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Chapter 195 - I Am Your Father

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 195: I Am Your Father

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    A menacing force was crashing through the hallway like raging waves. It was an overpowering, otherworldly force that emanated from Xiao Luo. It was not visible or tangible in any way but could be sensed swirling around, formless, yet omnipresent. Everyone in the room felt the suddenly turn cold dramatically, and they shuddered in fear.

    Even though Hua Haifeng was frightened and terrified by Xiao Luo, he was still the crown prince of the formidable Huahai Corporation and had been raised like an imperial heir to inherit the business empire. He had always been insolent and impertinent as a child. Although he had Guan Zhong, a martial arts master, he mostly counted on his father. Their wealth made them untouchable, and they were adept at securing personal gains. In his eyes, Xiao Luo looked nothing more than a catfish struggling in the slush at the bottom of the society. He had no reason to fear him.

    “Xiao Luo, I have been looking for you for a long time. What a surprise. This Xiao Ruyi is your sister. I wouldn’t fight for that b*tch Zhao Mengqi if I knew you have such a pretty sister. Your sister here is much hotter than that b*tch.”

    “Hua Haifeng, shut the f*ck up!”

    Guan Zhong’s face suddenly red with rage. He raised his hand and slapped Hua Haifeng on his face for making that offensive remark to Xiao Luo.


    It was a harsh, heavy slap, and it echoed right across the hallway, loud and clear. Hua Haifeng spun back and crashed against the wall, the distinct weals of five fingers visible on his face.

    Hua Haifeng’s eyes widened. He covered his throbbing face and glared at Guan Zhong in anger, said, “Guan Zhong, you… you’re f*cking crazy…”

    He couldn’t believe he was slapped by his steward.

    Guan Zhong ignored his young master, whom he couldn’t help thinking, was as stupid as a pig. He turned to Xiao Luo and made a profoundly courteous gesture, said, “Mr. Xiao, please spare his life. He only used some bad language; he doesn’t deserve to die.”

    Guan Zhong’s tone was sincere and earnest. He was running out of options, Xiao Luo’s fighting spirit had sapped his vigor even as Xiao Luo’s menacing force was manifested. Even though Xiao Luo might not kill his young master outright in front of all these people, Guan Zhong still feared for Hua Haifeng’s life. After today, who would have the ability to protect him from here on now that he is on Xiao Luo’s list?

    Xiao Luo looked at him casually and said, “Ok. I will let today’s incident go if one of his legs is disabled.”

    Xiao Luo’s voice was rigid and cold, full of murderous intent.

    Hua Haifeng was stunned upon hearing Xiao Luo’s remark. He snarled like a crazy dog, “Xiao, who do you think you are. You’re only a d*mn catfish at the bottom of the society. How dare you even think about breaking my leg. Believe it or not, I can put you in prison for a lifetime with one phone call.”

    Everyone now saw Hua Haifeng in his true colors. The fawning girls who were fooled by his glamorous facade earlier now showed nothing but disgust on their faces.

    Guan Zhong still paid no heed to Hua Haifeng. He said with an awkward expression, “This…”

    “Don’t have the heart to do it?”

    Xiao Luo uttered a snort with a disdainful look and said, “Then it looks like I have to do it on my own.”

    Xiao Luo was aware that laying a hand to Hua Haifeng would bring him trouble down the road. But the young fool had crossed the line, –threatening and causing harm to Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren. Xiao Luo could never allow Hua Haifeng to walk out of this unscathed.

    Looking at Xiao Luo moving closer and closer, Guan Zhong broke out into a cold sweat and clenched his jaw firmly he had to quickly weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

    “There is no need to trouble yourself, Mr. Xiao!”

    Guan Zhong made up his mind. He instantly turned around and bounded towards Hua Haifeng. As Hua Haifeng watched with startled eyes, Guan Zhong’s right hand chopped on his left shin like a cleaver.

    Crack! Aargh!

    The sickening sound of breaking bone was immediately accompanied by a shrill, gut-wrenching cry of pain, making everyone’s hair stand on end. The blow had caused Hua Haifeng’s left shin to collapse inward into a V, snapping the shin bone in two.

