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Chapter 152 - Two-faced

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 152: Two-faced

    The girl in front of her smiled confidently and brightly, and she was tall. If Su Cha weren’t here to match up, Le Anqi would feel pressured seeing her.

    Mona seemed to be the type of girl who was delicate and lovable, or the type that was Su Cha’s nemesis – the red rose met the fresh lily.

    Other contestants who hadn’t left each turned to look at them.

    Privately, they had already listed several seed contestants in the division. Among those were Su Cha and Mona.

    These two were the contestants most likely to advance to the top ten, and probably the focus of competition for the championship.

    Mona’s personal colour was very vibrant – many when compared to her felt suppressed by her dazzling aura, but no one could take their eyes off the indifferent-looking girl.

    She looked lightly at Mona, her pupils showing a somewhat careless sense of indifference. Unconsciously, she dulled down Mona’s vibrant colours.

    Especially when Mona extended her hand, only Le Anqi reached out for a shake politely, while Su Cha just glanced at her casually, not showing any other reaction.

    While some say it was contempt, it didn’t seem so, since there wasn’t a trace of Mona in that pair of eyes.

    This was a kind of disregard.

    A look of stiffness gradually crept into Mona’s eyes. The corner of her lips twitched, and she retracted her hand. Her tone unchanged, she asked, “I heard you are still high school students?”


    Le Anqi nodded dumbly. “We just finished the college entrance examination.”


    Mona couldn’t continue asking.

    The girl who was comparable to her in height just stood there lazily, but was elegant.

    She neither spoke nor opened her mouth to stop Le Anqi, only silently listening to their exchange, but couldn’t be bothered to join in.

    Mona felt a kind of pressure that she never did before. She could only laugh and say, “Go eat then, I won’t disturb you anymore.”

    After that, she retreated.

    As if returning without completing any work.

    Upon seeing this scene, some girls covered their mouths and laughed secretly, “Mona is deflated?”

    “Seems like it. That Su Cha doesn’t look like a simple character…”

    “I think she is more arrogant than Mona.”

    “Isn’t arrogance normal? If I had her appearance and vocal ability, I would be proud too…”

    The discussion happening around reached Le Anqi’s ears, and she quietly asked Su Cha, “What was that with Mona about?”

    Su Cha didn’t care, but reminded Le Anqi, “Be careful, tricks can be played, don’t have contact with her.”

    In one simple sentence, she summed up Mona.

    Le Anqi was thoughtful.

    At noon, Le Anqi went with Su Cha to eat, and watched her answer a phone call.

    Su Cha sat opposite her. Le Anqi couldn’t quite tell what the person over the phone was saying, but only through two broken sentences, Le Anqi heard an extremely nice male voice. In an instant, she felt her whole body trembling as if she got an electric shock.

    Woah f***!

    Conquer clueless girls by voice alone!

    Le Anqi felt her heart suddenly start beating rapidly, but seeing Su Cha’s expression and hearing her tone of voice, once again she was shocked out of her wits.

    It wasn’t Su Cha’s expression towards her, but Le Anqi saw Su Cha’s sudden change in manner over the phone – her tone was so soft, and she talked as if she were coaxing the other party.

    Le Anqi couldn’t help but think of that afternoon when Su Cha lifted a wooden stick and beat up the gangster.

    Looking at the Su Cha in front of her, Le Anqi suddenly felt rather depressed.