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Chapter 264 - Dual Cultivation: Passionate Lovemaking in a Pond

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 264: Dual Cultivation: Passionate Lovemaking in a Pond

    Zi Shang watched the Demonic Corpse and Si Youyue vindictively make their escape.

    Even if Si Youyue managed to survive his attack, she would lose all her Spiritual Cultivation and become no different from an ordinary person. She would not pose any threat, so it was more urgent for him to save Ye Jiuge right now.

    Zi Shang tried to repress his burning desire to kill Si Youyue. He placed Ye Jiuge on the ground, and entreated her, “Ye Jiuge, how are you feeling?”

    Ye Jiuge curled up on the ground with a deathly pale face. She was experiencing such excruciating pain in her Elixir Field that she thought it must have ruptured. She could not even speak a word.

    Zi Shang tore open the clothes around Ye Jiuge’s waist. He saw that her Elixir Field was in shambles beneath her fair, smooth stomach.

    Nine types of poison wreaked havoc in her Elixir Field, disrupting all of the Spiritual Channels in her Elixir Field.

    In an instant, Zi Shang’s expression became extremely terrifying.

    He’d never expected that d*mned woman would use a Netherworld’s Bone Needle on Ye Jiuge. He really should have dismembered her into a thousand pieces.

    “Zi Shang,” Ye Jiuge called out, raising her head weakly.

    She could feel her life rapidly ebbing away.

    She suddenly felt slightly regretful that she was always bickering with Zi Shang.

    She tried her best to lift her hand up to caress Zi Shang’s face. She wanted to tell him not to worry about her.

    However, before she could, her arm lost all of its strength and dropped to one side.

    “Don’t be afraid. I will save your life,” said Zi Shang. He held her hand tenderly. After that, he removed a thumb-sized purple pearl from his mouth.

    This pearl with a gentle sheen was Zi Shang’s Internal Elixir. Ye Jiuge could faintly make out many tiny dragons frolicking within the pearl.

    Zi Shang stuffed his Internal Elixir into Ye Jiuge’s mouth before rushing toward the Blood Lotus Flower Pond.

    Meanwhile, at the Blood Lotus Flower Pond, three Blood Lotus Flowers were in full bloom. They were each as large as a bowl. Every petal was red and translucent as if carved from Blood Jade. They produced a sweet, refreshing fragrance that could revitalize a person.

    They had already soaked up all of the Blood Essence in the Blood Lotus Flower Pond, leaving the pond with crystal clear water with a greenish tint and a pleasant scent. This was due to the Blood Lotus Flowers shedding their leaves. The leaves decomposed in the water, imbuing it with properties that could clean a person’s marrows and relocate their nerves.

    Zi Shang carried Ye Jiuge to the edge of the pond. He beckoned to the three Blood Lotus Flowers with his hand, and they floated toward him together with their roots facing him.

    He stashed two of the Blood Lotus Flowers in a White Jade Coffer and held the remaining flower with his teeth.

    The Blood Lotus Flower’s marbled surface gave the impression of raging flames, which made it very beautiful. Zi Shang, who was biting the Blood Lotus Flower, looked even more alluring.

    His eyes burned with determination. He swiftly removed Ye Jiuge’s clothes and placed her naked body in the clear pond.

    He also quickly took off his clothes, revealing his sculptured body. After that, he positioned himself on top of her.

    “What are you doing?!” Ye Jiuge asked in annoyance. She was too drained to put up a fight.

    Zi Shang was really too barbaric. She was about to die very soon, and he still refused to spare her his seduction.

    “I’m trying to save you,” said Zi Shang. He lowered his head and used his tongue to push the Blood Lotus Flower into Ye Jiuge’s mouth.

    As soon as the Blood Lotus Flower entered her mouth, it dissolved immediately. It tasted weird and left a cooling sensation on her tongue. The cold jolted Ye Jiuge, making her shiver slightly.

    Before she could get used to the feeling, she felt a sharp pain in her lower body.

    Ye Jiuge widened her eyes in shock and gaped at Zi Shang in disbelief.

    Was this inhumanely cruel demon taking her virginity without any foreplay or gentle coaxing?!

    “F*ck! Why did he enter me so roughly? Doesn’t he know how to perform Dual Cultivation?!” Ye Jiuge screamed in her mind.

    “Stop thinking about irrelevant things. Do you want to live?” Zi Shang was impressed that Ye Jiuge still had the energy to let her imagination run wild while on the brink of death.

    “Will I stay alive if I let you have your way with me?” Ye Jiuge asked. Then, she added without thinking, “Are your two hemipenes made out of Life Essence or something?”

    “I will guide the Internal Elixir to help you reconstruct your Elixir Field now. I want you to recite an incantation in your mind and follow my lead,” Zi Shang explained with an extremely solemn face. He started to move his body in accordance with the incantation’s cadence.

