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Chapter 266 - The Real Treasure

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 266: The Real Treasure

    After everyone finished donating their Spiritual Jade, Baili Moyun waved his arm in encouragement. Excitedly, he prompted the rest, “Come. Let’s continue searching for treasure.”

    The rest of the Spiritual Practitioners hollered in excitement and continued their search. At last, Ye Jiuge, with Zi Shang’s guidance, found a Medicinal Room.

    The rare and precious spiritual herbs inside had been collected by the Bloodthirsty Patriarch over the years.

    The most abundant spiritual herbs they found had been cultivated using the Blood Refinement Technique.

    Although spiritual herbs cultivated using such methods contained thick and condensed vitality, a special technique was required when using the herbs for pill production. Not many Alchemists were familiar with such methods, so the price of the herbs fluctuated quite a lot.

    “You can have first dibs, Eldest Miss Ye!” Gong Xifan stated as a matter of course.

    “In that case, I won’t stand on ceremony.” Ye Jiuge was not pretentious. She headed straight for the most precious Blood-refined Spiritual Herbs and looted them. She was, after all, familiar with the unique technique required to use the herbs.

    “Let me offer my share to Eldest Miss!” Baili Moyun was not familiar with medicinal herbs, so he did not care for such things.

    “Mine too…”

    Subsequently, Nangong Li, Gong Honglei, Su Xun’er, Xia Chenxi, and Sun Shufeng all renounced their rights to the herbs.

    The rest of the Spiritual Practitioners also went with the flow and offered their herbs to Ye Jiuge.

    They had already received large sums of Spiritual Jade. To them, Spiritual Herbs were paltry in comparison, so they might as well offer them up in the spirit of goodwill.

    The group followed the map and searched the Bloodthirsty Sect’s entire lair thoroughly. But they did not find anything else of value.

    “Go search thoroughly once more. If there is nothing else, we will destroy this place,” Gong Xifan said.

    Although the best treasures were already claimed, numerous trinkets could still be found. They were treating it like a treasure hunt.

    “Alright,” the Spiritual Practitioners replied before splitting up into teams to search the place again.

    Ye Jiuge, Zi Shang, and their team were obviously grouped together.

    “Don’t bother searching. The valuable items were all kept in those two hidden rooms,” Zi Shang said.

    “The Bloodthirsty Patriarch was too stingy!” Although Ye Jiuge had obtained a decent amount, she still felt unsatisfied.

    “You accuse him wrongly. The good stuff is with me. Here.” Zi Shang opened his palm, and two black Magical Bottomless Bags appeared in his hands.

    “When did you get those?” Ye Jiuge was pleasantly surprised.

    “Yours truly made the biggest contribution. Of course, I had to get the best items for myself,” Zi Shang said without any trace of happiness or delight.

    No matter how precious or valuable these things were, they could not make up for Ye Jiuge’s injuries.

    “You are the best.” Ye Jiuge thumped Zi Shang with her fist lightly in happiness then snatched the Magical Bottomless Bags.

    Opening the first one, her face curled into a smile that sent her eyes arching into upturned crescents.

    The inside was filled with neat rows of Spiritual Stones—precisely 100 stones.

    Although they were low-level Spiritual Stones, one stone was worth about 100 Spiritual Jades. That meant that the stones were worth about 10,000 Spiritual Jades. She had struck gold.

    Besides the Spiritual Stones, there were also various rare herbs, even rarer and more precious than the ones they’d found in the Medicinal Vault.

    Next, Ye Jiuge opened the other Magical Bottomless Bag. There were two brocade boxes inside. Opening them, she found two Spiritual Weapons.

    “My precious!” Ye Jiuge’s eyes lit up in delight.

    The Spiritual Stones and medicinal herbs might be rare and valuable, but they could not compare with Spiritual Weapons.

    After all, Spiritual Stones and medicinal herbs could be exchanged for money. But finding an excellent Spiritual Weapon required luck.

    Moreover, these had been specially maintained by the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. They must be of superior quality.

    “What’s that?” Ye Yu looked over with curiosity.

    In the first brocade box was a small knife three inches long.

    It was rusty, and there were even traces of blood on the blade. It looked filthy and gave off a very uncomfortable aura. If one stared at it for too long, one felt like they would be sucked in by the knife.

    In the second box was a thumb-sized black seed. The golden pattern on it looked like a fully bloomed lotus flower. With one look, it was easy to tell that this was not an ordinary seed.

