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Chapter 558 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 45)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 558: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 45)

    Ruan Fang Fang’s slap was very heavy. The maid who was slapped took two steps back and blood came out the corner of her mouth.

    Although everyone was dissatisfied, they didn’t dare say anything.

    After all, she was the maid that the emperor had brought to the Cloud Soaring Palace.

    Moreover, the reports last night said that she was living in the Cloud Praying Palace.

    Luo Qing Chen wasn’t familiar with these new maids, so naturally she didn’t have a reason to help them.

    But Ruan Fang Fang really made people uncomfortable!

    “It’s already getting late, Yi Shou should be getting off his shift.” Le Meng turned over and said in a soft voice, “You all take care, I’m leaving first.”

    “Un, we’ll miss you!” Lin Xue hugged her before helping her carry her baggage out the door.

    But at this time, Ruan Fang Fang’s voice sounded again.

    “Did I allow you to leave?”

    Luo Qing Chen’s group stopped at the same time, turning to look at Ruan Fang Fang not far away.

    This kind of feeling, it was like their first meeting in the back gardens!

    It was filled with blood and excitement!

    “What a joke!” Le Meng said with a cold snort, “Do you need to care if we leave or not?”

    “That’s right!” Lin Xue said with a disgusted look, “Did you already receive a title?”

    “There’s something wrong with you!” Wang Lin rolled her eyes and said, “Are you addicted to beating people?”

    “Puchi!” Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help laughing before saying with a nod of agreement, “I agree!”

    In a flash, Ruan Fang Fang’s face turned red! She pointed at Luo Qing Chen and said, “You’re about to lose, how can you be this brave?”

    “Those words are pretty good!” She said with a soft snort, “If I have this courage, what will you do to me?”

    She didn’t want to bother with her, but someone loved to start matters!

    Since it was like this, she didn’t have a reason not to play along!

    Ruan Fang Fang heard this and she angrily walked over towards Luo Qing Chen’s group with large steps.

    When she was two meters away, Luo Qing Chen raised her hand and said, “Stop.”

    She actually stopped for a short while.

    “One, two… only have two people.” Luo Qing Chen’s slender finger moved over to point at her group, “One, two, three, four…..We have four people!”

    Ruan Fang Fang was stunned, but she understood Luo Qing Chen’s meaning.

    She was clearly saying, I have more people, you can’t beat me!

    “You…..” She bit her lip and said, “Fight back if you have the ability!”

    “Then come!” Luo Qing Chen gave a soft laugh as a cold look appeared in her eyes.

    Ruan Fang Fang’s eyes were bloodshot. If she didn’t fight them, the intimidation just now might not work and she might be bullied by the other maids again.

    But if she fought, what should she do if they fought back?:

    But her status was special right now, they were just three maids and a piece of trash that she had defeated…..

    Would they dare?

    She suddenly raised her hand and moved towards Luo Qing Chen.

    Luo Qing Chen raised her right hand and firmly held her wrist as she said, “You are only this smart?”

    Le Meng saw this and charged at her. Lin Xue and Wang Lin came forward and the three of them held her together.

    As for the maid that she brought, she didn’t intervene at all. She acted like nothing was happening and stood on the side.

    [Host, someone is coming.]

    The system’s voice rang in her ears, making her eyes move slightly.

    “Sister, quickly get up, someone is coming.”

    Three seconds later, the three of them quickly moved away from Ruan Fang Fang and clapped their hands, acting like nothing had happened.