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Chapter 203 - Why did you get into a fight? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 203: Why did you get into a fight? (1)

    Gu Yu didn’t turn around. He didn’t even stop for just a moment, acting as if she was invisible. Indignant, Su Ziqian chased after him but was stopped by Assistant Lin, who stepped forward and blocked her way.

    Was everyone taking turns standing in her way?

    Su Ziqian gritted her teeth angrily, spitting out without a tinge of courtesy, “Get out of my way! Who do you think you are to have the guts to stand in my way!”

    Assistant Lin remained unfazed as he spoke in a calm tone, “Miss Su, I’ll get your agent to pick you up now. I advise you to just stay here and wait, lest you make a fool of yourself out there.”

    “What did you say?!”

    “I may not be as important as some of the people here, but I can still stop you. Here’s a friendly reminder that you have offended someone that you shouldn’t have this time around. You should worry about yourself, so stop asking for trouble!”


    After finishing his piece, Assistant Lin didn’t waste another second on her. After taking out his phone and making a call, he turned around and left.

    Su Ziqian stomped angrily on the ground, letting out an anguished scream.

    She refused to believe that Yu wouldn’t take responsibility for her. She didn’t believe that he would do something to her, all because of Xu Weilai!

    Assistant Lin, Xiao Chun… she would get her vengeance on all those that stood with Xu Weilai!


    Gu Yu didn’t bring Xu Weilai back into the banquet hall. Instead, he brought her directly to the underground car parking lot and dragged her to the car. Swinging open the passenger seat, he shoved her in and slammed the door shut after fastening her seatbelt.

    He went around to the driver’s seat and got into the car. Starting the engine, he stepped on the gas and swiftly drove out.

    Even though Xu Weilai wasn’t looking at him, she could still feel how grave his expression was. That extremely icy aura radiating from his face was stifling.

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    His silence was most probably the calm before the storm.

    Even so, Xu Weilai didn’t regret punching Su Ziqian in the nose. If she had the chance to redo things, she still would’ve punched her. In fact, she would have even added a few kicks!

    She could tolerate her snatching Gu Yu away, but snatching her livelihood away? She would beat her to death!

    While they drove home, Assistant Lin called to inform Gu Yu that he’ll take care of the matters regarding the banquet, so he could rest easy.

    The car cruised back to the apartment. After parking the car, Gu Yu got out and moved to pull open the passenger seat. After practically pulling Xu Weilai out of the car, he dragged her along as he strode towards the apartment.

    When they entered the apartment, it was pitch black.

    Xu Weilai had remembered that since she and Gu Yu were going for the year-end banquet tonight, Mrs. Lin had seized this opportunity to return to the Gu residence and would only be returning tomorrow.

    That meant… she and Gu Yu were the only people in the apartment.

    During this time, he was still a little cold to her even though they looked to be on good terms with each other. Even so, their relationship was slightly better than how it used to be. Moreover, Gu Yu would take Mrs. Lin’s presence into consideration, which allowed Xu Weilai to loosen up a lot more. It allowed her to gradually forget how much she feared him.

    Now, she couldn’t stop the intense feeling of unease from creeping into her heart.

    She wasn’t afraid of Gu Yu standing up for Su Ziqian, mocking her, beating her up, et cetera. However, she was afraid that…

    While wild thoughts occupied Xu Weilai’s mind, Gu Yu had dragged her into the bedroom. With a click, the bedroom lit up. Xu Weilai felt her whole body getting dragged until she stood before Gu Yu. The next second, she felt Gu Yu’s hands tugging her clothes off!

    The fear hidden deep within her was suddenly awakened. Without a second thought, Xu Weilai pushed him away, hastily scrambling to speak.