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Chapter 150 - Cruel Reality

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 150: Cruel Reality


    As soon as the host’s voice fell, a loud response echoed immediately from below.

    The young girls were full of vigour and vitality, hearing their voices would please anyone.

    Su Cha calculated that under these competition rules, everyone could use up to ten songs. No wonder they had to submit ten songs to the production crew in advance.

    Furthermore, one could only sing songs from amongst those submitted in advance, regardless of the order.

    In the beginning, the judging panel’s scoring was used to determine one’s advancement. The top three of the final ten would be voted by the audience, and the channel for casting votes would be opened on the official website.

    This week, the focus was to determine the top ten.

    As the host announced the start of the competition, the first candidate for advancement quickly got up on stage.

    It was worth mentioning that all contestants in the division had to perform acapella – no one could even play their own accompaniment while singing, even dancers had no music to dance to. This imperceptibly increased the difficulty – a candidate’s true standard was exposed thoroughly right from the beginning.

    At the very start of the competition, everyone who went on stage was nervous.

    It consisted of a song’s duration for every contestant, and the judges’ comments from the beginning till the end.

    The first contestant was a girl with glasses. Probably due to nervousness and singing a full song acapella, she went off tune in quite a few parts.

    Her tone was still acceptable, but even Le Anqi heard a bit of regret in her voice. Pulling Su Cha’s sleeve, she said, “Too many mistakes, look at Teacher Quan’s expression…”

    Judge Quan Jia was notoriously strict. Especially when the contestants went out of tune, her face immediately turned serious.

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    Sure enough, when a song was about to end, upon seeing the judges’ expression, the contestant could neither contain her tears nor continue singing anymore.

    As a male, Zhao Cunjian first opened his mouth to sigh. “Mengmeng, I remember you were our outstanding pick at the start. When you sang that song, you performed in such a lively state, but now you going out of tune is a serious fault. Also, your mentality – is it nervousness?”

    The girl called Mengmeng spoke with tearful eyes, “Teacher, I am too nervous, can you give me another chance?”

    Before Zhao Cunjian opened his mouth, Quan Jia shook her head directly: “In the auditions, we can give chances, but this is an official competition. In a competition, you have to adjust your mentality. All the mistakes were caused by you, no one can help you, do you understand? Continue to work hard, we’ll see you next time.”

    After she said her piece, she gave the red PASS without hesitation. The blue PASS indicated getting through, while the red meant that she was eliminated right here.

    Zhao Cunjian hesitated for a moment, before giving red. Yu Siqing was of the kind that was indecisive. However in this situation at hand, the standards of the contestant was clearly unstable. Seeing Quan Jia and Zhao Cunjian, how could she have a differing opinion; she gave red directly.

    The first contestant was directly eliminated.

    The whole venue was in an uproar.

    The contestant squatted and burst into tears right on the stage.

    No one expected that the first one would be eliminated immediately.

    Everyone’s smiles from before became a little stiff. Only then did everyone truly realise – this competition was real, this opportunity to become famous was real; this wasn’t a game, it was not a joke, it must be taken seriously.

    Nervousness was something that had to be overcome by oneself, not with the help of others.

    Of course, upon seeing this result, some contestants bowed their heads and couldn’t help but want to laugh.

    With one eliminated, it was an opportunity for contestants after. They may have had a little sympathy, but in this competition, having sympathy for others would be injustice to oneself.