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Chapter 859 - The Wen Family… Has a Successor

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 859: The Wen Family… Has a Successor

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    The Xiao Family’s matter had finally been finalized. Within just half a month, the Xiao Family faced their defeat. Their stocks almost crashed after hitting an all-time low. Hence, the Xiao Family lost their status in the upper-class society and Xiao Zhiyuan managed to keep his position as CEO by a close shave. However, he was not in a stable position, and the Xiao Family would go into hiatus soon.

    The Wen Family stood to gain this time. Everyone knew that Old Mr. Wen was focusing all of his attention on the establishment of the charity fund and hence, stayed out of the Wen Corporation’s matters. Besides, Wen Haowen was incompetent and overly ambitious. Hence, it was not difficult to guess that Wen Xinya was the one behind the execution of those plans.

    Although Wen Xinya was young, no one dared to belittle her. After all, she was taught by Old Mr. Mo and had also earned the recognition of Old Mr. Wen.

    This time, Wen Xinya managed to give everyone a warning by dealing with the Xiao Family.

    While having some tea with Old Mr. Wen, Wen Xinya said, “Grandpa, this is premium West Lake Biluochun tea. Give it a try and see if you like how it tastes.”

    If one were to get immersed in tea-brewing, they would realize that it was an enjoyable thing that involves wisdom and skill. It was an ancient treasure that would be enjoyed only when one took it seriously and put in the effort.

    Old Mr. Wen watched as she brew tea with much grace and finesse. He knew that her skills had improved again. He picked up the teacup and gave it a little whiff. “The tea is mild yet fragrant. It’s of good quality.” He then took another sip and continued, “It smells wonderful and the taste lingers. Amazing.”

    He enjoyed tea-tasting, but his wife was unfortunately not a fan and Wen Haowen was too mediocre to enjoy tea. To his surprise, Wen Xinya turned out to be the one who could have in-depth discussions with him about tea.

    Wen Xinya smiled calmly and said, “It’s all thanks to the premium tea leaves that allow the tea to be fragrant.”

    Old Mr. Wen said, “Regardless of how good the tea leaves are, it still depends on the skills of the brewer.”

    There were hidden meanings to his words. He had already built a strong foundation for the Wen Corporation, which unfortunately did not flourish in the hands of Wen Haowen. As a result, the Wen Family was reduced to third place in the ranking of the four major families. Yet, Wen Xinya could help take the Wen Corporation to a greater level. That was the difference between the two of them.

    Wen Xinya smiled and remained silent.

    Old Mr. Wen gazed at her with a look of satisfaction and said, “Secretary Cao has already told me about what you’ve done to the Xiao Family this time. I really didn’t get the wrong impression of you. You’re a good kid who can take on major responsibilities.”

    Old Mr. Wen was surprised that Secretary Cao was full of praises and respect for her. Secretary Cao was extremely competent and Old Mr. Wen initially hoped for him to train Wen Xinya and guide her along. To his surprise, she managed to earn his respect.

    Wen Xinya was not shocked at all. Although Secretary Cao had been giving her help and assistance, he was still Old Mr. Wen’s secretary at the end of the day. “Those scheming tricks that I have used are not upright or morally correct. I was just taking advantage of the situation. I still have a lot to learn about business management.”

    If the Xiao Family did not belittle her right from the start, she wouldn’t have been able to take advantage so easily.

    Old Mr. Wen smiled and changed the subject. “Xinya, you’ve done a great job this time. The Xiao Family has indeed been too haughty all these years, and they’re so conceited that they forgot about how experienced we are. Back then, we used to be in second place, though we’ve deteriorated. However, we still have the foundation that we’ve painstakingly built. How dare they provoke the Wen Family? In that case, they shall have a taste of failure.”

    Regardless of how strong the Wen Family was, they would forever be inferior to the Xiao Family because of how incompetent Wen Haowen was. That was the reason why he remained silent and allowed the Xiao Family to undermine them while hiding their real abilities throughout all these years.

    However, things were different now that Wen Xinya had returned to the Wen Family. She had come up with a brilliant plan this time and did not reveal the Wen Family’s hidden powers just to deal with them. It simply meant that she had greater ambitions.

    Wen Xinya smiled calmly and said, “The Wen Family’s authority is not be challenged. Grandpa… I’ve always remembered your words.”

    Old Mr. Wen’s words had also helped her understand the laws of the business world.

    A nobleman once said the same to the world. He said, “My bottom line is to ensure the complete autonomy of sovereign rights. Whoever touches my bottom line will be challenging my rights, and that’s a fatal mistake.”

    Of course, the man who said that had taught the people who challenged his rights a severe lesson that involved bloodshed.

    Old Mr. Wen glanced at her solemnly and said, “It’s good that you can understand what I mean and act accordingly… No matter what, you’re definitely the successor of the Wen Family.”

    In the future, she would definitely be able to take over the Wen Corporation.

    However, affirmation was the most important thing to Wen Xinya, and she was suddenly overwhelmed with a mix of emotions.

    Old Mr. Wen patted her hand and said, “Xinya, ever since you returned to the Wen Family, you’ve been putting in a lot of effort and hard work. I’m well aware of that. It’s also a blessing to have you as my granddaughter. The Wen Family… has a successor.”

    He sighed and thought about the time when Wen Xinya first returned to the family.

    Old Mrs. Wen could not take the blow at all because she had been giving her all to Xia Ruya for twelve years. Besides, Wen Xinya had a shameful past where she used to be a gangster, got into fights, created trouble all the time and was addicted to alcohol. She even had a foul mouth and hurled vulgarities all the time. Her uncouth and boorish behavior made Old Mrs. Wen find her extremely unacceptable. In addition, the juxtaposition to the demure and elegant Xia Ruya, as well as the petty tricks that Xia Ruya had pulled to sow discord, made Old Mrs. Wen develop a prejudice against Wen Xinya and feel repulsed by her.

    On the other hand, Wen Haowen was heartless and cruel. Due to his resentment towards Wen Xinya because of Mo Yunyao’s death, he treated her harshly. Not to mention, Ning Shuqian often badmouthed her too.

    Back then… he was rather disappointed to see how uncouth his long-lost granddaughter was and even began doubting his decision to reunite with her.

    As a result, he treated her rather unfairly at the start.

    However, she had never once complained and instead, did her best to gain everyone’s respect and recognition. She also went through lots of hardship and pain to get to where she was today.

    He was well aware of that.

    “Grandpa, I…” Wen Xinya began to tear up and hurriedly hung her head low before wiping her tears away. As if she was afraid to show her vulnerability to others.

    Little did she know, her actions made Old Mr. Wen sympathize with her even more. He wondered if she was often so afraid to show her weaker side.

    Old Mr. Wen sighed and said, “Xinya, it’s been hard on you.”

    He should have said these words to her long ago. It was inappropriate of him to wait so long to tell her that.


    Unable to contain her emotions any longer, Wen Xinya began to tear uncontrollably.

    Old Mr. Wen patted her back sympathetically and tried to comfort her emotions.