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Chapter 211 - Young Lady, Can You Not Trick Yourself?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 211: Young Lady, Can You Not Trick Yourself?

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    Everyone returned to the training grounds the next day at the specified time.

    Other than Jian Qi, everyone else seemed to have an easier time.

    After all, other than Jian Qi that had not even have a wink of sleep after being dragged around by Tang Jinyu, everyone had a full night’s rest the night prior.

    Now, she was so tired that she felt she could fall asleep immediately on the ground!

    But that option was completely out of the question.

    As if on cue, Tang Jinyu swept a cold glance at everyone, sending chills up their spines and making them stand as straight as poles.

    Jian Qi wanted to drop to the ground, but she knew that she would not be the only person that would have gotten into trouble because of it, but also her ten comrades too!

    After five minutes of silence, Tang Jinyu said, “Go and have breakfast and come back here, I have something to inform everyone!”

    “Fall out!”

    With those two words, everyone’s posture became more relaxed, while Jian Qi practically crumpled to the ground.

    Lu Yao was standing behind Jian Qi, so his first reaction was, of course, to hold her and stop her from dropping onto the ground.

    “Don’t, let me lie down for a bit…” Jian Qi grumbled miserably.

    Lu Yao nodded and let Jian Qi go immediately, letting her drop onto the ground like a sack of potatoes with a loud thud.

    Everyone. “…”

    Lightning and Crocodile immediately broke out into boisterous laughter that was so loud it was scary.

    Jian Qi’s priorities lied in resting on the ground at the moment so she ignored them, but she would remember this!

    Also, Lu Yao was way too insensitive…

    She told him that he did not need to hold her, but could he not have let her down onto the ground gently?

    Just look at the way he dropped her like a hot potato! Was he sure he did not do that on purpose?

    “Jian Qi, are you not going to the cafeteria?” One of her comrades asked worriedly.

    “You guys go first, I’ll lie here for a bit!”

    Seeing her current state, everyone could not help chuckling good-naturedly before hoisting her up from the ground and dragging her toward the cafeteria.

    “There’s probably going to be another round of devil’s training coming up later, do you want to become a cripple? Have some food!” Lu Yao spoke up as he walked, and even though his tone was as calm as always, there was still a hint of care and genuine concern.

    Jian Qi wanted to reply, but she was too lazy to and merely let the group drag her away.

    The three-man cannon fodder looked at the scene and smiled.

    “It seems that they have finally fostered a good camaraderie!” Feng Yi exclaimed.

    “That’s good, isn’t it?” Lightning replied with a smile. “Camaraderie is good, but they better not get into some strange relations!”

    Feng Yi. “…”

    Everyone else helped her to get her food, and upon seeing the tray full of food Jian Qi’s expression brightened up immediately. She started wolfing down the food like she had been starved for ages.

    Lu Yao looked at her and could not help teasing, “Were you tortured and abused last night?”

    “I didn’t say that!” Jian Qi downed a bowl of porridge and had gotten back her strength. “I went on a date with Instructor Tang the whole night, and we even watched the sun rise together!” Jian Qi smiled and replied as if she were telling the truth.

    Lu Yao scoffed. “Young lady, can you not trick yourself?”

    “Do I look like I’m a liar?”

    “You don’t look like a liar, you are one!”

    “Tang Jinyu’s probably the most insensitive and unromantic man on the face of the earth! Going on dates and gazing at the stars and the sunrise? Are you kidding, or are you still dreaming?”