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Chapter 193 - Enemies on a narrow road

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 193: Enemies on a narrow road

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    Arriving at the People’s Hospital of Guangming Region, Xiao Luo met Feng Wuhen and his companions.

    “Brother Xiao!”

    The five of them greeted him respectfully.

    “Has Dragon Gang been trying to create trouble for Ruyi recently?” Xiao Luo asked.

    “Not Dragon Gang but a reckless fuerdai[1] has been going after her like a ‘Salonpas.'” Feng Wuhen said.

    Xiao Luo frowned, “Fuerdai?”

    His sister was already married to Tang Ren, and as a married woman, anyone who was after her was surely up to no good.

    Feng Wuhen nodded, glancing at the hospital entrance, “Yup, I’ve confirmed that his name is Hua Haifeng. He got into a car accident recently, from driving recklessly. He has been recuperating at the premium VIP ward and has almost recovered fully, but he insisted on staying on in the hospital. He harasses Ms. Ruyi daily.”

    He had yet to know that the person who had offered twenty thousand to them to teach Xiao Luo a lesson was actually Hua Haifeng. He was indeed the real employer behind all these.

    Hua Haifeng?!

    Xiao Luo smirked, a cold smile as if he was about to face his enemy on a narrow road. He did not hold any grudges against Hua Haifeng for stealing Zhao Mengqi from him, as it was Zhao Mengqi’s choice. However, Hua Haifeng had his sights on his sister now, and he was literally “probing at his reverse scale” [2].

    “Got it.”

    “Good job for now.” Xiao Luo gave a pat on Feng Wuhen’s shoulder.

    It was not an easy task to guard someone day and night. In fact, it was a long and tedious task, and would adversely affect one’s sleep quality, among other things.

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    “Brother Xiao’s too polite.” Feng Wuhen, embarrassed, scratched the back of his head and said graciously.

    “I’ll around today, so you guys can go out to relax. Come back again tonight at 8 pm.” Xiao Luo smiled.

    “Got it, hehe…”

    Feng Wuhen and his team of four had a twinkle in their eyes when they heard Xiao Luo say those words. It was indeed a time-intensive and challenging job, so having a day off to relax was exciting news.



    At the hospital, a man, looking like a modern-day Cassanova dressed in fancy clothes, was strolling casually along the corridor with a bouquet. He had a high forehead, and the sparkling diamond ring on his finger flashed so bright, it almost blinded the nurses as he walked passed them. It was a brilliant piece of jewelry, and women who knew about such things naturally knew its worth. As for its bearer, he must come from a wealthy family.

    “Leather wallet from Saint Laurent, trousers from Diesel Black Gold, Shoes from Ferragamo; all these items would cost more than ten thousand, and any girl who had the good fortune to date this man would surely have inexhaustible amounts of money to splurge.” Several nurses were whispering among themselves, their eyes were gleaming as if they have discovered a mountain of gold.

    To junior nurses working their way up from the bottom of the pile, such a dream of a man was no less than a Prince charming living in a grand palace. And if that prince fancied them, why, they would be transformed into distinguished princesses immediately.

    However, what they did not realize was that this man was a scourge to countless girls with such sweet dreams, a heartless predator who had already despoiled the morals of many a fair maiden.

    1He was none other than, Hua Haifeng, the son of Huahai Corporation’s chairman!

    There was a man who looked to be in his fifties walking beside Hua Haifeng. His name was Guan Zhong, and he was the chamberlain of the Hua family. He was dressed in a gentleman’s suit. After Hua Haifeng was injured, the chairman of Huahai Corporation sent him to look after Hua Haifeng personally.

    Guan Zhong was greatly disappointed with his young master. Where previously, he used to fancy pretty girls whose cherries were ripe for the picking. These days his tastes favored married women. He let out a long sigh and cautioned him, “Young master, you should learn to grow up. The Huahai Corporation’s bound to fall to you someday. But before that, you must prepare yourself to possess enough ability to carry the weight of its responsibilities.”

