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Chapter 251.1 - Why Kill Me! ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 251.1: Why Kill Me! ?

    She could still remember faintly that the last time it rained so heavily was when her father found out that she was practicing forbidden arts, and had murdered many of her sisters.

    If he had not been so hard hearted as to want to destroy her cultivated powers and throw her out of the divine temple, but just considered for a moment their father and daughter relationship, she would not have committed such a seditious deed.

    It was said that the godly lord had failed to get past his thousandth year tribulation and had died unexpectedly.

    Ha, they would of course not know that the godly lord’s failure to make it pass his tribulation was just a lie. The real reason behind his death was that she destroyed his lifetime’s worth of cultivation, and he died as his life essence withered away.

    If it had been any regular mortal, destroying their cultivation would only turn them into a normal person, but her godly father had been very highly advanced in age and was approaching the critical thousand year old juncture, it was not possible for him to survive having his powers destroyed.

    Murdering one’s own father….. How big a sin is that?

    But how can anyone blame her for that! ?

    If only her father had not sought to carry things so far, seeking to sever all ties with her and to announce it to the world.

    What she just absolutely could not accept was….. When he said he wanted to hand over the position as the Lord of the divine temple over to Qing Lan Fei!

    He! She had always known that Father favoured Qing Lan Fei the most among all his daughters. Even when she had pushed all the blame onto Qing Lan Fei, besides being a little disappointed, Father had not punished Lan Fei that harshly, but had instead sent people to secretly watch over her.

    Throwing Lan Fei out of the divine temple had only been a show put up for others to see.

    He had never once truly believed that Qing Lan Fei would commit such a misdeed as his youngest daughter had always been so sweet and obedient.

    So what if he came to discover the entire truth in the end?

    She would never allow him to reveal it. Since he was not giving her a way out, then he would have to die!

    Qing Luo Yan’s long attractive eyes turned hazy as she stared into the rain under the night sky. Under the soft candlelight, her seductive countenance was deep and unfathomable.

    The rain became heavier and heavier, seeping inside along the window’s edges. Qing Luo Yan’s eyes narrowed and she stretched her hand out to close the window.

    She had just closed it halfway when she suddenly saw a red figure walk past.

    Her gaze sharpened and her hand froze midaction.

    Under the pouring rain in the night, the slender figure stood there silently, clad in a thin red dress, looking rather pitiful.

    Qing Luo Yan shouted out coldly: “Who is it out there playing tricks! ?”

    The figure seemed to be shocked by her sudden shout as it froze for a moment. The figure then slowly turned around, the exquisitely flawless countenance washed pale by the torrential rain, but it did not diminish the face’s beauty in the slightest.