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Chapter 556 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 43)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 556: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 43)

    Ning Wei Han slightly knit his brows as his fingers that were writing paused.

    He suddenly thought of that clear voice and for a moment, he really missed it.

    “Un.”  Ning Wei Han said to eunuch Luo on the side, “Have Liu Xiang come in!”

    “Yes.”  Eunuch Luo replied with a bow.  He didn’t forget to look at Ruan Fang Fang before leaving, she really was like the girl from the past.

    But there was a bit less innocence and a bit more charm.

    Ruan Fang Fang was clearly a bit embarrassed right now.  She saw Liu Xiang slowly come in and she silently moved to the side.

    But who would have thought that Liu Xiang would be staring right at her, scaring her into kneeling, “This servant greets Liu Xiang.”

    “You…..”  Liu Xiang’s strong and old voice rang out with a tremble as he said with a tone of disbelief, “As expected…..”

    He had received this secret already, this girl from the Ying Luo Country wasn’t dead yet!

    She had been rescued by the new emperor and now she was in the palace as the imperial maid.

    How could he let this girl from an enemy country still live?

    Ning Wei Han narrowed his eyes and although he didn’t look up, a different expression appeared in them.

    “Liu Xiang, what are you doing here this late for?”  After a while, he looked up slightly, speaking with a voice as calm as water.

    Liu Xiang took a deep breath and said, “This minister heard that the eleventh king led a group of troops to suppress pirates in the Southern Water County and he has had a great victory…..”

    “Oh?”  Ning Wei Han raised a brow and said, “That is quite good.”

    “Emperor!”  Liu Xiang cupped his hands and bowed, “Merits must be remembered!  You have to remember how the previous emperor conquered the land!”

    Liu Xiang was favoured by Ning Yuan, so he definitely wouldn’t let him down.  Now that this girl had appeared again, the land would be destroyed!

    “Listen well, this one also feels that Liu Xiang’s words are correct.”  He slightly knit his brows and said, “Royal father had many sons and only eleventh brother has high merits as a minister!”

    “This old minister’s time of worry is here.”  Liu Xiang narrowed his eyes and said, “This old minister’s son is currently at Northern Ridge, how about letting him receive the emperor’s orders!”

    Ning Wei Han gave a thoughtful nod before muttering, “If it wasn[‘t for this one’s maid suggesting that eleventh brother should go, this one was planning on sending Liu Yuan.”

    As soon as his voice fell, Liu Xiang’s eyes fell onto Ruan Fang Fang again.

    This time there was a serious killing intent in his eyes, this enemy country’s girl really couldn’t stay.

    He thought that it would take him quite a bit of time to find her.

    But since she had come by herself, don’t blame him for being merciless.

    Ruan Fang Fang trembled.  It was like she was afraid that those eyes wanted to kill her.

    “Alright, this one knows.”  Ning Wei Han saw that matters had progressed as he planned, “You can leave!”

    “Yes, this old minister will leave!”

    When Liu Xiang left, Ruan Fang Fang came forward and asked with a bow, “Does the emperor need this servant to grind the ink?”

    Ning Wei Han suddenly thought of something as he said to eunuch Luo beside him, “Bring her to the Cloud Praying Palace, let her live there for now!”

    The Cloud Praying Palace was where the concubine consort lived.  Ruan Fang Fang was stunned as her eyes filled with a smile.

    She had become the emperor’s loved one this easily, she would definitely protect her place with all her might and not let anyone replace her.

    “Yes!”  Eunuch Luo replied before turning to say to Ruan Fang Fang, “Please follow this servant.”