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Chapter 493 - The Highly-skilled Doctor Treats First!

Medical Master
     “I’m sorry.”

    Fang Qiu stood up, bowed to the audience, apologized, and then said to Li Huawen, “Director, I’m sorry, I may not be able to participate in this episode.”

    With that, he looked directly at “Bozhi Tianxia” and said, “I have never provoked you, but you have been making trouble for me. And now you’ve broken into the studio. In that case, let’s go and find a quiet place to settle the matter. Don’t disturb the audience and the recording of the program.”


    “Bozhi Tianxia” snorted coldly and said, “Find a quiet place? I’m here to find out what a liar you are. I’m not going anywhere today. If you’re capable, let’s settle the matter in front of everyone and the cameras!”

    His words surprised everyone.

    The audience became angry.

    As Fang Qiu had said, he never bothered this guy, and the man somehow started everything himself. Now that he was lost, he was so shameless about picking on Fang Qiu. And he wasn’t looking for trouble in private but broke into the studio.

    This man was almost insane!

    Just when everyone was angry but felt it inappropriate to scold the man, an angry voice suddenly rang.


    The audience turned and saw the three judges standing up in anger.

    In their view, “Bozhi Tianxia” had gone too far. He was bullying Chinese Medicine instead of Fang Qiu!

    It was rare for Chinese Medicine to usher in progress in the past few decades, and with the strong support of Central Television, there was a show about it. However, the man not only talked nonsense on Weibo but also broke into the studio. His behavior was going to destroy Chinese Medicine!Read more chapter on NovelFull

    How could the three highly-skilled doctors not be angry?

    “What’s your name?”

    Yang Juanyong was the first to ask, “Aren’t you just trying to get attention? Tell me your name!”


    “Bozhi Tianxia” snorted coldly and said, “Yang Bo!”

    “How can the Yang family have such scum like you?”

    Yang Juanyong was even angrier when he heard the man’s name.

    “Yang Bo, right?”

    Li Zhengtang narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t come to Fang Qiu. We’ll do it!”

    “Yes,” Huang Zhengren immediately echoed, “didn’t you say there is no capable doctor in the Chinese Medicine field? We three old fellows have accepted your challenge!”

    All three of them got furious.

    Although they all studied Chinese Medicine and were used to self-cultivation, all three had personalities and tempers. In the face of this situation, it was natural for them to grow angry!

    Off the stage, Yang Bo rolled his eyes and thought, “It’s fine to get the three old guys first. After all, they are seniors. If they can cure the patient, it won’t have anything to do with Fang Qiu. Since it’s not about Fang Qiu, I can still question him and call him a liar.

    “If the three old guys fail, it will be better. How can Fang Qiu, a young guy, do a good job of something that even the old guys can’t do?

    “If the old Chinese Medicine doctors fail, how can Chinese Medicine be good?”

    Thinking of this, Yang Bo made up his mind to let the three old guys treat the patient first.

    Even if they couldn’t cure the patient, he’d never let Fang Qiu treat the patient. He decided to simply take the latter away, claiming that Chinese Medicine didn’t work. Anyway, the fact was that three old Chinese Medicine doctors failed to cure the patient.

    In this way, Chinese Medicine would be severely trampled down by him!

    Most importantly, he could avoid confronting Fang Qiu. Although he firmly believed that cancer could not be cured by traditional Chinese Medicine, Yang Ningyuan’s illness was definitely cured. There might be something unknown.

    It was always wise to play safe.

    How could Yang Bo, an Internet celebrity of Weibo, miss such a chance which allowed him not to face Fang Qiu and to take the opportunity to slander traditional Chinese Medicine to win back his reputation?

    “Well, I’ll give you a chance.”

    Without thinking too much, Yang Bo said simply, “I’d like to see if you Chinese Medicine doctors can really cure cancer. I don’t push Fang Qiu. He is a green hand in the field of traditional Chinese Medicine. Now that you three old Chinese Medicine doctors have stood up, I will let everyone have a good look at the real strength of Chinese Medicine!”

    His words were harsh, but they sounded natural.

    If the three senior judges of “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor” couldn’t cure cancer, how could Fang Qiu, a freshman who had learned Chinese Medicine for only one year, cure it?

    In the seats of the judges, the three doctors’ faces darkened.

    “Where is the patient?” Huang Zhengren asked.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll bring him in at once.”

    As he spoke, Yang Bo turned and walked out of the studio, bringing in a man through the door.

    The man looked quite normal except that he appeared pale.

    Back in the studio, Yang Bo was not polite at all and directly led the patient to the stage.

    With a close look, everyone found that the patient was an elderly man.

    When the patient came, the three highly-skilled doctors immediately greeted him.

    With everyone’s attention, they began to diagnose.

    At the same time, the three doctors wrote something.

    “The tongue is red, and its coating is thin and white.”

    “The pulse is weak.”

    “Diagnosis: hot sputum in the lungs.”

    “Treatment: clear the lungs by dissolving the phlegm and soften the firm to remove stasis.”

