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Chapter 220 - The Unattainable Flowers

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 220: The Unattainable Flowers

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    Li Shiyao was a simple person. She was the type who could easily be pleased and had no unquenchable desires, hence, she would easily be affected when she encountered even the slightest bit of pressure. Li Shiyao nodded and followed the staff to enter the area. Hearing footsteps coming from behind her, Ning Meng turned and saw that Su Tiantian was coming in with her manager.

    She stopped when she reached Ning Meng, and resentment could be seen seething from within Su Tiantian’s eyes. The dates of release for the movies Hero and Shifting to Mars had clashed, causing the gross box office to have yet to hit 300 million. The investors had lost their money, and her rankings had fallen by a thousand.

    There was also the recent gossip between Zhen Shanmei and Li Haojie not to mention her faithful fan leader who had left the fandom, causing a severe drop in her reputation and popularity. Su Tiantian was impatient and had had her eyes fixed on this TV drama, “Love in the Summer”.

    She had initially wanted to wreck the company from within, but somehow, Lemon Entertainment had uncovered her tactics. Her plans to bribe the interns had backfired, and now, the newbie Li Shiyao had an opportunity to steal the limelight in this audition!

    She had now become a stagnant star. Usually, no one would want to fight for such a role, but Ning Meng had started to pull these tricks. At the same time, she was desperate for this urban-themed TV drama to save her reputation. This had all boiled down to fighting for the role with Li Shiyao!


    Su Tiantian coldly laughed. So what if they had gotten the opportunity to audition? She had been galloping around the entertainment world for so many years and had even won awards, there were no questioning her acting skills. Her manager understood her inner thoughts. Since Su Tiantian could not publicly say such things, she helped her to say it out. She looked at Li Shiyao and taunted her.

    “Oh, came for the supporting role, I see?”

    Then, the manager looked at the staff.

    “Some newbies really lack the self-awareness. She’s only about to debut and yet, she’s already eyeing for the hot female lead. Tsk, tsk…”

    This insult caused Li Shiyao’s cheeks to flush red. She was timid and did not dare to fight back, only quietly sighing. Ning Meng, on the other hand, could not stand to be bullied. She laughed out loud.

    “I also think that she lacks self-awareness, however, she will never stoop so low to the extent of some people who think that they’re on top of the world and yet, her movie ended up being used as a road to be trampled on. The investors must have run out of tears from their crying by now?”

    Su Tiantian’s face changed drastically when she heard this!

    The manager was furious. “Who are you talking about?!”

    Ning Meng shrugged. “I’m just casually saying. Wow, some people get nervous so easily. Are you trying to get yourself insulted?”

    “Why, you…!”

    The manager wanted to say more, but Su Tiantian understood how toxic Ning Meng’s words could get and was afraid of what might happen next. She immediately cut in.

    “Stop making so much noise. How embarrassing can you get?”

    The managed frantically clamped her mouth shut and glared at Ning Meng in resentment.

    Ning Meng laughed.

    “Did you learn how to speak from your PE teacher? You can’t even finish your insults. How embarrassing can you get?”


    The manager could not win against her in this argument, and so, she held onto Su Tiantian and dragged her to leave.

    “Sis Tiantian, we are like unattainable flowers. They can only watch us from afar but will never reach our high standards. We’re not like those aunties by the roadside, we don’t need to engage in these kinds of low-grade fights.”

    Su Tiantian felt that these words were a good comeback and nodded. Unfortunately, just as they were just about to enter the area, they heard these words from behind them.

    “Do you know Su Tiantian that well? At this age, of course she is an unattainable flower! That’s because no one would even want to touch such a flower!”

    The manager and Su Tiantian were infuriated and rendered speechless!

    The manager choked at these words as Su Tiantian turned and narrowed her eyes in fury.

    “Ning Meng, you may have an agile mouth, but what the audition is looking for is quality in acting!”

    Ning Meng folded her arms.

    “Then let me lend you a piece of advice. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal lest you fall and kill yourself!”

    Su Tiantian laughed coldly.

    “We shall see.”