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Chapter 219 - Lord Chen Losing His Icy Cold Image

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 219: Lord Chen Losing His Icy Cold Image

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    `Ning Meng paused for a long time when she saw the words “come home”.


    When she was younger, her home had been the orphanage. As she grew older, she wanted to buy her own house using the money she earned from drawing comics. The place she had been staying at was rough, and there was no sense of belonging.

    She never imagined that she would have a “home” when she came to this world. Ning Meng could not resist smiling, but she arrogantly replied: [I’ll see what mood I’m in later.]

    When she sent this text out, Huo Beichen replied with a voice note.

    Faint footsteps could be heard in the voice note. It sounded like he was walking and was on the way to work.

    “Oh, how can we help our Meng Meng to be in a good mood, then?”

    Our Meng Meng…

    He said this in a low, husky voice, and there was a hint of playfulness in his tone. It was as if there was some small amount of electricity flowing from his voice and into her ears. Ning Meng flushed red.

    She pressed her twitching lips together and replied: [Not telling you.]

    After she sent this out, she realized that her words were quite coquettish, and she quickly deleted that message.

    Lemon Extract: [?]

    Lemon Extract: [I did not catch that.]

    Lemon Extract: [I feel like I’ve missed something.]

    Ning Meng could not help but laugh seeing that he had simultaneously sent over three texts. He was usually a man of few words, but now, he had turned rather talkative.

    Ning Meng: [You’re talking a lot today.]

    Lemon Extract: [I only have so many words when talking to you.]


    This guy had definitely opened up today!

    Ning Meng touched her hot flushed cheeks: [Why don’t you go to work. I’m going to work too!]


    Ning Meng was not trying to find excuses, she really did have some things to settle that day. The company was fighting for a female lead role for Li Shiyao, and the audition was today. Ning Meng was bored to death, so she had decided to personally accompany her. She drove to the company and picked Li Shiyao up, then they both headed to the audition. En route to the audition, Li Shiyao was extremely nervous. She held the script for the audition which had the scene that she was to perform and delved seriously into the emotions of the character with utmost concentration.

    Ning Meng patted her shoulders.

    “Don’t be nervous. As long as you put your heart into acting, there will be no problems!”

    She remembered that in the novel, Li Shiyao’s success had not been an accident. She had majored in acting from a performance school and had established firm foundations in her skills before her debut. Also, she had a natural talent for acting.

    This TV drama was for her to test the waters and to gain a following. Li Shiyao nodded upon hearing these words although her apricot eyes were still restless. When they finally arrived, Ning Meng and Li Shiyao alighted from the car. The latter was so nervous that her body went stiff, and Ning Meng smiled.

    “Don’t you want to put on some makeup?”

    Li Shiyao regained her composure and frantically took out the loose powder from her makeup kit as she concentrated on putting on her makeup. Ning Meng asked curiously, “What brand is this? It looks nice on you.”

    Li Shiyao explained, “This is Natural Hall’s latest product, The Explosion Water Loose Powder. These international brands may be cheap, but they’re really handy! The quality is not bad at all and your makeup will look natural.”

    Ning Meng took a look at her face when she heard this. Indeed, she could not see any cracks in her foundation. Because of this change in topic, Li Shiyao had calmed down. When they both arrived at the elevator that was headed toward the audition area, they did not expect the staff to be securing the place, only allowing the actors to go through. Any other unrelated persons were not allowed to accompany the actors.

    Li Shiyao’s heart dropped. Ning Meng encouraged her in a low voice.

    “I heard that Su Tiantian wants this role as well. You must give it your best!”