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Chapter 267 - Su Xun’er’s Rabbit Parasite

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 267: Su Xun’er’s Rabbit Parasite

    “Qiao Shaohua is dead, and Yue Lingjun is now disabled, so, understandably, she feels unhappy. However, lashing out at others is too much.” Xia Chenxi was not happy with Yue Lingjun. Really, everything happened for a reason.

    “Humph! If she weren’t so pitiful, I would have abandoned her at the roadside long ago. Who cares if she dies?” Su Xun’er was soft at heart. Even if she claimed to want to make Yue Lingjun pay, she still delivered medicine to her.

    “I saw her applying medicine yesterday. Let’s send her some medicine later!” Xia Chenxi might be calculating, but she was still a good person.

    “Miss Su and Miss Xia are too kind,” Ye Jiuge admired their personalities, that was why she’d let them off lightly last time.

    “Why ‘Miss’? Just call us by our names.” Su Xun’er and Xia Chenxi wanted to be on good terms with Ye Jiuge.

    “Alright. If you don’t mind, then you can call me Jiuge!” Ye Jiuge was not averse to having more friends.

    Su Xun’er and Xia Chenxi chatted for a while, then said farewell when exhaustion appeared on Ye Jiuge’s face.

    Ye Jiuge sent off her enthusiastic visitors, then she turned to Zi Shang and demanded, “Where did Jun Yichen and the others go?”

    “To the Sacred Land. Ye Yu went with them.” The trio had taken the trouble to effort to inform Zi Shang before departing.

    “Let’s go take a look, too!” Ye Jiuge worried that they would get into trouble.

    “Alright.” Zi Shang brought Ye Jiuge to the Sacred Land of the Blood-clad Miao people.

    Ye Yu was keeping guard outside. When he saw Ye Jiuge, he told her that the other two were inside.

    Ye Jiuge walked into the Sacred Land and saw Jun Yichen and Luo Tian in a daze staring at the mottled wall that had once housed so many Legendary Venomous Insects.

    A furnace burned furiously in front of them. In it laid the remains of the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. They were appeasing the spirits of their people.

    Ye Jiuge waited until Jun Yichen and Luo Tian were done worshipping, then asked, “What are your plans going forward?”

    Jun Yichen was a little lost.

    He had imagined it many times, how he would revive the glory of the Blood-clad Miao after killing the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. But now, he felt exhausted.

    “Si Youyue was gravely injured by Ye Zi. The Yin Corpse Sect will probably want to take revenge and might even send someone here to investigate. Staying here is dangerous.” The duo were Ye Jiuge’s friends, so she did not want to see them harmed.

    “Eldest Miss is right.” Ye Yu nodded, then added, “The two of you can come back with us first. When the danger has passed, you can come back again.”

    “Yeah!” Jun Yichen nodded. It did not matter to him.

    There were no clan members left. So, it made no difference whether they returned now or later.

    After resting for a night, Gong Xifan led the group and started their journey back. The destination was not the Lei Kingdom’s Capital, but Mingyue City.

    Mingyue City was a low-level Spiritual City. A large Mall sold a wide variety of goods. Many Spiritual Practitioners visited it to stock up on items whenever they passed by.

    “The Mall here is the largest in the area. The Gong Clan owns some properties here as well. We could send word to the Danyang Sect for them to take back Yue Lingjun,” Gong Xifan said.

    Yue Lingjun kept creating trouble during their journey, and it was grating on his nerves. It would be best to send her back to the Danyang Sect as soon as possible.

    “Alright.” Ye Jiuge nodded. She was just thinking of purchasing some herbs to produce pills.

    If she wanted to use Spiritual Power, she had to rely on the Vitality Replenishing Pill.

    After the Spiritual Practitioners entered the Mall to stock up on supplies, quite a few people came to bid Ye Jiuge farewell.

    They had already completed the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s mission. Only the leader, Gong Xifan, was required to check in with the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance and provide the mission report. Due rewards and contribution points would be sent to the respective Sects.

    Baili Moyun and Nangong Li also came to bid farewell to Ye Jiuge.

    “Jiuge, if you happen to come to the Supreme Blade Sect, you have to visit Xiao Tao and me,” Baili Moyun told Ye Jiuge.

    He felt that the greatest reward he’d gained from experiencing the world was meeting a good friend like Ye Jiuge.

    Sadly, Ye Zi was too fierce. If he wanted to be closer to Ye Jiuge, he had to become close friends with Ye Zi.

    “Chirp, chirp, chirp! Chieftain must come visit. If not, I will be bullied by Master’s Tri-clouded Leopard.” Xiao Tao’s mane drooped down sadly. It appeared gentle and frail.

    “Please, it would be a miracle if you didn’t bully other beasts.” Ye Jiuge scratched the cheeky and mischievous little bird’s head.

    “I am the boss! I must bully my underlings!” With that, Xiao Tao revealed his true colors.

    Ye Jiuge laughed helplessly, then told Baili Moyun, “Take care of Xiao Tao when you get back. If not, it might abandon you.”

    “Rest assured, I will not give it that opportunity,” Baili Moyun rubbed Xiao Tao’s head gently.

    His Tri-clouded Leopard was still young, and it had not fought with him in battle.

    In comparison, Xiao Tao had been with him through thick and thin, even rescuing him numerous times. In that aspect, he had more affection for Xiao Tao.

    “Visit the Ziyun Sect whenever you have the time.” Nangong Li was taciturn. He simply gave Ye Jiuge a bag of Magic Talismans that he’d made.

    The Talismans might not be of a high level, but they were still worth a fortune. Among them were some special talismans that couldn’t even be found in the market.

    “Here is my gift. Please, accept it!” Baili Moyun also handed a gift to Ye Jiuge. It was a small Sword Pill that contained his Sword Energy.

    “Thanks,” Ye Jiuge did not reject the gift and accepted it readily. Then, she presented her gift to them in return.

    It was two bags of Cherry Pills. That should satisfy Xiao Tao and Xiao Ying for a very long time.

    After sending off Baili Moyun and Nangong Li, Xia Chenxi and Sun Shufeng came to say goodbye. As expected, they enthusiastically invited Ye Jiuge to visit when she had the time.

    They exchanged gifts and went their separate ways.

    Su Xun’er came to find Ye Jiuge alone. Once again, she asked to purchase a Legendary Venomous Insect.

    “The mission has been completed, so why do you still want a Legendary Venomous Insect?” Ye Jiuge was perplexed.

    “The more I learn about the Legendary Venomous Insects, the more I like them.” Su Xun’er could not comprehend her own fixation with the Legendary Venomous Insects, either. It was like she was hypnotized.

    “Alright. I do have a Legendary Venomous Insect to hand. Let’s see if you were meant to be!”

    Ye Jiuge took out a black egg and gestured for Su Xun’er to drip her blood on it.

    The egg quickly hatched after absorbing the blood. It was a red-eyed rabbit.

    Its ears were long, and it had a round body. It was cute and cuddly and did not look harmful at all.

    Su Xun’er looked at the rabbit parasite, lost in thought. Suddenly, her eyes turned red, and she started crying.

    “What happened?” Even if she didn’t like it, there was no need to be so agitated!

    “No, I love it. Once, an Elder Brother gave me a rabbit. But it was killed, and I always regretted that I could not protect it,” Su Xun’er related the emotional incident in a calm tone.

    She wiped away her tears and handed over a bag of Spiritual Jade to Ye Jiuge. “Here is your payment. Thank you so much. I will take good care of it.”