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Chapter 213 - The World Smells of Rotten Love!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 213: The World Smells of Rotten Love!

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    Jian Qi had not seen Coco in a while, and she could not make sure that she could see him anytime soon after she started training.

    With that thought in mind, she packed her bags and got ready to go back and meet him.

    She put on a black shirt and black pants, along with a black baseball cap and a black backpack, and with her hair tucked into the cap, she looked like a handsome and charismatic young man.

    Jian Qi walked out and saw Crocodile talking with Tang Jinyu, she quickly made her way over.

    “Instructor Tang…”

    Tang Jinyu subconsciously furrowed his brow when he heard this voice, before turning around and looking at her. “What are you doing here instead of gathering at the gates?”

    “I’m here to say goodbye!” Jian Qi smiled devilishly. “For some reason, my heart hurts when I think of not being able to see my dear Instructor Tang for two days…”

    “Big Sister Qi, are you sure you don’t have any heart illnesses?” Crocodile spoke up upon hearing her words.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    She hated people that could not read the mood!

    Ignoring Crocodile, Jian Qi looked at Tang Jinyu with stars in her eyes. “Instructor Tang, you have to miss me in the two days that I’m gone~”

    “Even if you don’t miss me, I’ll miss you so much I won’t be able to eat!”

    Jian Qi flailed her limbs around to express her unwillingness to leave, before turning around and marching away with a huff.

    Crocodile could not help but laugh as he looked at her silhouette. “This girl is such an actress!”

    Tang Jinyu squinted and glanced over at him. “Have you seen enough yet?”

    The sudden gust of cold air made a chill run up his spine.

    Hey, was he not alright just a moment ago? What was the deal with the freezing cold air that was being thrown in his direction?

    Was his boss so angry that she teased him that he became cannon fodder for his rage?

    “W-Well… I’m going to go now, Boss.” Crocodile quickly made a fast retreat.

    After that, he brought it up with Lightning and the gang, and he got disdainful looks from everyone as he spoke.

    Lightning chopped him on the head. “You should feel lucky that you have a mission to do later on, or else you would have probably been beaten up on the spot.”

    “What?” Crocodile asked in confusion, causing Lightning to look at him as if he were looking at a retard.

    “You really think that the reason why you can still stand here without any problems after teasing Big Sister Qi in front of Boss is that he is biased toward you? Be more sensitive in the future!”

    Lightning laughed and continued, “But judging by the circumstances, I feel you should be warier of Big Sister Qi!”

    Crocodile squinted at him. “Why do I have the feeling that you’re looking forward to it?”

    Upon hearing this, Feng Yi remarked, “It’s rare that you aren’t blind for once.”

    Crocodile. “…”

    “Feng Yi, you’re just jealous that I got to say goodbye to Big Sister Qi and not you, right?”

    Feng Yi only glanced at him with the same disdainful gaze as Lightning. “Idiot!”

    “You’re the one that’s an idiot! Your whole family is made up of idiots!”

    Lightning looked at the both of them with interest. “The whole world smells of rotten love, and I’m the only one that has the sweet scent of a single man…”

    Crocodile. “…”

    Feng Yi. “…”



    The two of them looked at him before shouting at the same time.


    Everyone that was looking at the scene burst out in laughter.

    Lightning only smiled knowingly as he raised an eyebrow at them as if he were privy to a great secret.

    Crocodile and Feng Yi looked at each other in disdain before they retreated from each other in opposite directions, as if the other had the plague.

    Seeing this, the others laughed so hard that they almost could not breathe.