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Chapter 194 - You Really Want To Die

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 194: You Really Want To Die

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Hua Haifeng shot a sneering glance at Tang Ren, not in anger or animosity, but with unconcealed disdain. He then spoke politely, “Miss Ruyi is a fairy who should enjoy a true man’s love and affection. A fairy should set herself high above the masses, rather than attending to other people in this place filled with the smell of disinfectant. I may not be brilliant, nor do I have hundreds of millions of dollars to burn, but my financial situation is not insignificant.”

    Turning to Ruyi, he declared,” Ms. Ruyi, I can offer you a brand new life if you’re so kind as to let me. You won’t have to rush to get to work in time every morning, won’t be a punchbag for patients, and you definitely won’t need to stay in rented shabby rooms that cost a few hundred bucks every month. You will own your house and buy whatever you want. You will never need to consider the price when you shop in the mall. And your bank balance will never be less than seven digits.”

    He painted Xiao Ruyi an enchanting, dream-like life any girl would die for. The young nurses who heard his intoxicating words weakened at their knees, wishing they were the ones to whom Hua Haifeng was declaring his love. They would accept him in a heartbeat!

    As mild-tempered as Tang Ren was, he couldn’t accept that Hua Haifeng was professing his love to his woman in front of him.

    Without so much as even a glimpse at Tang Ren, Hua Haifeng continued to pursue her with a wonton smile, “I wonder if Miss Ruyi would like a live a life like that?” He then stretched out his right hand like a gentleman inviting his partner for a dance, and said, “Miss Ruyi, you only have to nod slightly and give me your hand, life will open a new door for you.”

    “What’s wrong with you? Seducing another man’s wife! Have you no shame?”

    Furious, Tang Ren roared at Hua Haifeng and raised his hand to push Hua Haifeng away. In an instant, Guan Zhong appeared like a ghost in front of Tang Ren, even before he could lay a hand on Hua Haifeng. His weathered fingers stretched out and grabbed Tang Ren’s wrist like a pair of iron pliers. Tang Ren’s face twisted in pain, and he immediately howled in agony as Guan Zhong locked him with a firm hold.

    “What are you doing? Let him go. Did you hear me, you old fool? Let go of my husband!” Xiao Ruyi shrieked, her pretty face turning pale with anguish.

    Hua Haifeng, a born philanderer, quickly took advantage of the opportunity to grab Xiao Ruyi in his arms tightly as she rushed forward. He said to her, “Miss Ruyi, this man doesn’t deserve you at all. He will never be able to give you the life you want. Leave him and be with me. I will make your dreams come true. Even if you wanted the moon in the sky, I would figure out a way to get it for you.”

    “Hua, you bastard, what are you doing? Let me go!”

    Xiao Ruyi struggled with all her strength and still couldn’t get away Hua Haifeng’s embrace. However, every rose has thorns, and with all her might, she stepped hard on Hua Haifeng’s foot. Hua Haifeng screamed and jumped back in pain.

    Xiao Ruyi didn’t stop there. She dashed towards him, raised her right knee, and promptly slammed up on Hua Haifeng’s crotch.


    The watching crowd winched along with Hua Haifeng, almost like they felt the excruciating pain exploding in their groin areas. An image of breaking eggs and shattered eggshell flashed through their heads. It’s too agonizing to picture.

    Hua Haifeng clutched at his crotch, his legs squeezed together, and his body bent in sheer agony. With his face as red as a pig’s liver, Hua Haifeng stomped his feet and shrieked in a screeching high-pitch, “F*UCK!”

    “Young Master!”

    Guan Zhong released Tang Ren and ran towards Hua Haifeng.

    Hua Haifeng pushed him away frenziedly. He raised his head and pointed at Xiao Ruyi, yelling, “Guan Zhong, take this b*tch. She dared to kick my balls. I’m going to torture her to death!”