    “You better shut up, my Pops is not even bothering me, why are you so nosy? Do you really think being the chamberlain gives you the authority to manage everything in my life? You better always remember that you’re nothing but a dog of the Hua family. You’re a dog that dares to interfere in its owner’s business. Is your brain having a stroke?” Hua Haifeng shot back viciously.


    Guan Zhong wanted to explain but had he decided it was best to remain silent.

    Hua Haifeng completely ignored him as he approached the nurse’s desk, where Xiao Ruyi worked.

    ” Heh heh…women in nursing outfits are sexy, they really make me want to conquer them…”

    He stared at Xiao Ruyi sitting at the nurse’s desk, she was busy at work with her head lowered. Watching her lewdly, Hua Haifeng could not help himself and swallowed his saliva.

    He smoothed out his attire quickly, then acting the perfect gentleman, he walked up to her. “We meet again, Ruyi, my fair lady. These flowers are for you!”

    His handsome face exuded with passionate fervor.

    The nurses that were close by looked on in envy and perhaps a tinge of jealousy. A few of them even bit their lips so hard they were literally bleeding.

    Xiao Ruyi looked up and said coldly, “Give the flower to someone else, I don’t want my husband to misunderstand.”

    She might have been attracted to the likes of like Hua Haifeng when she was younger, but she was now no longer one of those innocent and demure little girls. She could tell that Hua Haifeng was a wolf in sheep’s skin just by a single look. The unfortunate woman that fell prey to his ways would definitely be exploited thoroughly. If she hadn’t been constrained by the fact that he was a patient there, she would have told him to get the f*ck out.

    “These flowers represent my gratitude to you. When I was confined to my hospital bed, you were the shining light into my dimming world and allowed me to find the hope of living again. You’re not just my angel in white, but the healer of my soul, so please accept this token of my gratitude towards you.”

    Hua Haifeng was exceptional when it came to flattering girls, and as he said those, the nurses and female patients swooned, they even began to feel jealous and envious to the point of hating Xiao Ruyi. They wished that it was them that Hua Haifeng was showing his gratitude to.

    Xiao Ruyi looked at him disdainfully and said, “I’m a nurse, it’s my job to look after the patients, you don’t have to be thankful. I still have some work to do, you should get going. Please don’t interfere with my work here.”

    “If Ms. Ruyi agrees to dine with me tonight, then I’ll leave. The dinner will be a gesture of my gratitude, I hope you won’t misunderstand.” Hua Haifeng said.

    “You better get…”

    Xiao Ruyi’s pretty brows furrowed in chagrin, and she almost shouted, “get lost”, but quickly realizing that she needed to keep her excellent image as a nurse, she forcefully shut herself up.


    At this moment, Tang Ren finally got the opportunity to leave his department after hearing that someone was harassing his wife. When he got there, he understood the situation immediately, seeing the roses in Hua Haifeng’s hand. He grabbed the flower with a smile and replied politely, “You’re here to thank my wife right, then I shall receive your gratitude on behalf of my wife. Hmm, the flower’s pretty fresh and fragrant.”

    “Really, hubby?”

    Xiao Ruyi purposely leaned towards Tang Ren teasingly, wrapping her arms around his affectionately. She did not think that Hua Haifeng could be so thick-skinned to continue harassing her after seeing this.

    But of course, she had underestimated how persistent Hua Haifeng was. His mind was already twisted. It was at the point where he took pleasure and felt a sense of accomplishment by snatching what belonged to others. The more affection Xiao Ruyi showed towards Tang Ren, the more he wanted to obtain Xiao Ruyi excitingly.

    [1]Fuerdai: A Chinese term for the children of the nouveau riche in China.

    [2] “Reverse scale”: In Chinese mythology, dragons have one scale growing in the opposite direction to all the others. “Touching the reverse scale” is a figurative expression of something forbidden to touch, and meaning “offending the emperor or a man in power.”