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Chapter 561 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 48)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 561: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 48)

    She suddenly turned around and looked at Ning Wei Han in his white robe.  There was a faint sparkle in her eyes as her lips curled into a smile.

    No wonder he asked her that day if the palace was boring or not!

    He was already thinking of her future.  The ancient emperors were fickle, but Ning Wei Han didn’t care about his country at all.

    The snowflakes fell down and landed in her hair.

    She raised her skirt in the snow and ran over in his direction.

    With a soft step, he picked her off the ground.

    Ning Wei Han’s cool voice sounded by her ear, “Are you satisfied with this surprise?”

    “How long did it take you to prepare this?”  She gave a sniff as she looked at his smile.

    “Since I knew that Liu Xiao betrayed me!  I found you first and had the imperial doctor and a close confidant save you.”

    “What!”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him in shock when she heard this, “You, you, you…...You’re saying that the old woman and old man were…..your people?”

    “Of course.”  He stroked her head as he said with a faint pampering look in his eyes, “If the other side is you, I’ll always prepare a second plan.”

    He indeed didn’t expect Liu Xiao to betray him for the Ning Country, but he naturally had other ideas when it came to eloping.

    “God!”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head in disbelief, “Your mind is quite strong!  No….you’re quite black bellied!”

    “You’re actually saying your future husband has a black belly!”  Ning Wei Han took her in a princess carry and headed into the room.

    With a “gezhi” sound, the door was closed.  There was red silk hanging all over the room, looking like a wedding hall.

    “Then…..”  He looked at her and said, “Are you willing to marry Ning Wei Han who can’t let you ascend to become a phoenix?”

    She pursed her lips and said nothing.  She was afraid that if she said anything, she would want to cry.

    There weren’t any ministers, she wasn’t a consort, and she didn’t receive a title.

    She remembered back at the royal banquet, she had said to him back then that she would ascend to become a phoenix!

    But now she was satisfied with just this red silk.

    “I thought about it and I prefer the Ning Wei Han who can’t allow me to ascend to become a phoenix…..”  She said with a faint smile, “After all, he belongs to me alone like this!”

    She wasn’t worried about struggles in the harem nor was she afraid of plots.

    But he used the most decisive method to leave the palace and all the plots.

    Ning Wei Han’s dark eyes were sparkling as he looked at her and said, “Then marry me!”

    She pursed her lips.  The moment she gave a slight nod, the other side couldn't wait to kiss her lips.  His right hand was placed on her hip and his lips kept rolling over hers.

    After a while, he slowly let her go.  There was a gentle look in his eyes as he said, “I had Yi Shou prepare the wedding gowns, they should be in the room.  Go and change.”

    Luo Qing Chen’s face was red and her breathing was a bit fast.  She slowly looked up and said, “You…..Why didn’t you wait until we had the ceremony to kiss me!”

    Don’t you kiss after saying the oath!

    Why was the script different!

    “I…..”  He paused as he placed his slender finger on her red lip and said, “I was a bit impatient…..”

    “You’re not embarrassed saying this!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips as she pretended to give him a calm look before heading into the room.

    After a while, she came out with the red veil over her head.

    While she was groping around to see where to go, a pair of cool hands firmly grabbed her wrist.

    Ning Wei Han said in a soft voice, “Be careful.”