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Chapter 204 - Why did you get into a fight? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 204: Why did you get into a fight? (2)

    “Gu Yu, if you wish to stand up for Su Ziqian, you can hit me all you want. Scratch that– you can punch me twice or even thrice. I swear I won’t fight back!”

    Gu Yu seemed to have not heard Xu Weilai’s words, the look in his eyes not changing even for a moment. One of his hands remained on her wrist to prevent her from trying to escape, while the other tugged her clothes off forcibly.

    Xu Weilai was completely terrified. Not being able to think too much about it, she bent her knee and ruthlessly kicked at Gu Yu.

    But Gu Yu’s reaction was even faster. Before she even had a chance to see how he dodged the kick, Gu Yu had already flung her onto the bed, as if displeased with how disobedient she was. He flung her onto the bed, face down.

    She was pressed tightly onto the bed, only able to wriggle her limbs weakly.

    She felt the man zip open her gown, feeling it go all the way down. In an instant, her entire back was laid bare before his eyes. Xu Weilai gritted her teeth. Despite how much she refused to admit defeat, she couldn’t stop her body from trembling.

    And then, Gu Yu flipped her entire body over. His huge hands grabbed the collar of her gown and tugged it off completely, leaving Xu Weilai almost buck naked.

    Gu Yu’s inky gaze fell onto her body. Around ten seconds later, his slender fingers pinched Xu Weilai’s chin, pulling her face towards him, forcing her to look at him.

    Xu Weilai glared at him with hostility. Watching as his stony face move closer towards her, she knew that she’ll most probably be unable to escape another round of torture tonight.

    She shut her eyes, refusing to look at him.

    But… before the expected torture session began, Gu Yu merely swept his gaze across her face a few times before releasing his hold on her.

    Xu Weilai laid in bed, dazed for a second, before suddenly opening her eyes. Gu Yu had already gotten up and stood by the bedside, a gloomy yet unreadable look in his eyes as he gazed at her.

    Xu Weilai’s first instinct was to grab the blanket on the bed. Only after covering herself up completely did she regain the ability to think in that frenzied mind of hers.

    He was infuriated just now. With how he flung her onto the bed and even tugged her clothes off, she had thought that he was going to force his way into torturing her once more. Why did he suddenly change his mind?

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    Did his conscience suddenly act up, thinking that he had to preserve his chastity for Su Ziqian?

    Regardless, he couldn’t have removed her clothes just for the sake of checking if there were any injuries on her body, right?

    Xu Weilai didn’t go into it too seriously. After all, she was still in a crisis. Gu Yu hadn’t said a word, just staring straight at her the whole time. For some reason, it sent chills down her back.

    If he was going to deal with her, why not just do it swiftly?

    It was extremely quiet in the apartment. Gu Yu didn’t speak, and Xu Weilai didn’t dare to say anything. The apartment was so quiet that it was a little frightening.

    Just when Xu Weilai’s blood was about to turn cold by the unreadable look in Gu Yu’s eyes, she finally heard Gu Yu’s voice before she reached her limit.

    His voice was strangely low and gravelly, making her feel a little weirded out.

    He asked, “Why did you get into a fight?”

    The time for him to denounce her was finally here.

    It was rather amusing; this was the first time Gu Yu had asked her why she did something. In the past, he had always placed the blame on her. He made it seem like she was always in the wrong!

    Back then, she thought of trying to explain to Gu Yu, as she didn’t want him to be mistaken. Now, she no longer had the thought of doing so.

    Whether or not she explained herself, wouldn’t he ultimately still take the side of whoever he chose?

    Xu Weilai was very calm as she spoke. Without a tinge of emotion, she replied perfunctorily, “Because I felt like it.”

    She could easily tell that Gu Yu wasn’t pleased with her answer. He took a step forward, his inky eyes staring right at her as he asked stubbornly, “Why did you get into a fight?”