    Zi Shang thrust into her lightly before penetrating her deeply. He took his time when he was entering her and pulled out quickly before repeating the process again. Pure energy laced with vitality reached Ye Jiuge’s damaged Elixir Field directly.

    Ye Jiuge felt a delicious shiver racing up her spine. She could clearly feel the pearl rolling around in her Elixir Field, mirroring the intensity of Zi Shang’s movements.

    Her chaotic Elixir Field started to regain some semblance of order.

    Every Spiritual Channel in her body mended, while her Spiritual Energy circulation, which was coursing through her body in the wrong direction, started to return to normal again.

    It was only at that moment that Ye Jiuge realized that Zi Shang was really trying to save her.

    She stared at Zi Shang’s incomparably handsome face in a daze.

    Although they were in the middle of an extraordinarily intimate and mortifying activity, he had a solemn expression without any hint of enjoyment.

    Ye Jiuge started to calm down. She recited the incantation of the All-encompassing Scripture in her mind and moved in unison with Zi Shang’s hips.

    Their bodies were pressed closed as water splashed all around them.

    Zi Shang kept changing his position. He refused to neglect any part of Ye Jiuge’s body, and he was determined to heal her completely.

    Ye Jiuge’s damaged Elixir Field was successfully restored by Zi Shang’s considerable efforts.

    Unfortunately, the nine types of poison in the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison, which had previously been apart, had mingled together and solidified into a black thumb-sized orb. This orb now hovered in the middle of Ye Jiuge’s Elixir Field, looking somewhat like a black hole.

    “What should we do?” Ye Jiuge looped her arm around Zi Shang’s neck and wrapped her long legs tightly around his waist.

    Zi Shang continued to move his body. He wanted to separate the poisons in the black orb. However, it was a pity that his efforts were all to no avail.

    “If you can’t do it, then let’s try again next time. I can’t stand it any longer.” Ye Jiuge felt that her whole body had gone numb.

    Even if Zi Shang had not yet ground his steel hemipenes into a needle, he’d still managed to make her very sore.

    “Alright!” When Zi Shang saw that Ye Jiuge could not handle anymore, he pulled out for now.

    When Zi Shang’s large hemipenes slipped out of Ye Jiuge, she slid down from his body and immediately plopped into the pond.

    Zi Shang hurriedly pulled her out of the water and used a clean cloth to wrap her up before getting out of the pond himself.

    “How are you feeling?” Zi Shang asked. He was very worried about her.

    “I’m fine,” Ye Jiuge said and nodded.

    She’d really thought that she was about to die. Luckily, Zi Shang was competent enough to bring her back from the verge of death.

    “You should try to channel your Spiritual Energy,” suggested Zi Shang. However, he did not relax his expression at all.

    Ye Jiuge tried to summon her Spiritual Energy, but she discovered that her Elixir Field was utterly devoid of it. She used to have abundant Spiritual Energy in her Elixir Field, but now there was no trace of it.

    She immediately started to panic. She tried to exert more force to summon her Spiritual Energy. However, there was no response at all.

    “What is happening? Where is my Spiritual Energy?” Ye Jiuge grabbed Zi Shang’s hand tensely.

    “It seems that I could not make your Elixir Field whole again,” Zi Shang sighed.

    He had genuinely tried his very best to restore Ye Jiuge’s Elixir Field.

    After the nine types of poison in the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison had coalesced, the poison in the black orb had absorbed all of the Spiritual Energy in her Elixir Field.

    “Can I still cultivate spiritually in the future?” Ye Jiuge was not scared of a momentary setback, she was just afraid that she would become a person without Spiritual Cultivation for the rest of her life.

    “The poison orb in your body is now an insatiable bottomless pit. Regardless of how much Spiritual Energy you produce from your cultivation, it will devour it all. Before we can think of a way to deal with this problem, you will need to cultivate using the Ten-thousand Beast Technique. That will help to impede this bottomless pit’s development,” Zi Shang said with a grave expression.

    Although this method would only treat the symptoms and not the root cause, it was still better than death.

    “Isn’t the Ten-thousand Beast Technique a cultivation technique practiced by Demons?” As a human, if she cultivated using a Demonic Cultivation Technique, would she become half-human and half-demon?

    “That’s right. The Ten-thousand Beast Technique is a Body Fortification Cultivation Technique. The strongest attribute of the demons is their invincible bodies. It’s like they have copper skin and iron bones. At this stage, you can only cultivate using the Ten-thousand Beast Technique to strengthen your muscles and bones to suppress the poison and prevent it from flaring up in your body. You can also use it to toughen your immune system.”

    In order to sound more believable, Zi Shang pinched Ye Jiuge’s arm. It reddened immediately.

    “Look. You are really as fragile as a baby right now. However, if you cultivate using the Ten-thousand Beast Technique, your body will be impervious to swords or spears. You will become invincible, just like me.”

    As Zi Shang spoke, he took out a dagger and slit his arm to prove what a massive difference existed between humans and demons.