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Chapter 149 - It Has Officially Begun!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 149: It Has Officially Begun!

    Usually, one would not notice where the foot lands. After all, the girl walked over normally.

    Under normal circumstances, if they noticed someone else’s legs in the way, the person who walked over would subconsciously change the angle of the soles of their feet to avoid stepping on others.

    Just as the girl’s feet were about to land, Su Cha moved her feet away.

    “Click!”, the tips of the girl’s stiletto heels landed on the ground right between Su Cha’s feet.

    At that moment, Su Cha noticed the girl’s smile stiffened.

    The girl slightly lowered her head. When she saw Su Cha, her expression changed instantly. She flashed Su Cha an innocent and lovely smile, to convey her apologies.

    Then, the girl walked passed Su Cha before sitting down two seats away.

    Su Cha immediately picked up her phone to check the girl’s details from the organizer’s website.

    Number 78, Mona.

    Mona’s voice was deep and full of energy. When she faced the judges, Mona was confident and casual. She was also fashionable and had a European style make-up look.

    At present, Mona had a strong fanbase on the official website.

    Su Cha slightly narrowed her eyes, her pupils seemed to reflect the depths of the abyss.

    As she lifted the sides of her lips into a small smile, Su Cha would feel Mona’s gaze on her.

    “Su Cha… Su Cha!”

    A familiar voice was heard. Su Cha turned her head and saw Le Anqi, who was late.

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    “I’m finally here. Oh god, I was caught in the morning traffic and was almost late.”

    Le Anqi was wearing a plaid shirt and a pleated skirt that resembled a student’s uniform. She hurriedly plopped herself down beside Su Cha before catching her breath.

    It was apparent that she was flustered from running so fast.

    “Now that you are here, you will be fine.”

    Su Cha said, she noticed that some contestants were staring at Le Anqi.

    In fact, Le Anqi posed a competitive threat. Le Anqi had a small following on Meiyin and had acquired many fans.

    After her fans found out that Le Anqi had joined the “Dreams in Progress” competition, they had gathered online to vote for her. Hence, it could be said that Le Anqi had put some pressure on the other contestants.

    Although Le Anqi’s singing abilities were not excellent, her uniquely obedient and lively style and her small popularity online gave her an edge over others. Hence, it would be difficult to determine if she would make it to the final round of the competition.

    In the past, the contestants did not know of Le Anqi’s online popularity. But now that the competition had officially begun, the contestants would have learned about Le Anqi’s online following. After all, Le Anqi’s information was open and transparent.

    Some contestants seated near Le Anqi greeted her, and Le Anqi smiled in return.

    Su Cha knew that although Le Anqi may look unapproachable at times, she was actually an easy-going and lively girl.

    When all the contestants arrived, the host went on stage.The cameras turned to the young and beautiful girls seated in the grandstand. When the three judges stepped on stage the contestants cheered loudly for them.

    Su Cha went with the flow and clapped her hands.

    After the judges took their seats, the host announced the official start of the competition.

    The host worked at a TV station in Yonggu town. He upheld a degree of professionalism and spoke clearly.

    “This competition will last a week. All contestants will compete according to their assigned numbers. Contestants who received three passes from the judges will immediately be promoted to the Top 50. Contestants who receive two passes will compete again with the rest who are in the same category. Lastly, contestants with only one pass will be held in a holding area. There will only be three places reserved for those contestants in the holding area. Do you understand?”