    Guan Zhong now looked toward Xiao Luo as though waiting for his ruling.

    “You’ve acted ruthlessly enough to save your master’s life. I will let this one slide. If this happens again, I guarantee that you will regret that you have ever been born.”

    Xiao Luo said to Guan Zhong coldly, then roared, “F*ck off!”

    “Thank you, Mr. Xiao, for your mercy.”

    Guan Zhong returned a courteous gesture with his hands, then carried the shrieking Hua Haifeng on his shoulders and left the place swiftly as though they were granted a pardon.

    Although his leg was broken, Hua Haifeng would be able to recover. If he was treated promptly, he wouldn’t even suffer any long term effects. Guan Zhong was very confident of his own skill. He broke the shin bone cleanly to prevent any complications, so the treatment wouldn’t be too complicated.

    After Guan Zhong and Hua Haifeng left, everyone stared in awe at the slender figure standing in the middle of the hallway. They couldn’t believe that the arrogant and nasty Guan Zhong would fear him so much that he even chose to break his own master’s leg.

    Who on earth was this person?

    It was a question emerging in everybody’s mind that very instant. With hithes ability to evoke such intense fear, this man was definitely not someone ordinary.

    Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren were also dumb stricken. They were more convinced now that their brother Xiao Luo was as mysterious as he was powerful. For example, they learned that Sun Yu totally forgot everything that happened in Jiangcheng. Her memory of it had been totally erased. Even her drug addiction had disappeared too.

    They knew this wasn’t due to the doctors, because of the dramatic change in Sun Yu only happened after their brother Xiao Luo spending a night in Sun Yu’s ward. They couldn’t believe that it had nothing to do with their elder brother Xiao Luo.



    Guan Zhong carried Hua Haifeng directly into their company car. Howling the whole time, Hua Haifeng was furious and could not forgive Guan Zhong for breaking his leg.

    “Young master, just put up with it for a little while longer. I will take you to the hospital immediately.”

    “You f*cking dead dog. I will ask my dad to cut you into pieces when I meet him.”

    Hua Haifeng scratched and pounded Guan Zhong like a crazy old woman and didn’t stop yelling, “You dared to break my leg. I will bury your whole family alive!”

    “That Xiao Luo was too terrifying. I have never met anyone who could manifest such a lethal force. You would probably have died in his hands if I didn’t do this.” Guan Zhong explained with patience and sincerity. He was genuinely distressed for having to break Hua Haifeng’s leg.

    “Haha… Is that right? Looks like I have to thank you now.”

    “I would never harm you no matter what I do.”

    Guan Zhong was like an old, kindly father giving guidance to his son.

    He was paying attention to the road as he drove and didn’t see Hua Haifeng stealthily taking out a knife. The blade, about ten inches long, gleamed coldly under the glow of the street lights outsides.

    Hua Haifeng sneered viciously with these words, “Old Guan, I can’t thank you enough!”

    The knife in his hand was thrust into Guan Zhong’s chest, the blood spurted out, soaking Guan Zhong’s shirt.

    “Young Master, you…”

    Guan Zhong slammed on the brakes and tried to control the car while enduring the pain to avoid the vehicle turning over sideways.

    Hua Haifeng’s angry face looked deranged. His leg had been broken by someone that he had always considered to be a lackey. The deep humiliation made him lose all his senses.

    “I was thanking you. What, old dog? You don’t like my way of appreciation?”

    As he spoke, he stabbed Guan Zhong a few more times.

    Guan Zhong’s chest was a bloody mess as blood poured out from stab wounds to his heart. It was a fatal attack even for a master of inner force.

    Close to death now, Guan Zhongmanaged to bring the car to a halt safely. With his bulging eyes, and with his last breath, he grabbed Hua Haifeng by the hand and said, “Child… I… I’m not a dog. I… I’m your father…”

    Hua Haifeng was stunned and then cursed, “Bullsh*t! My dad is Hua Guoming!”