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Chapter 153 - Iris

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 153: Iris

    Le Anqi could not help asking after Su Cha hung up the phone, “Was that your boyfriend?”

    She could not think of another person who could be so special to Su Cha.

    Su Cha was still smiling, “Yes.”

    “Your boyfriend has a good voice! It could be the best male voice….Is he good-looking?”

    Le Anqi sighed with emotion. There were few males who had both beautiful voices and handsome faces….

    Su Cha grinned, “Yes, he is.”

    Le Anqi was relieved by Su Cha’s confirmation, “Good for you! I will not accept it if he is ugly.”

    Su Cha did not say anything but chuckled.

    It was awkward for a friend to ask about the other’s boyfriend, so Le Anqi stopped to discuss the contest with Su Cha.

    They went back to the venue after lunch.

    While waiting for the contest, they heard the gossip spreading among other contestants.

    Allegedly, a contestant had arranged to become one of the Top Ten.

    The girl’s father was famous in local real estate. He had bought a vacancy in the Top Three. The girl would pass the semi-finals no matter what.

    Nobody knew whether the message was true or not. Su Cha located the girl unintentionally. She was tall, slender, and good-looking. But she was also haughty and indifferent in full luxury brands, which made her inaccessible.

    The reason why people found Su Cha inaccessible was her strong charisma, but the reason for this girl was her extravagance with money. She was not the same kind of person as Su Cha.

    She sat alone, having no friends in the contest.

    Her name was Jin Mou.

    Su Cha did not pay much attention to her as she was preparing for her own performance.

    The afternoon’s contest began.

    As number 17, it was soon Su Cha’s turn after number 16 was announced pending.

    After she got on the stage, the whole venue became silent.

    The quiet and peaceful girl was radiant on the stage. Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian were happy to see her. Apparently, they still remembered her.

    Yu Siqing twitched her lips at the sight of Su Cha.

    “Introduce yourself to us?”

    Quan Jia asked Su Cha to introduce herself, which shocked the contestants.

    She was trying to give Su Cha more time and chances to be seen.

    The production crew was likely to edit longer parts of Su Cha in the video.

    Quan Jia’s fondness for Su Cha was too obvious.

    Even Xu Cunjian gave Quan Jia a meaningful look.

    Su Cha did not change her face and introduced herself seriously, “Good afternoon, host and judges. I’m number 17, Su Cha. I will sing the song, Iris, to you.”

    Quan Jia was speechless and shrugged her shoulders to Xu Cunjian.

    Other people would take the chance and give a long self-introduction to take up more time.

    Su Cha seemed to have understood Quan Jia’s intention but did not act as she had expected.

    Since she did not want to waste time in introducing, Quan Jia raised her hand to let Su Cha begin.

    All contestants concentrated on Su Cha’s singing. Some of them had listened several times to Su Cha’s Wild Pigeon during the audition.

    They had to admit that Su Cha had impressed them. Her voice was incomparable in Yonggu Zone.