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Chapter 212 - Battle of Veterans and Rookies!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 212: Battle of Veterans and Rookies!

    Jian Qi nibbled at the bun in her hand before looking at Lu Yao with a strange glint in her eyes.

    “Instructor Lu, you sound like you have a lot of resentment behind that statement… Ah, let me guess! You’ve tried to pursue him romantically in the past and failed because he was ‘the most insensitive man on the face of the earth’… Now, you’re fostering hate borne of love toward him, but you’re not willing to give up just like that, so you’re here!”

    Lu Yao took a deep, insufferable breath, before retracting all of his sympathy for Jian Qi!

    Sometimes, this girl was the most intolerable person out there.

    Jian Qi jeered at him as if spurred on by his reaction. “Instructor Lu, did that hit too close to home? Let me apologize!”

    Lu Yao pursed his lips before taking his tray and marching over to the next table.

    Jian Qi turned over and asked the teammate next to her, “Hey, were my words too harsh? Maybe I hurt his feelings.”

    The teammate was silent for a few seconds, before asking Jian Qi, “Were you telling the truth?”

    “Of course not!” Lu Yao’s deep voice rang out from the next table. “Can you not believe in everything she says?”

    At the same time, Jian Qi nodded and whispered, “Yes, I was…”

    “Hey, do you wanna fight?!” Lu Yao shouted angrily.

    What the hell did she mean, hate borne of love?!

    “Look at his reaction and you know that I’m telling the truth!” Jian Qi said nonchalantly.

    Everyone looked at Lu Yao with an enlightened expression, making the subject of the gossip sigh again and bury his head in his palms.

    Were they all crazy all of a sudden?

    It was always said that women were gossipy, but men could definitely be even more so if given the chance to be!

    And so, everyone’s interest was piqued, making them crowd around Jian Qi and asking her about the relationship Lu Yao had with Tang Jinyu.

    Jian Qi wolfed down the last of her food, before coughing nonchalantly. “It’s not my story to tell, why don’t you guys ask Instructor Lu? You’re all men, surely you guys have more common ground to speak on than I do?”

    Everyone looked at each other, before looking together toward Lu Yao’s direction.

    Meanwhile, Lu Yao tried his hardest not to kill her on the spot!

    After that, everyone went out of the cafeteria and converged at the training grounds again, waiting curiously for what Tang Jinyu was about to announce.

    “I have good news, and I have bad news!”

    Tang Jinyu looked at everyone seriously, before continuing, “The good news is that you guys are going to have two days of rest starting from tomorrow, and the bad news is that there is going to be another round of eliminations after that. Of course, eliminations don’t mean that you are going to leave the Special Fire Team, but that the ones that pass are going to go even higher, and more dangerous places!”

    “The ones that are going to participate in the eliminations this time around are not only the eleven of you but also the previous comrades of the Special Fire Team. There will be six people left after the eliminations, or maybe none of you will be left behind!”

    Everyone was quite surprised.

    A battle between veterans and rookies?!

    Most importantly was that only six of them could become the final winners!

    In contrast with everyone’s anxious mood, Jian Qi’s focus was not on that, but on what the six people had to do after the eliminations!

    What was this higher, more dangerous place that Tang Jinyu spoke of?

    No matter what it was, Jian Qi knew that she had to become one of the six!

    “Fall out and get ready, we’re going to the station after an hour.” Tang Jinyu turned around and walked away after he spoke, leaving everyone buzzing with anxiousness and excitement.

    “Are you guys going to rest?” Someone asked.

    “I think we should use that time to train up, or else we’re going to be beaten up by the veterans!”

    It was clear that since the two pieces of news were told at the same time, they would not even be able to rest fully even though they get the chance to rest…

    Jian Qi was impressed by Tang Jinyu’s ability to keep everyone on their feet.

    Could he not have just told them about the holiday so that they could rest without any worries, instead of teasing them like this?