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Chapter 221 - Face Slap!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 221: Face Slap!

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    After they had finished exchanging roasts, Su Tiantian and Li Shiyao walked into the room for the audition, leaving Ning Meng and Su Tiantian’s manager outside.

    Usually, it was the norm that no one other than the one who was auditioning would be allowed in. However, Su Tiantian was one of the biggest stars at the time, and before Li Shiyao was recommended, Su Tiantian had already negotiated for the role under the table.

    Thus, the director had decided to allow Su Tiantian to go first for the audition and only then observe Li Shiyao’s performance. This would prevent the director’s team from picking Li Shiyao due to the immense investment from Lemon Entertainment.

    Upon entering the audition room, Su Tiantian threw a glance at Li Shiyao who was waiting next to the door. The girl was sitting meekly, placing her hands gently on her knees while sitting up straight—she was the typical common “good girl” that could be found anywhere in the country.

    Su Tiantian smirked as she walked into the room.

    Four members were observing the audition.

    An obese man, who was sitting in the middle, sleazily locked his eyes onto Su Tiantian’s body when she walked into the room. The unsavory leer that came from his eyes was so uncomfortable that it sent chills down Su Tiantian’s spine.

    That man was the director of this movie—Li Dao. In other words, he was the one who had the final call on who would get the role.

    As far as Su Tiantian understood, Li Dao was quite talented. Every movie that was directed under him had all become big blockbusters in the film industry. There was a catch though—this man was fairly infamous for demanding seedy sexual favors from female actors…

    After giving a remarkable performance, Su Tiantian walked toward the seat next to Li Dao and sat down.

    Li Dao smiled at her sleazily. “Oh my, Ms. Su! As expected from the winner of best actress in the Emmy Award, you’re certainly one of the best women for the role!”

    Then, he held Su Tiantian’s hand and started to fondle it.

    Feeling utterly disgusted, Su Tiantian wanted to draw her hand away, however, before she was able to respond to anything, Li Shiyao had opened the door and gracefully walked into the room.

    Li Dao, who was busy molesting Su Tiantian, turned his head to look at the newcomer, and… as though he was bewitched by her, Li Dao’s eyes were locked onto the girl!

    As a film director, Li Dao knew who was the real deal when he saw one.

    Li Shiyao’s face was heavenly to look at, befitting an appearance in any film be it locally or internationally. This girl was one in a million! A diamond in the rough!


    Li Dao threw a glance at Su Tiantian and opened his mouth. “This girl is too meek. We need an actress who can act as a strong, independent woman who values her career more than anything. She needs to look tough and confident. This role doesn’t fit her.”

    Hearing this, a smile crept onto Su Tiantian’s face. Her chance of winning this role was obviously higher.

    After giving everyone a polite bow, Li Shiyao said, “Good evening, everyone. I’ll begin my performance.”

    Li Dao nodded his head. “Sure. Go ahead.”

    Then, in an instant, Li Shiyao raised her head, brimming with confidence. It felt as though she had transformed into someone else. Her eyes were shining brightly as she glared at one of the corners of the room and…

    “Stop panicking! It was just one mishap. We can still turn the tables in the next round! Here’s the plan…”

    Her words were powerful, capturing every essence of the character.

    Everyone in the room had their jaws rolling on the floor as they watched Li Shiyao’s instant transformation. They continued to gawk at her perfect performance from start to finish.

    After she was finished with her performance, Li Shiyao gave another polite bow to everyone before walking toward her seat next to the door.


    Li Dao smashed a fist onto the table as he cheered for the girl. What a performance! Now  was what he would call an “actress”!

    Su Tiantian was also in utter shock. She looked at Li Shiyao in disbelief—how could a meek girl like her give such an explosively great acting performance? Where did all that energy come from?

    As everyone looked at one another, it seemed as though they had all already decided on who would be the best pick.

    Ignoring Su Tiantian’s surprise, Li Dao opened his mouth and spoke. “Okay. You may now head home and wait for further notice.”

    Hearing this, Li Shiyao’s eyes glittered with hope as she politely bowed once more before walking out chipperly.

    Clenching her fist, Su Tiantian glared at Li Dao. This man…! He had been molesting her just sheer moments ago and yet now, he was gawking at Li Shiyao’s petite figure! As she was deep in her thoughts, a sharp look flashed in Su Tiantian’s eyes.