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Chapter 892 - Chinese Kungfu]

Mai Kitsune Waifu
     Chapter 892   [Chinese Kungfu]

    “Very delicious!”

    Liu Hongxian eats until her small face is red as she praises, “Boss your dish is authentic!”

    “This stall of ours has some history.”

    Talking about this, the boss became slightly prideful.

    “My son ran over to the USA to work as well as marry an American wife. Being a father, it is not like I can stay in China on my own, thus I came over and planned to open a small store to do some business…but who would have imagined…”

    Speaking to here, he sighs.

    Liu Yi is also curious.

    At this moment, two Chinese men walk into the stall.

    These two Chinese men are well built, furthermore, they carry the aura soldiers.

    Liu Yi raises his head and glimpses the red ribbon tied around their shoulder.

    As Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian lower their heads to eat their Mala Soup, they pay attention to these two Red Scarf Army people.

    “Old Bi, give us two servings of Mala Soup. Just the regular serving.”

    “Da Hui. I know that you came here to help.”

    The store owner looks at the slightly more fit Red Scarf Army and says bitterly, “We provoked Raul. The Viper Gang will not let us off…”

    “Don’t say such stuff. Since we are all brothers from China, our Red Scarf Army will not watch by the side.”

    That Da Hui laughs as he pulls his buddy over and sits down. “Hurry and serve the Mala Soup. You see you have other customers in this place of yours, you are definitely open! The two of us are customers. You must welcome us, right?”


    The store owner Old Bi can only sigh as he grabs the ingredients of the Mala Soup and starts boiling them.

    Mala Soup can be cooked very quickly. In less than 5 minutes Old Bi carries two servings of Mala Soup as he comes back. At the same time, he took out two pots of beer from a cupboard and placed them on Da Hui’s table.

    “Come have a drink.”

    “Thank you but before we finish our task, we will not drink.”

    Da Hui declines as he thanks the store owner for his kind intention.

    Liu Yi secretly nods his heart while Liu Hongxian lowers her voice and says to Liu Yi, “This Red Scarf Army is not a small power…it is reported that their Commanding Officer is a very mysterious person. He established the Red Scarf Army when he was very young. After warring on all sides, right now he has the biggest gang in China. Once I had tried investigating this group…but got pressured by the top…it seems like this organization has quite a deep relationship with the higher-ups…”

    Hearing this, Liu Yi is delighted in his heart.

    Liu Yi does not mind,  after all, everyone is mutually benefiting from each other!

    Right now, Red Scarf Army is expanding overseas and has secretly obtained the support of the government.

    But Red Scarf Army does not have enough people. After being dispersed to other countries the number became even smaller.

    But most of the places were already mentioned before. Liu Yi’s ideology is an elite management method.

    The higher-ups of the Red Scarf Army members who were sent to other countries were all elite managers thus they only needed a few people. For those under them, they are the native people who carry out their orders. It is just like when Japan invaded China. How big is China and how many people are there in the Japanese Army? They had occupied a lot of territory in China and most of the territories only had a few Japanese soldiers stationed there to the extent that there are places with only a single soldier! Most of the places were managed and controlled by their puppet army.

    Furthermore, Washington’s water is too deep. It is not possible for the Red Scarf Army to take over in such a short time.

    Just as they were eating their Mala Soup, the door of the store was pushed open once more.

    A few Americans with bared arms and tattoos all over their body walk in.

    The one leading them is a redhead big nose guy in a jacket. He is holding a baseball bat in his hand and the moment he walks in, he steps on the chair with a leg and says, “Small Bi. You owe us two months’ worth of money. It is time for us to settle today!”

    As he says, he uses his baseball bat to tap the empty table by his side.

    That Old Bi says trembling with fear, “I…I can’t take out so much….I am only running a small business…and business is not going very well…”

    “I don’t care about that! Let me tell you, Small Bi. This place is the territory of my Viper Gang! If you do not hand over the money, then close down and scram!”

    A stick instantly smashes towards Old Bi’s liquor cabinet.

    At this moment, Da Hui suddenly stands up and stretches out his powerful thick arm grabbing hold of that baseball bat.

    Different from these American gangsters, Da Hui is a professional soldier. Although he was discharged from military service, his body is still in shape.

    “Raul, this is not the place where you can be a thug.”

    “Isn’t this Zhao Hui?”

    The red hair guy is that Raul that was mentioned by them earlier. He uses strength to try and pull back his baseball bat but he is unable to. Thus he says, “This is our matter. Your Red Scarf Army better not butt in! This is not your China but the USA! Do you understand, country of freedom USA!”

    Holding onto the baseball bat, Zhao Hui and says coldly, “But Chinatown is ours”

    “Fuck! Who do you guys count as!”

    Raul curses before saying, “Do it! Beat them down!”

    Those rest of his buddies immediately lift their weapons and prepare to start fighting.

    Old Bi withdraws his neck in fear as he crouches behind the counter.

    Zhao Hui says calmly, “Qing Ren!”

    He waves his hand and tugs the baseball bat out from Raul’s hand before smacking the two nearest Viper Gang members.

    The other Red Scarf Army member is unarmed as he takedowns one of the opponents.

    Both of them are veterans thus they are proficient in Hard Qigong as well as hand to hand combat.

    They come out unscathed after taking a few blows. At the same time, their hands and legs takedown one Viper Gang member after the other.

    The longer Raul fought, the more shocked he got. Clearly, the other party is not just a level higher.

    There are over ten people from the Viper Gang in the room who are in this brawl.

    One of them wishes to grab Liu Hongxian’s Mala Soup and use it as a weapon.