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Chapter 208 - Will I Become a Part of The Special Fire Team?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 208: Will I Become a Part of The Special Fire Team?

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    “Instructor, when I can’t be hurt by knives or guns, you can have all the credit.” Jian Qi smiled faintly.

    “I’ll give you three second to get in the car or else you’ll walk back yourself!”

    Tang Jinyu said stonily.

    Jian Qi was depressed.

    She immediately got up and threw her backpack into the car. She then jumped into the backseat of the car and lay down to sleep.

    However, Tang Jinyu did not start the car.

    She frowned and opened her eyes to look at Tang Jinyu. “Instructor, why aren’t you driving?”

    “When did I say I wanted to leave right now?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Then why did you force me to get into the car?’

    It was as if Tang Jinyu knew what Jian Qi was thinking. “I can see that you are still quite energetic. I guess it won’t be a problem for you to continue training.”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Then why did you threaten me about driving off without me?’

    “Instructor, just say what you need to say. I’ll tell you everything I know!” Jian Qi answered him cooperatively. “Even if I do not know, I’ll find a way to let you know everything!”

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    “What were you doing earlier on?” Tang Jinyu looked at her. “If you had not been such a cheek would things have turned out this way?”

    “Instructor, how do you know that I didn’t do it on purpose?” Jian Qi answered calmly, she cannot lose her cool. “From today onward, I just want to find a day that I can confess my anxiously excited feelings to you privately.”

    Jian Qi said it as if it were true.

    She looked serious, like it was an actual fact.

    If it were not because Tang Jinyu knew that this girl was good at acting, he would have believed her!

    “It was on purpose?” Tang Jinyu smirked. He sounded like he was trying to test her.

    He was giving out a strong and mighty aura.

    Suddenly, Jian Qi felt threatened…

    She looked at Tang Jinyu in the eyes and complained, “Instructor, are you really going to hurt my fragile little heart like that?”

    Tang Jinyu took a deep breath and held himself back from wanting to hit her. “Answer me properly for the following questions!”

    “I have been answering each and every of your questions seriously, haven’t I?”

    Tang Jinyu glared at her.

    “For the first question, when did you realize it was merely a training?”

    “When I decided to go and save them.”

    He looked at her expression, Tang Jinyu knew that she was not lying.

    “Second, what if you failed to save them and ended up like all of your comrades. What will you do?”

    “Carry on and keep our secret while we look for a chance to counter them. Is that what you want to hear, Instructor?” She smiled. Jian Qi smiled even deeper when she saw Tang Jinyu’s expression.

    “I won’t do that though!” Jian Qi continued on.

    Tang Jinyu kept calm. “Then what would you do?”

    “If I can’t save myself in time then I would die with the enemies!” Jian Qi smiled as if she was joking. But her attitude did not seem like she was just fooling around.

    She was serious!

    Tang Jinyu was surprised with her answer!

    She did not seem like someone who would make this kind of decision.

    “Instructor, is this answer acceptable? Will I become a part of the Special Fire Team?” Jian Qi smiled.