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Chapter 223 - The Villa’s Password

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 223: The Villa’s Password

    “So, I drove out of my home for 2 hours… 2 hours! For what? Just to have lunch with the two of you!? How could you be so heartless!?”

    Ning Meng grabbed Li Shiyao’s hand and fled from the cafe as Zhen Shanmei began wailing out her complaints.

    While waiting for the elevator, Ning Meng could not help but feel that something was off with this “meeting” Li Shiyao was attending tonight.

    Sure, Ning Meng was not familiar with the norms in the film industry, however, was it normal for an actress to be invited to discuss the details of a film without first signing the contract?

    It felt really fishy indeed.

    Ning Meng looked at Li Shiyao in concern. “I’ll send someone to accompany you tonight. It’s too dangerous for you to go alone.”

    Ning Meng was an important figure in the company now, thus, she couldn’t accompany Li Shiyao every time. Therefore, she decided to arrange for Lin Qingbei’s manager to accompany Li Shiyao.

    After having everything arranged, Ning Meng went on and drove straight to the Huo Villa.

    No, she was not planning to move back to this place. It was just that she had been missing Little Tiantian lately!

    Due to the busy traffic, by the time Ning Meng had arrived at the villa, it was already 6 pm.

    She had not informed Huo Beichen about her visit because she wanted to give him a surprise.

    After parking her car, Ning Meng walked to the front door and entered the password…


    Hmm? Error? Had she entered the wrong password?

    Ning Meng was upset when she saw the error message on the door’s lock. What? How could he change the password of their “home” without informing her?!

    Feeling annoyed, Ning Meng walked back to her car. Suddenly, her phone vibrated.

    Lemon Extract: [Let’s have dinner at home tonight.]

    Sitting in her car, Ning Meng glared at her phone fiercely before replying: [What’s for dinner?]

    Lemon Extract: [What do you want to eat?]

    Ning Meng: [I’ll list them out and you’ll order the chef from your manor to make them?]

    Lemon Extract: [No.]


    As Ning Meng was surprised at his message, Huo Beichen sent another message to her: [I’ll cook.]


    Huo Beichen knew how to cook?

    Well, Huo Beichen had cooked a bowl of chicken soup noodles for her when she had been “grounded” a while ago, and it was quite tasty too.

    Holding a hand on her chin, Ning Meng started to imagine her Lord Chen wearing an apron as he cooked in the kitchen. Oh, it was like watching a Greek God descending from the heavens to prepare dishes for her… what a sight.

    And so, Ning Meng was no longer angry.

    A smile spreading across her face, Ning Meng replied: [Sure. I’ll be glad to chow down on anything you make.]

    A while later, Huo Beichen sent a voice message: “I’m buying ingredients at the mall right now. I see they have some fresh beef today. Do you prefer Beef Steak or Stir-fried Brocolli Beef?”

    Hearing his deep voice, Ning Meng replied with a smirk: [Do you want to know the secret to prepare a tasty dish?]

    Huo Beichen replied with a voice message: “Sure? What’s that?”

    Ning Meng: [It tastes the best when I’m feeding you myself.]

    Then, for a long while, the screen showed that the other side was typing a message…

    This man… he had to be cringing over her sweet words earlier, huh?

    Just as she was deep in her thoughts, Ning Meng saw that Huo Beichen had finally given up typing his message and had started to record another voice message.


    The message came through: “How would you feed me? With your hand or…something else?”


    Ning Meng’s face blushed red furiously after hearing this. Huo Beichen had retorted with a tease again! What a sleazy jerk!

    Ning Meng decided to ignore him and sat quietly in the car, giving him the silent treatment. 30 minutes later, she realized just how foolish she looked pouting in her car like this. Thus, she reluctantly typed another message to Huo Beichen: [What’s the villa’s password?]

    Ding! Ding!

    Two messages from Huo Beichen came through.

    Lemon Extract: [You’ve arrived?]

    Lemon Extract: [I’ve changed the password recently. It’s “1102”.]

    Stepping down from her car, Ning Meng raised her finger to enter the password. Suddenly, her finger froze in the air.

    Her birthday… her birthday in the “real world” was 2nd November, thus, it was a habit of hers to include “1102” in all of her passwords.

    Ning Meng lowered her head and looked at her phone in disbelief.