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Chapter 495 - Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease

Medical Master
     Hearing the rules, the contestants nodded.

    Five minutes!

    It didn’t normally take that long to see a patient, but it was a competition. And this time the contestants not only saw a patient but also wrote down what they found by using the four methods. So five minutes was a reasonable time limit.

    The host turned to the 15 contestants and asked, “Contestants, are you all clear on the rules?”


    The 15 contestants nodded at the same time.


    The host nodded in satisfaction and said, “Next, draw lots!”

    As soon as these words were spoken, a staff member immediately held a lottery box, went onto the stage, and handed it to the host. The host held it in front of the 15 contestants and asked them to draw lots one by one.

    Soon, the draw was done.

    Fang Qiu picked number five and Jiang Miaoyu picked number two.

    “Who got number one?” inquired the host.


    A voice came, and everyone turned their eyes to the source.

    Luo Jie stood out with a round piece of paper about the size of a ping pong ball.Read more chapter on NovelFull

    Everyone looked at it carefully, and saw “1” written on it.

    When Luo Jie stepped out, there was an immediate uproar.

    “Luo Jie?”

    “This guy seems strong.”

    “I remember when they picked herbs in the mountain forest, he was second only to Fang Qiu, and even Li Sanxiao, the best among the inheritors of the four big families in herbal medicine, couldn’t beat him.”

    “There are rumors on the Internet that the four big families are nothing. The best are Fang Qiu and Luo Jie.”

    “Even though both Fang Qiu and Luo Jie are capable, the game is just beginning. Every game is different. It’s still hard to tell which of them is better in this situation.”


    Compared with the audience, the contestants on the stage looked very calm.

    In their eyes, it didn’t make any difference to them who was the first one to play. These people, making it all the way into the national top 15, had absolute confidence and super strength. Even if they thought some of them were strong, they would never say it or show it. After all, they all had their own pride.

    “Number one, Luo Jie,” the host shouted, “get ready.”

    Luo Jie didn’t hesitate to step off the stage and walk to a small stage on the side. There was a room that had been prepared, where the volunteer patient had been waiting inside.

    “Start the clock!”

    Just as Luo Jie entered the room, the host gave the order.

    The big screen on the main stage flickered and jumped to a scene timed from zero.

    Beyond that, there was no information.

    Everyone at the scene waited quietly. No one knew what Luo Jie was doing in the room.

    However, while everyone was waiting boringly, and the timer on the big screen showed four minutes and 20 seconds, a little noise went off.


    The clock on the big screen suddenly stopped moving.

    When everyone looked around, they saw that Luo Jie had come out of the room on the side stage and was walking to the main stage with an easy look on his face. Under the direction of the host, he came to the area opposite to the contestants and sat down.

    Apparently, the program group wanted to keep contestants who had entered the room from revealing information to others.

    At this time, seeing the time on the big screen, everyone was surprised.

    None of them expected Luo Jie to be so fast.

    Although these contestants all thought that they would not use up the five minutes, the average person couldn’t make it with 40 seconds left.

    For a while, the rest of the contestants grew a little bit competitive.

    After all, everyone was strong.

    They were so familiar with the Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease that it was almost impossible to make a mistake.

    In this case, the length of time was likely to be the deciding factor. So everyone was gearing up for the competition.

    “Next, number two, Jiang Miaoyu,” the host shouted.

    Hearing his voice, Jiang Miaoyu got up at once.

    There was a cheer from the audience.

    In the second episode, Jiang Miaoyu’s performance left a deep impression on everyone. Plus her beautiful face that people couldn’t get tired of, inadvertently Jiang Miaoyu had her own fans, although the population was small.

    Later, Jiang Miaoyu entered the room for assessment.

    In everyone’s expectation, the time on the screen went to four minutes and 41 seconds when Jiang Miaoyu came out.

    The first thing she did when she left the room was to look at the big screen on the main stage.

    Seeing the time on the big screen, Jiang Miaoyu felt bitter and shook her head.

    Four minutes and 41 seconds.

    It was as fast as she could.

    But she was still defeated by Luo Jie by 21 seconds.

    When she left the stage and sat down, she took a look at Luo Jie sitting next to her, sighing, “He deserves to be the apprentice of a holy doctor. I’m no match for him.”

    Meanwhile, everyone else was surprised.

    Jiang Miaoyu spent 21 seconds longer than Luo Jie did?

    What was going on here?

    From the previous performance, Jiang Miaoyu was not as strong as Luo Jie in competition, but the gap should not be so big. After all, Jiang Miaoyu came from a family of traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Of course, it was not known that Luo Jie was the apprentice of Holy Doctor Chu; otherwise, no one would be so surprised.

    As soon as Jiang Miaoyu sat down, the host shouted, “Next, number three, Leng Wenzhuo.”

    There was a great stir in the studio again.

    Leng Wenzhuo was not only from one of the four big families but also the only one who was as pretty as Jiang Miaoyu in “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor”. She was just too indifferent.

    Then Leng Wenzhuo entered the room.