    “Prescription: 18g scutellaria baicalensis, 18g pyrola, 12g fructus forsythiae, 9g cacumen biotae, 30g lalang grass rhizome, 30g rhizoma phragmitis, 12g selaginella doederleinii, 12g fiveleaf akebia fruit, 12g semen coicis, 12g salvia chinensis, 9g edible tulip, 12g grifola, 12g poria cocos, 12g selfheal, 15g wild buckwheat, 12g lucid asparagus, 12g ophiopogon root. Seven doses.”

    Soon, the diagnosis was complete and the prescription was written.

    Highly-skilled Doctor Huang Zhengren handed the prescription directly to Yang Bo.

    “That’s it?” Yang Bo asked.

    “Are you wanting us to pay for your medicine and decoct it for you?”

    Yang Juanyong snorted coldly.

    “You think it’s over with a prescription?”

    Yang Bo curled his lips and looked at the prescription. “In front of all the people in the audience and all the cameras, you have to tell me how long it will take to cure the patient?” he asked.

    “One month at least, and three months at the most!” Huang Zhengren said, “All I gave you was a prescription for the first week. A second diagnosis should follow a week later. The patient requires more treatment, and we have to adjust the prescription at any time.”

    “Are these the rules of normal Chinese Medicine treatment?”

    Yang Bo put the prescription away, looked at the three highly-skilled doctors, and asked, “Need to see the doctor every once in a while and adjust the prescription at any time?”

    “That’s right.”

    Highly-skilled Doctor Huang Zhengren nodded.

    Li Zhengtang and Yang Juanyong echoed.

    Indeed, traditional Chinese Medicine treated the root cause, so there would be few specific treatments. Almost all the diagnoses and treatments aimed to remove the root of the disease, but because the disease was too serious, which might cause complications at any time, so the prescription needed to be adjusted often.

    “Did everyone hear that?”

    With the three highly-skilled doctors’ confirmation, a wild gleam came into Yang Bo’s eyes. He immediately turned to the entire audience and even looked for the camera, saying, “Now that all the three judges said that, it means Fang Qiu was totally lying before. Even three old doctors of Chinese Medicine have to use a month to three months to treat a patient, and they cannot guarantee the cure. How could Fang Qiu, a young man, cure Yang Ningyuan in two or three days?

    “Needless to say, the answer is obvious.”

    At this point, Yang Bo turned around, pointed at Fang Qiu, and scolded, “Fang Qiu, you’re a liar!”

    “You’re wrong.”

    In response to Yang Bo’s rant, Fang Qiu shook his head and said coolly, “I didn’t treat Mr. Yang Ningyuan in days. I treated him in less than an hour!”

    What he said shocked everyone in the studio!

    Less than an hour?

    So soon?

    Not only the audience but also the rest of the contestants were shocked.

    “Less than an hour?”

    Luo Jie stared at Fang Qiu in astonishment. As an apprentice of Holy Doctor Chu, he had heard about Yang Ningyuan’s illness from his teacher. He was arguably the only person on the scene, other than Fang Qiu, who was most familiar with Yang Ningyuan’s condition.

    But that was why he was so stunned.

    That serious illness was completely cured within an hour?

    How was this possible?

    The descendants of the four families were also shocked.

    It was a terminal disease. How could he cure a terminal disease in less than an hour?

    Jiang Miaoyu was also filled with shock.

    Fang Qiu never told her about it, so she had no idea that Fang Qiu had cured Yang Ningyuan in such a short time.

    This was incredible!

    At the same time, everyone in the program group and Yang Bo, who had been challenging Chinese Medicine and Fang Qiu on the stage, were also confused!

    “Less than an hour?” Yang Bo muttered, then immediately looked up, stared at Fang Qiu, and said, “Are you mad or foolish because I have exposed you as a liar? Cure an incurable disease in less than an hour? Now that you’re so capable, come on!”


    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “Well, only me and the patient can watch my treatment. No one else can watch it.

    “If you can, you can take the patient to the hospital right now for a checkup. After the checkup, I’ll treat him. After the treatment, send him to the hospital for another checkup.”

    Hearing this, Yang Bo sneered and pulled a hospital report from his inside pocket. “Here’s the hospital report,” he said. “There is no need to check again. You can read it now and verify it directly!”

    “Dare you?” Yang Bo asked with a sneer.


    Fang Qiu turned, looked at Director Li Huawen, and said, “Can you get me a room?”

    “Of course,” the director replied with a nod.

    “You get ready.”

    Fang Qiu was not scared.

    Soon, the program group arranged a room. Fang Qiu took the patient into the room, directly used his mental power to carefully scan the room to make sure that the room was sealed, and that there was no camera in it. Then he closed the door and formally began his treatment.

    Outside, all the people were waiting.

    In order to film the treatment of this episode, the director set a room directly on the stage, so that everyone could see the room clearly, but no one could see what was going on in it.Visit vi p novel

    Director Li Huawen felt in his heart that it was a pity.

    There was no way to shoot such a precious treatment.

    But since that was what Fang Qiu asked, he had no other choice. The process didn’t matter. The most important thing was… the result!