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Chapter 154 - Fail

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 154: Fail

    Su Cha’s voice was again stunning.

    Her song, Iris, was originally English. And now it had been translated into Chinese and named Iris.

    It was first sung by children. Su Cha’s free and natural voice was not mature and could match the song perfectly.

    Her singing could bring the audience into the song’s mood, as if its world had been opened to them all.

    Even the judges were enchanted by her performance.

    She was a natural singer.

    She was born to perform on the stage.

    She could enchant people just by singing alone.

    Her unique and distinctive voice spread around the venue. Even those contestants who disliked her had to admit that Su Cha should become one of the Top Ten.

    After the song, Su Cha paused and looked at the judges quietly.

    Her eyes were crystal-clear like her voice. But her look was deep.

    For a second people mistook that it was another person who had sung Iris.

    Xu Cunjian said, “Your techniques have been improved greatly in comparison with last time….”

    Quan Jia said, “Different from Wild Pigeon, Iris is a children’s song full of innocence. Your version is special, but you’ve kept its original feature, innocent and clean. You know your voice well. And your voice can match with most songs.”

    Quan Jia felt that she had said enough, so she smiled at Su Cha, “I’ll give you a pass!”

    She raised the blue card.

    It was the second time that she had given a blue Pass Card today.

    Le Anqi was so thrilled that she almost jumped up.

    Su Cha has made it! She is sure to be Top 50!

    Although they have not decided Top Ten as yet, a pass to Top 50 was also great!

    Xu Cunjian also smiled, “I’ll give you a pass too.”

    He raised the blue card as well.

    It was certain that Su Cha could pass. None of the contestants disagreed with it.

    Yu Siqing has always agreed with Quan Jia. Since Quan Jia has given her a pass, she will…

    But before the contestants could applaud for Su Cha, they were shocked.


    What is going on?

    They saw Yu Siqing raising the red card slowly.

    She had put on a poker face, which was quite confusing to most contestants.

    They were aware that although Su Cha did not sing the song perfectly, she was better than most of them. She should definitely pass.

    And this judge just failed her?

    Quan Jia was also shocked by Yu Siqing.

    She could not control her facial expressions in front of so many contestants, which showed that she found Yu Siqing’s decision totally absurd.

    Xu Cunjian was also dumbfounded.

    Facing all people’s shock and doubt, Yu Siqing regretted her impulse for a second, and then calmed down. She did not look at the shocked Quan Jia or Xu Cunjian, and just cleared her throat.

    “I wanted to give you a pass, but then I thought, you failed in choosing a suitable song, Su Cha. Iris is a children’s song. Children live in an innocent world and their voices are clean and pure, which is impossible for adults.”

    “And your voice is too flippant and impetuous. Your emotion doesn’t match with it. You can still improve. That’s why I decided to fail you.”

    All became completely quiet after she spoke.