    When she came out, the time on the big screen stopped at 4:21.

    The time she spent was only one second longer than Luo Jie’s.

    The result made many in the audience feel sorry for her.

    After all, what Leng Wenzhuo did best was to diagnose illness face to face.

    She lost to Luo Jie at her best by one second. Even she herself could not accept this result, not to mention the audience.

    If she was a little faster in one aspect, she could overtake Luo Jie.

    Unfortunately, the result was unchangeable.

    She wore a cold face, and the others could not tell whether she was happy or sad. Then she returned to the main stage and sat next to Jiang Miaoyu.

    “Next, please welcome the fourth contestant, Chen Ziju,” the host continued.

    Chen Ziju got up, went to the side stage, and entered the room.

    A moment later, he walked out.

    The time on the big screen showed four minutes and 23 seconds!

    The time he spent was three seconds longer than Luo Jie’s and two seconds longer than Leng Wenzhuo’s.

    This achievement also caused a shout of surprise. The audience said that Chen Ziju was also very strong.

    “Number five.”

    When Chen Ziju returned, the host continued to shout, “Fang Qiu!”

    When Fang Qiu’s name was mentioned, everyone turned to focus on him.

    They still remembered the fact that he cured cancer in half an hour. His strength was amazing!

    Fang Qiu got up and walked to the side stage with a smile on his face.

    Looking at the confident Fang Qiu, everyone began to guess.

    “Will Fang Qiu be number one?”

    “He can even cure cancer in half an hour. This competition must be a piece of cake for him.”

    “Yes, let’s see how fast he can finish it.”

    Not only the audience but also the three judges were totally focused on Fang Qiu. They also wanted to see Fang Qiu’s ability in the Four Methods to Diagnose a Disease.

    “Come on.”

    Looking at Fang Qiu’s back, Jiang Miaoyu whispered to cheer him on.

    Under the gaze of the crowd, the clock was on.

    Everyone sat up straight, with their eyes rolling back and forth between the big screen and the side stage. They all wanted to know how long Fang Qiu would take.

    As soon as he entered the room, Fang Qiu looked at the person sitting in the room.

    This was a man about to turn 40.

    At first glance, the man had a dark complexion, and there was a clear border between the dark and normal areas of his forehead.

    Fang Qiu walked to the desk and sat down.

    He held out a pen and a piece of paper while he said, “Let me check your pulse.”Visit vi p novel

    The patient stretched out his hand.

    Fang Qiu felt the pulse immediately.

    Then his brows furrowed at once.

    A minute later, Fang Qiu finished feeling the pulse and wrote on the paper with his pen, saying, “The joints of the two pulses are floating; the middle of it is tense; the pulse is weak, and the pulse of the right hand shows no signs of tension; the two are not long enough.”

    “Open your mouth and let me see your tongue.”

    The patient did as he asked.

    As Fang Qiu looked at his tongue, he wrote, “The tongue is fat and light. It’s not dry and doesn’t look slippery.”

    “How are you feeling?” Fang Qiu asked.

    “Fine,” the patient replied.

    “What about the body? Do you feel powerless? Is there something wrong with your diet?” Fang Qiu continued.

    “No, I feel all right. I am strong enough, and I can eat well,” replied the patient.

    “What are the main symptoms of your illness?” Fang Qiu went on.

    “I occasionally have a fever, but it’s not too high, about 38 degrees, but if I sweat, I get better,” the patient replied.


    Fang Qiu nodded and started writing on the paper.

    At this point, the patient couldn’t help spitting into the trash can next to the clinic table.

    Fang Qiu looked at it intently and saw that there was already a lot of phlegm in the trash can.

    Immediately, he wrote down on the paper, “There is a lot of sticky phlegm; it’s white, transparent, and bubbly.”

    When he finished, Fang Qiu asked again, “Is anything bothering you in daily life?”


    Without hesitation, the patient answered, “I am an introverted man, and I’m a live-in son-in-law. I have harbored many grievances over the years. I always keep those to myself and never speak it out.

    “Other than that, there’s nothing.”

    Fang Qiu nodded knowingly.

    Obviously, now that he came here to be a volunteer patient, the program group had communicated with him beforehand. So when each contestant asked him, he would immediately answer the question, instead of being bashful.

    Reading what he had written on the paper, Fang Qiu analyzed and wrote, “The lungs’ Qi is too high, leading to a cough, which in turn leads to a low fever. The pulse is short, and both sides are weak. Floating pulse prompts hepatobiliary problems; the spleen and stomach must be limited; in addition, the patient’s face is dark, and the prognosis is poor; the patient is likely to develop pulmonary edema. Now sputum is a precursor. The color of the gastric meridian circulation area on the patient’s forehead is dark, which indicates that he feels depressed and has nowhere to vent his depression. Together with other factors, these lead to a severe illness.

    Summary: lung cancer and the cancer cells have metastasized to the liver and bone.”

    When he finished, Fang Qiu immediately pressed the button on the table.

    The moment it was pressed, the time on the big screen on the main stage of the studio stopped immediately!