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Chapter 151 - Let’s Be Friends?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 151: Let’s Be Friends?

    None of them had really entered this circle. It was just a means to enter.

    One’s own dream was the important factor.

    Everyone wanted to succeed, but the chance was only left for the few lucky ones. In such a huge country, could you dare to guarantee you are one of the few?

    The atmosphere became more and more tense. After the contestant had been pulled off stage, the host went on and told jokes to ease the atmosphere before the second contestant went up.

    The second contestant learnt from the first contestant’s mistakes. Although she was nervous, her performance was visibly much more remarkable, except her tone did not stand out and sounded pretty common. Though there was nothing bad to say about her performance, there was nothing noteworthy either.

    Zhao Cunjian and Quan Jia gave blue and red respectively, while Yu Siqing gave red.

    After receiving some comments and suggestions, the contestant entered the pending area. By Su Cha’s own judgment, she ascertained that the contestant would not be able to reach the end even if she entered the finals.

    There were only two conclusions to the competition, Su Cha could tell.

    As a music producer, Quan Jia’s professionality was there. Her expectations were higher, hence once mistakes were made, she would most probably be merciless.

    Zhao Cunjian seemed much gentler – he was willing to give people a lifeline, unless they made obvious mistakes.

    Meanwhile for Yu Siqing, without any discernment needed, it was obvious she was going along the lines of Quan Jia’s judgment.

    After all, she did not have any professionalism, but of course, she had to follow a professional judge, and Quan Jia was a good choice.

    She could be targeted by her for elimination. Then, as long as Quan Jia was convinced, it could be considered a success.

    She only observed and was not nervous.

    However, because the atmosphere on the court was too nerve wracking, Le Anqi who was beside her also seemed a little uneasy. Compared to songs that most players chose which required technique and skills to perform, she chose songs which were lively and cheerful, though of minimal difficulty.

    The kind that she usually sang for fans on live broadcasts.

    Without much hope, Le Anqi would rather songs she had more confidence in.

    Time passed by the minutes and seconds till noon. Due to various needs for editing and unexpected situations, only 15 contestants finished by meal time.

    Hence Su Cha was stuck in the afternoon.

    The host announced that the competition was temporarily suspended, and that it would resume in the afternoon after the remaining contestants had their meal.

    After leaving the competition venue, Le Anqi finally exhaled a huge breath. “Man, I was nervous to death. There was only one in the entire morning who got through, this is too cruel. At this point eight are pending. Those who didn’t know would think we’re competing for top ten instead of top 50!”

    Su Cha nodded absent-mindedly at Le Anqi’s words. “Yeah.”

    “Hey Su Cha.”

    Le Anqi shook Su Cha’s arm. “I think you will definitely be promoted directly, what do you think?”

    Just after she finished speaking, a voice suddenly shouted their names from behind. “Su Cha, Le Anqi.”

    The two of them turned their heads and saw a tall Western girl with strong makeup.

    It was Mona, whose information Su Cha had reviewed in the morning.

    Le Anqi was puzzled when she saw Mona. Su Cha did not appear to have any expression, in her calmness she gave off a little casual feeling.

    Seeing them stop walking, Mona smiled widely and speeded up, extending a hand. “Hello, I am Mona, contestant 78. We’re meeting for the first time, let’s be friends?”