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Chapter 250.4 - Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 250.4: Come Here and I Guarantee I Won’t Beat You to Death

    [Moreover…. He doesn’t want to fight a woman alright?]

    Bai Zhi Yan watched Mei Ji closing in on him one step at a time, and quickly decided to scuttle away from there by executing the instant teleportation technique.

    Mei Ji snorted derisively and her rage had reached boiling point, so she went after Bai Zhi Yan in pursuit.

    The rest of the people there were strangely calm as they watched the fracas unfold.

    In resplendent white clothes, the outstandingly handsome man with scarlet red eyes turned his gaze away from the spot where the two people just disappeared from. His voice was clear and melodious: “The Dark Lands has enjoyed peace these years and our fighting might has deteriorated very much from the past. But if we are really thrown into a battle with the other powers, we might still not lose. If our Overlord has already come to any decision, all of us here do not fear that anything will be able to stop us.”

    “You know what I am going to say?” Lou Jun Yao laughed softly, the expression on his face a little amused.

    “My Lord has made it fairly obvious to see.”

    Little Monster’s eyes narrowed very slightly. “Mo Jing Yu is Chieftain of the Barbarian Tribe, but he handed down his seat to his good friend Yan Shu many years ago. He was thought to be a free man and no one ever thought that he had secret links with the Hell Kings Palace. Now that my Overlord has helped Mo Jing Yu to get rid of his obstacles, we would have offended the Hell Kings Palace.”

    “As for that Aunt Lan, I heard….. her real identity is that she is actually the divine temple’s godly lord’s daughter. With her return, there won’t be peace in the divine temple, and with the Hunters’ Guild being so intricately linked to the divine temple, this will stir up at least three mighty powers. It looks like the reign in Cloud Heaven would see some changes very soon.”

    “Ho, you really live up to your position as the Dark Land’s military strategist, to be able to decipher what I am thinking so accurately.”

    Lou Jun Yao slowly curled up the ends of his lips, his mesmerizing violet eyes swirling deeply with a tumultuous tempest. “Indeed, the upheaval in Cloud Heaven has gone on for too long, and it is time for the chaos to run amok…..”

    The Dark Lands, are the ones who should rule over Cloud Heaven.

    The Hell Kings Palace and whatever else, Mind Free Peak, all of that will become conquered lands that had fallen beneath his feet!


    It was night, filled with endless dark black clouds, where not a single star could be seen, the ominous sky seemingly heralding an impending storm.

    Qing Luo Yan was a careful and wary person and hence she never liked to have attendants waiting on her at night. The serving maids who usually waited on her knew her habits, so they would always only tidy up her room, light a candle, and everyone would immediately recuse themselves.

    The vast and spacious sleeping chambers were empty, which felt rather sparse and desolate.

    Qing Luo Yan’s eyes were closed as she lay under the warm blankets, but her body did not feel a single sliver of warmth.

    For some unknown reason tonight, she still did not feel the slightest bit of sleepiness.

    It was not known whether it was because of the impending rain, the air felt strangely stifling, making people rather uncomfortable.

    Unable to sleep, she decided that she was not going to try any longer. She got down from the bed and went to open the window. Coincidentally, the dull roll of thunder drummed through the sky at that same moment, and rain fell heavily immediately after.

    The storm came so fast it caught her a little off guard, and Qing Luo Yan was a little dazed. [How long has it been….. that Cloud Heaven saw such a torrential downpour?]