman in a month. Before her eldest aunt comes, when her eldest aunt comes, and after her eldest aunt comes to visit. If you cannot figure out the reason for her mood swings, you can consider the eldest aunt as the cause.]

    The naïve Bai replied: [As far as I know, the missus has no aunts.]

    Qi Shan: [?? Hahahaha, Fei Bai, you make me laugh! Even I know about this, how can you not know? Serves you right for being single and still yet to have a girlfriend!]

    Huo Beichen started to delete the sentence that he had just typed: [Who is her eldest aunt?]

    Then, he felt frustrated when he saw that Qi Shan had written “Serves you right for being single and still yet to have a girlfriend”.

    So, he would rather…

    Qi Shan was clueless as to how he had offended boss this time!

    Huo Beichen flung his phone onto the table, his heart restless. As he massaged his temples, his eyes fell back onto the words “Serves you right for being single and still yet to have a girlfriend”.

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    Indeed, he had not been treating her well in the past. That would explain…

    As he was gathering his thoughts, a new text appeared in the group chat.

    Su Ye: [Boss, perhaps this is the reason?]

    He then sent over a screenshot. Huo Beichen zoomed in on the image and saw Ning Meng’s post on her Moments: One does not mean the one and only and for this one lifetime.

    He started to recollect himself as he remembered her expression when she had said this earlier today. A moment of realization dawned on Huo Beichen. So, this was the reason! He never knew that there was such a thing as Moments in WeChat. Under Su Ye’s guidance, he went into Ning Meng’s Moments for the first time and posted three comments. However, she had yet to respond.

    Could it be that she was still angry and did not want to hear his explanation? While waiting for her response, most of her posts were about food. He subconsciously went through her posts the same way he would read through his documents and gave each post a ‘like’ to indicate that he had read through them.

    He then came to her first post in Moments from two months ago: [I’m a new person now. I will return to my family.]

    All other posts from before had been deleted.

    Huo Beichen stared at the date for a long time and then realized that that was the day she had come to stay with him…

    It was getting late., and he held up his phone in the quiet study room. The corners of his eyes were bloodshot. After a while, he decided to exit Moments and went back to the chat interface only to see that she had sent a text over: [?]

    Was she waiting for his explanation? She had always been like this. Soft and easy to coax. Huo Beichen closed his eyes halfway and recalled the happenings of the day. He really wanted to tell her that the only water he had ever accepted in high school was from her. What he wanted to tell her even more was that he had waited for her for so long…

    Alas, it was clear that she did not remember these moments. She did not remember the sweet moments and the bitter ones. Perhaps this was for the best.

    Huo Beichen mulled over and over on this matter while he was facing the chat interface. Finally, he summarized all his thoughts into one sentence: [For me, you have always been the most important one.]

    His “one” indeed had meant the one and only and for this one lifetime.