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Chapter 210 - Am I The Only One That Thinks Our Boss is Being Easy?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 210: Am I The Only One That Thinks Our Boss is Being Easy?

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    Everyone got up early in the morning to start training. They started off their training with a five kilometres weight-bearing run, everyone seemed to have recovered rather quickly.

    Five kilometres was just a warm-up for all of them.

    After passing the assessment for the Special Fire Team, everyone was naturally on cloud nine. Even running now was more relaxed than it was before.

    But they did not see Jian Qi during training this morning. Everyone was curious.

    They were even worried about her.

    Lu Yao went to ask Lightning and the gang if they knew about Jian Qi’s situation but they all shook their heads.

    Their reaction made everyone even more worried and curious.

    Was Jian Qi secretly eliminated and sent home?

    After days of training together, everyone had a strong bond with each other.

    Everyone was obviously worried about her.

    Feng Yi looked at Lightning and asked, “What do you think our Boss did to Jian Qi?”

    Crocodile smiled. “Feng Yi, are you afraid that Big Sister Qi would do something to our boss or our Boss would do something to Big Sister Qi?”

    Feng Yi. “F*ck off!”

    Lightning raised his eyebrows and looked at Crocodile. “It’s rare of you to say something so meaningful.”

    Feng Yi glared at them. “How is that meaningful?”

    Crocodile teased, “That was deep!”

    “Deep your a*s!”

    Feng Yi could not help spewing vulgarity.

    “Maybe I should introduce my sister to you instead?” Crocodile chuckled.

    Feng Yi. “…”

    They were all crazy!

    Lightning glanced at them. “Both of you are so gay. Why would you still need a girl?”

    Crocodile. “…”

    He took a deep breath and was ready to tease Lightning. Suddenly, some of the freshmen shouted, “Jian Qi!”

    Three of them turned and looked in the direction from where the shouts came.

    They were stunned.

    What was the meaning of this?

    They saw Tang Jinyu driving in the front while Jian Qi was breathlessly running at the back.

    It seemed like she had been running for a long time.

    Feng Yi said weakly, “Boss is so cruel. My goddess has been tortured by him…”

    “I bet one buck that it was Big Sister Qi that started it first!” Crocodile smiled.

    “One buck and two cents, I bet Big Sister Qi said something first!” Lightning was calm.

    Crocodile was stunned and he laughed. “I lose, I’ll pay you later!”

    Feng Yi looked at them as if he was looking at idiots.


    ‘Just because they were tortured by my goddess!’

    ‘Can’t they be more manly?’

    The freshmen ran up to Jian Qi and quickly supported her.

    One of them took her backpack while another two held her up by her arms.

    “Team, I finally get to see all of you!” Jian Qi was almost going to cry out loud.

    Lu Yao saw that she could still make jokes. Hence, he was not too worried.

    Tang Jinyu stopped his car in front of Feng Yi and the rest, and he looked at Jian Qi who was being taken care of by everyone else. An undecipherable expression flashed across his face.

    He did not stop them but said to everyone, “Get to the headquarters within twenty minutes. Whoever is not there, everyone will get extra training!”

    After saying so, he drove off.

    The three-men cannon fodder was surprised.

    Crocodile raised his eyebrows. “Am I the only one who thinks our Boss is being easy on her?”

    Lightning. “You spoke the truth!”

    “Are you two not able to think like how a normal person would?” Feng Yi complained.

    Lightning laughed. “Young man, you can’t blame the others if you are too blind to see the truth, okay?”

    ‘If our boss did not go easy on her, he would have made Big Sister Qi crawl her way back!’