    “That’s a Wicked Blade. It can swallow blood and spiritual power. It can only be unsealed by dropping blood on the blade, then you claim it as its Master. That is a Spiritual Flower Pearl. Spirits need it when transforming into humanoid form. You humans have no use for it,” Zi Shang introduced the items briefly.

    “Who wants the Wicked Blade?” Ye Jiuge already had the Lightning Snake Magical Whip, so she had no use for the Wicked Blade. But she intended to keep the Spiritual Flower Pearl. It might be useful in the future.

    “No need,” Jun Yichen and Luo Tian rejected the blade with a shake of their heads. The Legendary Venomous Insects were their weapons. They had no use for other items.

    “I have no need for it either,” Ye Yu quickly shook his head.

    Although he was tempted by the Wicked Blade, it had been given by Ye Zi to Eldest Miss. He did not have the guts to claim it.

    “Fine. I’ll keep it with me for now,” Ye Jiuge also felt that the blade had too much wicked energy. It did not suit Ye Yu or the others.

    She stashed the Wicked Blade and Spiritual Flower Pearl, then got ready to divide up the Spiritual Stones. “Come, come! Each of us gets ten Spiritual Stones each.”

    “The Spiritual Jades from before are enough for us. You did not have to split the Spiritual Stones with us,” Jun Yichen rejected.

    “Who is ever sick of having more money? Just take it.” Ye Jiuge took out the Spiritual Stones, then Jun Yichen said, “In that case, I’ll exchange the Spiritual Stones for Cherry Pills.”

    “Me too,” Ye Yu and Luo Tian concurred.

    “Forget it. Pretend I never said anything,” Ye Jiuge returned the Spiritual Stones immediately.

    If she exchanged the Spiritual Stones for Cherry Pills, she would go bust trying to produce them all.

    “It’s getting late. Let’s go!” Zi Shang gathered the Magical Bottomless Bag and left Bloodcloud Peak with Ye Jiuge in tow.

    Not long after, Gong Xifan and Baili Moyun left as well.

    Along the way, they did not find any more treasures. However, they chanced upon the Bloodthirsty Sect’s infamous Blood Brothel.

    Looking at the skeletons littering the place, the Spiritual Practitioners felt depressed and down.

    They had only come along on the mission to eliminate the Bloodthirsty Sect because of the reward and Great Master Dongfang’s Master Solidifying Pill.

    Now, after witnessing the women’s tragic deaths, they finally felt like they had done something positive by killing the evil sect. It was a heavy feeling, but a sense of accomplishment accompanied the heaviness.

    Gong Honglei led the group around the Bloodthirsty Sect’s lair, pouring kerosene on every corner.

    The ferocious fire burned angrily, and the evil Bloodthirsty Sect was soon burned to the ground.

    At night, the group returned to the encampment. They prepared to rest for a night before embarking on their return.

    The bonfire of victory was lit. The Spiritual Practitioners’ journey had been fruitful, so they were all in good spirits.

    At the start of the mission, when they’d dispersed and divided up the groups, no one had wanted to listen to anyone.

    But after fighting together side by side, their relationships had improved. There was even a feeling of camaraderie.

    Of course, Ye Jiuge was the most popular.

    Her injuries were still healing, so she did not attend the bonfire. But everyone lined up to visit her.

    If not for Zi Shang watching from the sidelines like a hawk, Su Xun’er and the rest of the female Spiritual Practitioners would have wanted to remain by Ye Jiuge’s side to look after her.

    “I am fine. You guys do not have to worry. What about Yue Lingjun? Is anyone looking after her?” Ye Jiuge was not used to the enthusiastic attentions of Su Xun’er and the others. She tried to divert their attention.

    “We wanted to look after her. Sadly, she wasn’t that interested in being taken care of!” Su Xun’er laughed coldly.

    She had a straightforward personality and had gotten along with Yue Lingjun just fine in the past.

    When she saw that Yue Lingjun was injured and offered to look after her, Yue Lingjun pointed at her and started hollering and scolding.

    She was accused of being cheap and low—and sucking up to Ye Jiuge.

    Su Xun’er was so mad.

    Ye Jiuge had rescued Yue Lingjun from the Bloodthirsty Sect’s clutches. It was bad enough that she did not thank her. But to turn around to scold her! She really didn’t acknowledge her betters.