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Chapter 155 - I Will Keep Working Hard, Thanks Everyone

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 155: I Will Keep Working Hard, Thanks Everyone

    Clean and pure?

    Children live in an innocent world? And Su Cha’s voice is too flippant and impetuous?

    Quan Jia told herself to calm down in front of people, but she wanted to shake Yu Siqing’s head and ask her what she was thinking about.

    Yu Siqing had made the wrong judgment, which was fine. But Quan Jia was unhappy that she had praised Su Cha’s voice and said it was clean and could match the song well.

    And Yu Siqing’s words were totally against hers.

    You think her voice is clean?

    But I find it flippant and impetuous!

    How could an amateur challenge a professional judge?

    Even Xu Cunjian believed that Yu Siqing had lost her mind.

    Not only the judges were thinking to themselves, but the contestants also found it strange. Yu Siqing had always agreed with Quan Jia, but now for the first time, she was against her.

    More importantly, everyone knew that Yu Siqing was not a professional but Quan Jia was….

    Isn’t it obvious that Yu Siqing is aiming against Su Cha?

    Some contestants found it a good chance. Some sympathized with Su Cha. But few dared to stand out for her.

    They were all aware that Su Cha was a big threat to them. It would benefit them if a judge disliked her.

    Once the powerful competitor was ruled out, their odds to pass would go up.

    Le Anqi pinched her fists at the sight of it.

    She was really worried about Su Cha and Yu Siqing did not leave a good impression on her during the audition. Le Anqi would like to run on the stage and call Yu Siqing a lunatic. She was ridiculous! Teacher Quan Jia said Su Cha was good. How could you fail her?

    The judges felt confused. Even the photographers and program directors looked at each other in surprise.

    They all sought Su Cha’s response at the same time.

    Different from those shocked people, Su Cha, the person who had been criticized, appeared to be calm and easy.

    She did not take Yu Siqing’s comment seriously, nor did she oppose her. She paused for a second and put on a perfect smile. Her clear and calm voice spread around the venue, “Thank you Teacher Yu for your comment. And thank you, Teacher Quan and Teacher Xu, for your support. I will keep working hard. Thank you all!”

    Then she put down the microphone and went off the stage indifferently.

    Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian were dumbfounded. Yu Siqing’s prepared smile froze on her face.

    She was ready to criticize her if Su Cha refuted her. But Su Cha let it go and went off the stage so easily as if she did not care about the result at all.

    This contestant is too mature and sophisticated.

    Quan Jia was going to defend Su Cha, but she stopped at Su Cha’s response. She waived to the host unhappily, “Next.”

    The host recovered herself, “Oh, alright. Number 17 Su Cha will stay pending. Now the contest continues. Welcome our number 18 contestant!”

    How interesting! Nobody had expected that the judge would aim at a contestant at such an early stage. There would be enough hypes about it!

    But how calm this contestant is!

    The host could not help praising Su Cha’s state of mind.