    Hua Haifeng had lost his refined and courteous demeanor, and his gentleman’s bearing was no more. Crying in absolute pain, his true colors were revealed. Bulging blue veins throbbed on the side of his forehead, stared hard at Xiao Ruyi as if he wanted to kill her.

    “Yes, young master.”

    Following the order like a good soldier driven by blind loyalty, Guan Zhong raised his leathery hands, preparing to strike at Xiao Ruyi. The tips of his fingers were as sharp as blades, and they would leave frightening streaks where they hit. He turned and looked at Xiao Ruyi with no visible emotions.

    Xiao Ruyi’s face was as pale as a ghost, feeling as if she was about to be attacked by a beast. She broke out in a cold sweat with froze with fear.

    “Don’t touch my wife!”

    Shouting and yelling, Tang Ren threw himself at Guan Zhong, completely disregarding his own safety. A hand was raised, and a man was down. Without even a blink, Tang Ren was knocked out cold by Guan Zhong.

    “Hee-yah!” Right at that moment, a high-pitched screech pierced the air, coming from the distant hallway. Like a flash of lightning striking through the air, it was onto them in a split second. Appearing like a wraith, it spun like a shadow through the air, and without any warning of a foot flew at Guan Zhong’s neck, with a swift and deadly intent.

    The sudden attack took Guan Zhong by surprise. The menacing presence and the fierce strike of his unexpected opponent had put him under tremendous pressure.

    He moved backward quickly. His left hand turned and clenched into a fist; from a low stance, he threw his fist wide, in an arch, towards his opponent’s flank.


    His fist came into direct collision with a powerful and precisely timed kick, so forceful that it crashed through and plowed into the waiting body. The impact reverberated through Guan Zhong, like an angry tsunami. He was thrown in the air, appearing like a kite with a broken string. A mouthful of blood sprayed in an arch. He was landed hard on the floor with bloodstains on the corner of his mouth.

    The darting figure spun in the air and landed on the ground nimbly. It was a handsome young man, he wore a grim and cold expression.


    Xiao Ruyi was surprised to see Xiao Luo, and immediately felt safe again and overcome with an intense feeling of joy. After helping Tang Ren get up, she flew into Xiao Luo’s arms, soft and demure, like a beautiful butterfly.

    Tang Ren’s shoulder was still aching from Guan Zhong’s blow. He walked over to Xiao Luo and called him “brother” affectionately.

    All the onlookers in the room stared, wide-eyed, in astonishment. The scene they’d just witnessed was heart-stirring as if they were watching a wuxia TV drama. The racing pace, spinning, and kicking — everything happened in a flash. How amazing it was! Adding a twist to the plot, the person even turned out to be Xiao Ruyi’s brother.

    Xiao Lyo rubbed Xiao Ruyi’s on the top of the head affectionately, grinned, and said, “I haven’t seen you in days. You seem to be even prettier.”

    “Jerk. You’re mocking me again.” Xiao Ruyi said while pouting her lips.

    “Xiao… Xiao Luo?”

    Hua Haifeng stared at Xiao Luo, aghast and dumbfounded. The pain in his groin started to wear off, and he slowly stood up straight.

    Xiao Luo’s eyes glared at him coldly. A menacing look was pulsing deep inside his eyes like flame. He said, “Hua Haifeng, how dare you dally with my sister. It looks like you are really tired of living.”

    Guan Zhong sensed the threat in Xiao Luo’s tone. Disregarding his pain, he struggled to get up and came before Xiao Luo. Cupping one hand over the other, in front of his chest, he bowed low to Xiao Luo and said deferentially, “Mr. Xiao, I’m ignorant and have no wisdom. I could only wish you would be lenient and give the wrongdoer a way out. I can promise that Hua Haifeng will never show up in front of Miss Ruyi’s ever again!”

    Cold sweat rolled down Guan Zhong’s forehead. He had practiced martial arts for many years, and never had he experienced such a strong aura of death on anyone until today. His ominous presence made his soul tremble in fear. Adding to the fact that he was defeated with only one move, he realized that this man was an out-and-out killer.